Brazil Makes Breakthrough Towards Digital ID | Instant News

The Brazilian government has launched a new application that brings together social security and SIM cards as part of digital identification and public service delivery plans.

This launch follows steps towards making social security numbers the primary proof of ID for Brazilian citizens: since last year, the number has been used to access government services. This includes the emergency assistance scheme was announced in April for financially vulnerable citizens.

Every digital version of the documents available through the new application is validated via QR Code. As with any document, the application uses artificial intelligence for biometric verification. This also includes a chatbot which provides information on how to submit an annual income tax declaration.

Serpro, a federal data processing service, develops new applications, available in Android and iOS versions. The state-owned technology company is one of the assets the Brazilian government wants to sell as part of the privatization plan. However, with the Covid-19 crisis, sales intended for June next year are pushed to Q4 2021.

The adoption of a single digital ID was set as one of the main objectives of the government’s digital strategy for the coming years, which was published last month. According to reports on expected shipments, the aim is to publish 40 million digital documents by 2022.

Under the digital ID initiative, the goal is to make the main documents used by Brazilians, such as ID cards, SIMs, birth certificates and social security cards all available in one application.

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