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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has referred to Ramayana and equated chloroquine hydroxy (HCQ) with “holy medicine” (Sanjeevani booti) to stress the importance of ensuring that India supplies the drug to Brazil as the last to fight the spread of coronavirus .

“Just as Lord Hanuman brought holy medicine from the Himalayas to save the lives of Lord Rama’s brother, Lakshmana, and Jesus healed those who were sick and restored their eyesight to Bartimeu, India and Brazil will overcome the global crisis by joining forces and sharing the blessings for everyone, “the President wrote trying to emphasize the similarities in ethos between Hinduism and Christianity.

Speaking exclusively to India Today, the Brazilian envoy to Indian Ambassador André Aranha Correa do Lago explained the reasons why there were references to Indian mythology in President Bolsonaro’s letter.

Calling the two leaders “religious” and “traditional”, Lago said, “President Bolsonaro is a religious person and he saw how religious also Prime Minister Modi was. So he thought it was interesting to show in his letter how two religious men with very strong traditions can find examples in their religion that are most appropriate for this case. “

He added that the Brazilian President was interested in India when he visited New Delhi as the main guest for Republic Day celebrations.

“As you know the President fell in love with India during his visit and since then he has been very interested in all things India. He was also fascinated by the fact that religion is so strong and so important in India,” the envoy said.

Like the US, Brazil has also asked India to release pre-contracted and paid shipments of hydroxychloroquine that are being held in cargo in India.

There are currently two Brazilian laboratories – EMS and Apsten – that import inputs for the production of this drug in Brazil. The internal supply of drugs depends on production for these two companies. Both companies have been importing mainly from India for more than 10 years.

Ahead of the letter, the two leaders spoke on the phone where according to Ambassador André Correa do Lago, “President Bolsonaro would like to say very clearly how important it is for him, for Brazil to receive this product (HCQ) and PM Modi very positively but naturally he said this was being discussed in the government and he would immediately give an answer. “

Because India is being fully locked, the Brazilian mission is also involved in evacuating its citizens.

“We had a number of Brazilians here when the crisis began. Some of them could leave before the last plane took off from Delhi airport and other airports. However, since then we have identified more than 350 Brazilians who ended up stranded in India, in more than 20 cities, “said the envoy.

It is an arduous task for the mission and ambassador to ensure that citizens reach Delhi and Mumbai to fly back to Brazil, and, in that case, he appreciates the support received from all wings of government.

“… You can imagine how complicated it is because we have to bring them back from so many cities in very far away places in India. But, we have received full support from the central government, state and local governments supporting Brazil so far. to Delhi and Mumbai to catch the plane “, he said.

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