Gabriel Greenwich returns from mission in Brazil | College | Instant News

Once at the door, Gabriel said that the people were very friendly.

“They say,‘ Do you want water? Do you want something to eat? “They want to talk to you. They are the most receptive people, very sweet. They are amazing and I love them,” Gabriel said.

While male missionaries, given the title “Elder”, do not have much free time, some of what they use to serve Brazilians.

“I replaced the tile several times, we helped build a number of houses,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel said that he walked about seven miles per day. In addition, he ran sprints and distance to stay in shape. That combined with the fact that he never made it to the weight room in any form caused him to lose 26 pounds while he was there, going from 219 to 193.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be under 200 pounds anymore, but here we are,” said Gabriel, who noted on the positive side that his footwork had improved.

Since he returned home, he has found a way to add muscle and exercise.

“I’ve done some training and I’m quite close to my personal best, about 5 feet away, which isn’t bad, considering,” Gabriel said. “We have cut down many trees, so I have chopped firewood, which is good, and try to eat more protein, because I don’t have any food there. But as coach (Greenwich) Morris reminds me, I have time to get ready for the track in the winter. “


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