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São Paulo – Proceedings are at an advanced stage for Egypt to start supplying citrus fruits to Brazil. According to a commercial attaché with the Brazilian Embassy in Cairo, Cesar Simas Teles, publication in the Brazilian Federal Gazette on agreed food safety requirements between the two countries is the only step pending.

Egypt plans to sell oranges, tangerines and lime / lemon to Brazil. In accordance with the Mercosur-Egypt free trade agreement that has been in effect since 2017, a 75% tax break has been applied to oranges from Egypt. The current 2.5% cost on Egyptian citrus fruits will be canceled in September 2020.

Citrus imports to Brazil reached 30,655 tons and USD 27.79 million last year. Imported lime and lemon are 4,024 tons and USD 4.04 million. For Teles, the relevance of this step lies in what it represents, not in the size of the market. “This is important from a symbolic point of view, because Brazil is the first country in America to allow oranges from Egypt,” he told ANBA.

Auditors make a visit to property in Giza, Beheira and Menoufia

Ahead of the delegation’s trip and technical mission back and forth between the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Supply and the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Restoration. The photos are fiscal auditors from the Brazilian Ministry of Factory Safety Department on a technical visit in Egypt, which runs from 30 November to 4 December 2019.

Teles believes that Brazil and Egypt in good standing may have played a role in this development. “The Brazilian government recently heard that 42 meat export facilities in the country got the green light from the Egyptian government, so this is a good time for Brazil to allow citrus fruits from Egypt. Technical aspects are maintained. “What we need now is publication, but we can’t be sure when it will happen because of a pandemic,” he explained.

Various organizations and entities in Brazil and Egypt, including the Egyptian Commercial Office in São Paulo, have been working on product import authorization since the Mercosur-Egypt agreement was entered into. This authorization depends on the issuance of food safety certificates.

At the time of writing, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has not yet announced the date of publication.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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