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The average amount of time spent by smartphone users connected to Wi-Fi networks has surged in Brazil at the end of March as a result of social isolation measures related to coronavirus outbreaks.

According to data released by the cellular analysis firm Opensignal in South America, a significant week-to-week increase was observed in the amount of time smartphone users spend on Wi-Fi connections.

The time a smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi in Brazil changed from 64.8% to 70.1% between the second and third week of March. Brazilian smartphone users typically avoid using their cellular data plan when they have access to Wi-Fi, to avoid large bills from their telecommunications providers. The quality of cellular data provision was also a problem but at present it is not too much of a problem.

According to previous research published by Opensignal in January, mobile network experience has seen “important improvements” in Brazil, especially in metrics such as video and voice consumption, with users spending more time on 4G and enjoying faster average download speeds. . However, with more people spending time at home, users prefer to use their domestic network.

Findings from the latest research from Opensignal place Brazil among the five countries where the level of Wi-Fi usage on smartphones increased the most during that period.

Canada tops the list, with users driving an increase of 76.3% in the third week of March, followed by Spain (73.1%), Argentina (72.5%) and Germany (71.4%). Openignal noted that the Philippines had the highest growth rate, from 55.8% in weeks 9 to 15 March to 63.3% in weeks 16 to 22 March.

Other markets with more mature telecommunications infrastructure that are also heavily influenced by pandemics have smaller growth rates. In the US, Opensignal recorded an increase in the use of Wi-Fi phones by 59.9%, up from 54.9% in the previous week. In Italy, there was an increase from 56.2% to 59.2%.

According to research companies, there is a decrease in Wi-Fi usage via smartphones in Asia: In Hong Kong, its use has fallen from 61.1% to 60.3%, and in South Korea, there has been a decline from 57.9% to 54.9%.

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