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I really hope to see supporters back at the game in October.

But that shouldn’t just open the gate again and act as if nothing happened.

It’s nice to hear the authorities say how many fans were missed during the coronavirus pandemic

But talking is cheap.

Football has asked for more and more passengers to pay over the years.

This is the time for a little realism to start.

There must be acceptance that many people will find it difficult in the months and years to come because of Covid-19.

So we need to see more realistic ticket prices, and better treatment from people who make the match very special.

We are all happy that football has succeeded again, and let’s hope things continue towards something we normally do.

But I’ve watched Premier League matches on television, and it’s not the same without a crowd.

There is no passion or sense of opportunity that comes with a full stadium.

I think this is especially evident at this stage of the season, where some teams try to qualify for Europe and others struggle to avoid relegation.

This is a time when fans really roar at you and I hope soccer people realize how many people have been missed.

I always appreciate how important fans are but I’m not sure some administrators see it that way.

They became obsessed with getting sponsorship deals and selling broadcast rights.

Maybe it worked during the last boom years, but things have changed dramatically over the past three months.

Some of these profitable commercial transactions may be on shaky ground.

People lose their jobs, and many households will be forced to control spending.

The club must concentrate on their bread and butter – the supporters, who are always there to pay the players’ wages.

I can’t stop thinking about how much I really like playing in front of excited people.

The first time I played for Ipswich at Liverpool was something I will never forget.

You walk down the tunnel, past a sign that says “This is Anfield” and then the most powerful roar hits you.

I also like playing across town against Everton at Goodison Park.

It’s a traditional atmosphere for soccer, and always seems to be a fun hunting ground for me.

The atmosphere really makes me excited.

You can’t beat playing in front of fans.

Teams who struggle against relegation such as Aston Villa, Bournemouth and Watford will know that.

In the last few weeks, they have really been able to do it with the extra 10% you get from the excited home crowd.

I will never forget my European glory night on Portman Road in front of 33,000 full houses.

Manchester United’s away support is really special when I play for them, and midnight under the lights at White Hart Lane is always thrilling.

As a supporter, I returned to watching Celtic play Leeds United in the European Cup semifinals at Hampden Park in front of 136,505.

This is still the highest attendance for UEFA competition matches

An extraordinary night

I was there but my presence was not recorded at official attendance.

My best friend from school lives in 98 Curling Crescent, and the backyard is right on Celtic End at Hampden.

We have stairs, and I think 20 of us go up and down to the ground.

So, cats are now out of the bag – they can add 20 to the record crowd!

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