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A Starlink Those who wish to pre-register for this service will be charged a total of US $ 99 (approx. $ 554 in current offering). Fees, which are 100% refundable, are payable by Credit card International.

based on SpaceXThe hope is that Internet Through Satellite It will be available in the country in 2021. On its official website, it has been informed that service availability is limited and arrival orders will be fulfilled.

It was previously thought that way Several cities in brazil Initiation will be carried out in contemplation. However, Starlink coverage must be done in a good part of the country, as the initial state registration address in all regions is acceptable.

In the FAQ section, the company remembers that it is still in beta (trial period). The initial download speed of the Internet should be 50 MB / s to 150 MB / s. Ping, also known as latency, should range from 20 ms to 40 ms.

Service interruption

Even though I have charged for ordering, the company Elon Musk There are still barriers to working in Brazil. To offer Internet services to operators, it must have authorization from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

In addition, the amount taken in dollars is quite expensive for the country. Based on TechnoblogAt least two CNPJs from Starlink have opened here. Among the possibilities, in addition to legalization services in the national territory, this information indicates that at some point the monthly fees will have to be rescheduled.

Starlink satellitesStarlink satellites

Musk targets satellites that provide Internet access to be present across the planet by 2022.

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