Carriers maintain Huawei in 5G Brazil | Instant News

A position published today (27) by Conexis Brasil Digital, the union representing the major telecom operators in Brazil, reveals that companies in the sector maintain an open, transparent and technical debate regarding possible restrictions on entry of companies in competition for 5G network supply in Brazil, because barriers can affect sector performance.

“Given our fundamental role in the application of technology in this country, and concerned about the uncertainty this discussion creates, we emphasize the need for transparency in the entire process, thus respecting the basic principles of free initiative that are contained in our Federal Constitution. “, They defended, adding that cost imbalances and delays in procedures would have a direct impact on the population.

Without directly mentioning Huawei’s name, the text also reminds us that all suppliers have been present in the country since 2G. Depriving them of this access “could also achieve integration with the infrastructure already in operation, with direct consequences on the services offered and the associated costs, again hurting Brazilians who use this infrastructure.”

“5G will be one of the major milestones of the ongoing technological revolution and a fundamental vector for the country’s growth. Therefore, the broad debate and technical character of the decisions concerned will be fundamental for the future of the Brazilian economy, ”said Conexis, which includes Algar, Claro, TIM and Vivo, among others.

Technical knowledge and dialogue

Also according to the document, operators have a 4% share in national GDP, generate 2 million direct and indirect jobs, have invested more than R $ 1 trillion over the years and are major taxpayers, stressing that they can propose engineering solutions that ” effective in discussions that involve the whole [chain] products and services, keep the country safe. “

“Appreciating the dialogue, we strengthen our willingness to contribute to the construction of this relevant public policy, which will carry Brazil to the future with 5G, and will smoothen the country’s 4.0 economy, ensuring continuity and evolution in the essential services provided by our sector. for the entire population. Brazilian “, he concluded.

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