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The last few stops sound typical of Europe for the footage of the OOIDA tour.

Jon Osburn, skipper of the Spirit of American Trucker, had just visited London and then New Paris, both in Ohio, had a stop that sounded like South America on his schedule.

Jon and The Spirit are scheduled to be in Brazil, Ind., Petro April 6-7. Petro Brasil is at Exit 23 of I-70. There are more than 100 truck parking spaces there, and the Iron Skillet restaurant. Has an Iron Skillet restaurant online ordering available.

Brazil is 60 miles east of Indianapolis and less than 20 miles from Terra Haute, Ind.

The city is named after William Stewart, known as “Yankee Bill.” He built the first house in the Brazilian city, according to an account published by Brazilian city. He serves in several sub-district offices. He had read about the revolution in Brazil, South America. He suggested the name “Brazil” as a short and easy to remember name for the new city.

News from the road

Jon said he had not seen much traffic on I-70 when driving from New Paris to Brazil.

“I went to downtown Indianapolis at full speed,” he said.

The road wasn’t congested, and the truck stop wasn’t full last night, he said. The driver he spoke to reported bad news about shipping rates.

“Shipping rates aren’t just in the toilet – they are in a septic tank now,” Jon said.

Despite the bad news about shipping rates, truck drivers have been heartened to hear about OOIDA trying to win real improvements to road conditions that bring the country’s economy, Jon said.

OOIDA recently sent one second sent a letter to President Donald Trump requesting “immediate and immediate action” to protect truck drivers when they are transporting important items during the COVID-19 pandemic.

OOIDA also has explained to members of Congress that truck drivers, who have been praised lately for keeping the country’s supply chain moving throughout the COVID-10 crisis, have problems that need to be addressed. This necessary change will affect long-time truck drivers after the COVID-19 national emergency ends which will affect long-time truck drivers after the COVID-19 national emergency ends.

These urgent needs include truck parking, modernization of service hours, time of detention, and the release of overtime cancellations so that drivers can be compensated for unnecessary time. OOIDA has also pressured Congress to abolish the 2020 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

Stop by when you see the Spirit

If you see the Spirit tour truck, stop by and say hello to Jon. He enjoyed visiting about the Association’s activities and current problems. You can join or renew your OOIDA membership for $ 10 from the regular price there. Also, you can get vouchers for the flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccine from Jon.

Jon and The Spirit are scheduled to be in Brazil until Tuesday. Then The Spirit is scheduled to stop at Troy, Ill, on Wednesday and Thursday. This is the schedule.

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