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Sunday 4/20 came without news shortages. We looked at the long list of events online to celebrate weed’s international day, while Los Angeles got cannabis and its first drive-thru food Brazil official production of phytopharmacy products containing the first cannabis.

In the Middle East, Lebanon becomes first country to permit the production of medical marijuana. Australia issued a framework to regulate the sale of free CBD products. In Colombia, Daun Pintar closed a joint agreement with a subsidiary of PT Canopy Growth Corp (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC) to register in a regional supply agreement that will last at least one year, provisionally Avicanna (OTC: AVCNF) closed a private placement deal led by Chinese pharmaceutical giant Tasly. It is important to note that the two companies mentioned above are domiciled in Canada, despite doing business in Colombia.

And, in the U.S., Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced a bill this week that would allow the cannabis business to benefit from an emergency stimulus package related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, and Ed Perlmutter, a Democrat from Colorado, drafted a law to make marijuana businesses eligible to participate in a disaster relief program authorized by the federal government.

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Inventories are still rising. Over the past four trading days:

• The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSE: MJ) up 2.95%.

• The Pure Cannabis ETF AdvisorShares (NYSE: YOLO) up 6.17%.

• The Cannabis ETF (NYSE: THCX) traded 4.32%.

• The Amplification of Seymour Cannabis ETF (NYSE: CNBS) up 3.8%.

• The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: Lurk) closed the period down 1.26%.

In other news, Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) announces the launch of a product development partnership with primatologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall. Working with the company, Goodall will jointly develop natural health and fitness products for the Neptune Forest Remedies brand.

Financial technology company Hypur Inc. partnered with based in Washington Credit Union Salal on the payment and delivery system for cannabis. Salal members will be allowed to use various cashless and contactless payments and arrange secure withdrawals through Hypur’s payment and banking platforms.

More News From This Week

Marijuana information platform Herbs launches new online ordering and pickup service for cannabis products in Canada.

While this type of offer has become very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers turn to options that minimize the amount of contact with others, Herb Pickup is different because it won’t burden customers or retailers for services.

Medicine Man Technology (OTC: MDCL) celebrates 4/20 with the announcement of a new corporate brand and two acquisitions.

The company, now known as Schwazze, has acquired the Mesa Organics pharmacy brand and Purplebee extraction giant.

Hollister Biosciences Inc. (CSE: HOLL) (OTC: HSTRF) reports a $ 1.2 million agreement with AlphaMind Brands Inc., a company that works to create a portfolio of legal mushroom-based health products, while running a research and development program managed by Dr. Nikos C. Apostolopoulos. The company has developed several products in the form of mushroom powder, tinctures, chocolate and tea.

MNI Targeted Media launches CannabX, a programmatic advertising exchange for the cannabis industry. With an inventory of more than 15,000 pre-approved publishers for CBD and THC ads, CannabX empowers cannabis brands and pharmacies to reach targeted consumers so they know they are open, shipping, stocked with products, and more.

Turnkey solutions provide sophisticated targeting techniques including geo-fencing, behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, site retargeting, search history targeting and mobile application data targeting. It also provides attribution across direct campaigns, which allows advertisers to track consumer activity and optimize their campaigns.

“Even in the best of times, there is no such thing as business as usual, and this is especially true today. For cannabis marketers, as legalization and access become more normal, the COVID-19 crisis has forced pharmacies to rethink and re-increase channels their e-commerce. To keep messages up-to-date and relevant, it’s important to utilize shared data and insights.The possibility of increasing demand is a fair bet, but brands that are tactical and responsive to their messages will be the ones who will thrive and see rock sales. and their mortar continues when the door is reopened, “said Tommy Shaw, director of digital planning at MNI.

From the earth, a multistat cannabis company operating in California and Michigan, announced an agreement with Onyx 7 to open five retail pharmacies throughout the state of Missouri.

Onyx 7 was recently awarded five medical dispensary licenses by the state of Missouri, five of which will be known as “From Earth” and are scheduled to open in the third and fourth quarters of this year. The stores will be located in Kansas City, Independence and Raytown.

“With current operations in California and Michigan, spreading the FTE brand is the next logical step for our company. We are very pleased to sign this agreement with Onyx 7 because their principal has the same desire to create the best customer experience in class that our patients and customers expect from From The Earth, “CEO Dan Zaharoni told Benzinga.

Caliva is fighting for the efforts of important employees who are at the forefront of ensuring customers continue to have access to the cannabis products they rely on for their overall well-being. Earlier this month – April historically celebrated the cannabis industry – and remained in effect for the duration of California’s “shelter” regulations, Caliva said its important workers would receive payment of thanks and additional benefits as part of the 4/20 corporate grant. The initiative behind, “It’s a Joint Venture.”

To further respect Caliva’s commitment to the causes of social justice, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of 4/20 products and merchandise will be donated to the Equality of Black Colleges & Cannabis University Initiative, an organization that empowers the next generation of leaders to take place in the cannabis industry by increasing a collection of African-American experts, entrepreneurs and leaders in career, politics, education programming, and cannabis-based research.

Caliva said it would match up to $ 10,000 in donations made through Caliva.com to Silicon Valley Strong, an organization formed in response to COVID-19 that addresses the economic impact for Silicon Valley residents with the highest migration risk. To further support the community, Caliva said they had also donated thousands of PPE items to Valley Medical Center in Santa Clara, California on Friday, April 17.

“We do not consider the appointment of California Governor Newsom marijuana as an ‘important’ matter,” said Caliva CEO Dennis O ‘Malley. “We know from experience that many of our customers depend on plant-based solutions for various health needs and chronic diseases. We are very grateful for the dedication of our employees, ensuring that we can safely provide our customers with ‘protection in place.’ This is just one of the ways we can further support our workers and show our gratitude during this extraordinary time. “

Corn Flax Bread, a Kentucky Proud hemp company, raising its goal of $ 107,000 in 17 days from 177 investors on the Wefunder crowdfunding platform.

A brand concept that has never been seen by the CBD industry, Cornbread Hemp says that it takes 250 years of Kentucky hemp farming traditions and their craft to be the top shelf CBD product.

By selling a small portion of the company, Cornbread Hemp said it would be able to expand its portfolio of Kentucky Proud, USDA-certified organic CBD products to national customers and retailers.

New investors in Rami cornbread include Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD, a certified oncologist pharmacist; Gill Holland, a Louisville developer recently appeared in the New York Times; and Render Capital. The other 174 investors are from 36 states and five continents.

“We will be very happy to increase the number of six digits in 17 days in the best situation. Collecting six figures in 17 days during the COVID-19 crisis seemed impossible until we did. “It only gives us confidence that our Cornbread Hemp and Kentucky Proud, USDA-certified organic CBD oils are here for the long term,” Jim Higdon, one of the founders and chief of communications at Cornbread Hemp, told Benzinga.

Leafy Gram, a new social networking platform created specifically for millions of cannabis users and fans aged 21 years and over, announced its official launch.

Until now, this fast-growing community did not have a platform where they could connect, learn, share and improve conversations around cannabis. Leafy grams are made to meet those needs. It aims to provide an inclusive, content-rich, interactive place for pioneers, advocates, and industry experts to gather. And best of all, it is personal and user-unique, because Leafy Gram never shares the user’s personal information without their permission.

“Although none of us can predict a global health pandemic that will normalize shelter in social spaces and distances, our team has remained very focused over the past month to continue building Leafy Gram, a new online platform for the 21-and-more cannabis community scheduled to launch this summer, “Earl Phillip, president and CEO of LeafyGram, told Benzinga.

“We are truly proud of this application, which we created to encourage authentic and informative conversations – something that the cannabis community seems to have already known. We hope that fans, advocates, medical experts, farmers, taste makers and trail makers will participate in the sign start – until it starts on 4/20, and start increasing Leafy Gram to foster connections and conversations this summer in the industry which could be the answer to the grim economy. “

Oceanside Pharmacy announced it was open and operating with a drive-thru service at 16 Magothy Beach Road in Pasadena, Maryland.

Bravery announced a new mission and vision for the company with an emphasis on sustainability, as well as new sustainable packaging for almost all of its products.

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