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A volcanic agate was found to be more valuable than it seemed after knowing what was inside. The inside of the rock when split in half looks like the famous blue muppet Monster Cake from the popular children’s TV show Sesame Street. Because of the incredible resemblance and near-perfect symmetry. Many are wondering whether it is real or fake.

(Photo: Screenshot: Facebook video by Mike Bowers)
Agate Monster Cake from Brazil

Most rock enthusiasts and collectors just have fun collecting unusual stones and minerals. Sometimes, rare items can be sold at a higher price than others. However, this rock formation that closely resembled a Cookie Monster was getting a lot of attention. As CNET report, reportedly took $ 10,000 from a potential buyer.

Cookie Owner Rock Monster is currently uploading his rock video on Facebook

These interesting rocks are now in the hands of an American geologist named Make Bowers. Earlier this week, he uploaded it on personal facebook profile Rock video with the text “Agate Monster Cake from Brazil”. Since being uploaded, it has received so much attention online. However, he was not the first to find and find the stone. The unusual rock was discovered by Lucas Fassari, an explorer in Brazil in the Rio Grande do Sul region since last November. The actual price of the stone when purchased from Fassari was not disclosed by the seller at this time. To make it even more interesting, Bowers uploaded a video with the background music of Cookie Monster singing the letter C, a snippet from the Sesame Street series. Check out the video below.

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Cookie Monster Rock ‘Real’ According to Current Owner

Since then it has sparked a lot of reaction online. Many are wondering if it’s real sweep According to an interview with Bowers via Daily mail, he said that the stone was definitely a rare find because of its perfect symmetry. In addition, he confirmed that the stone had been found as is, and thus was a real blue agate with a Cake Monster formation. Note that the current owner is an American Geologist, and therefore knows a lot about rock formations.

“I think this is probably the most perfect Cake Monster out there. I’ve seen the others, but here you’ve finished (both sides).”

Initially, the stone only looked like a blunt egg. But no one knows that the precious beauty lies within when it is split in two. It has a blue quartz crystal that looks like a Cake Monster smiling with perfect symmetry on both sides.

Although it looks very attractive, it is its value that excites many stone and mineral collectors who have been searching for rare stones for themselves.

Bowers said, “This is very unusual. There are some famous agate out there: owls, frightened faces … there are many predictions but rarely found so obvious like that,” said Bowers. “

When asked what price people are asking to buy agate, he said, “It can be very high. I was proposed over $ 10,000 by five different buyers.”

As of now, there is no news whether Bowers really intends to sell the stone or not, and about its current value. In addition, no authorities can confirm whether the stone is real or fake. If so, of course, its value will increase over time as more and more people are attracted to the unusual stone. Who knew Cookie Monster would score so many figures in stone?

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