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HIYour school soccer team’s coach believes he knows why Bobby Moore was targeted at a famous place, and is still unsolved, Bogotá bracelet incident who dominated England’s preparations for the 1970 World Cup. “They want the captain – that is the best opportunity to disturb the team,” he told us. “The others are in the shop, but Moore is fingering.”

Half a century ago this week a Colombian shop assistant accused Moore of stealing, and Mr. Aspinall taught us that soccer matches can also be lost off the pitch, in our minds. Four days after the British entourage walked to the gift shop near to the foyer of the team hotel where they were based for their warm-up match, Moore was arrested. It was a sensation all over the world and for an easily influenced nine-year-old, at the instigation of my teacher, who seemed respectable. English The captain became the focus of my attention.

Policemen in plain clothes and in uniform surround the England Football captain, Bobby Moore, in a white shirt, when he left the Fuego Verde jewelry store in Bogota, Colombia in May 1970, where he claimed to have stolen a bracelet. Photo: AP

The nation is concerned about whether “leader and right-hand man” Alf Ramsey will play in Mexico. Harold Wilson, whose Labor government was overthrown four days after Britain exited West Germany in the quarter-finals, even intervened, much to the foreign office’s anger.

Moore’s fate, and the fate of the team, meant a lot to me at the time. I play around with my hometown team – Preston North End – but England is always constant. The World Cup in Mexico radiated my imagination in my formative years and strengthened my love for “beautiful games”.

FIFA turned out to be no seed in Mexico, which explains the mystery of Group Three which contains the two best teams. The resulting match is a tantalizing prospect: continental competition – current world champions against favorite favorites; the highest defense against unmatched attack power. They contention in Guadalajara replayed in full about a decade ago by the BBC and more than fulfilled its reputation.

Teams from England and Brazil line up before their World Cup matches at Jalisco Stadium in Mexico. Photo: Anonymous / AP

In 1970 Britain was feared by everyone, including Brazil, who was rampant in starting the explosion against Czechoslovakia, with Jairzinho, Rivelino and Pele (twice) serving notice of their intentions. But against England they are usually not careful, getting narrow success in the English game would really be worth drawing.

This clash is especially remembered for two errors: that saved, miraculously, by Gordon Banks of Pele, and misfire Jeff Astle from adjacent to the penalty spot with poor Felix on the stranded Brazilian goal. But another full observation explaining the extraordinary performance was Moore – which was even more extraordinary given, as his teammate Alan Mullery remembered, he “looked like a warm death and almost lost a stone” upon his arrival in Mexico. A brave and right tackle in the penalty area to intercept the runaway Jairzinho; robbed Pele more than once and his intelligence to deny Rivelino’s clever free kick is highlighting an arrogant performance.

My favorite game

The Brazilian settlement was more deadly and Jairzinho took advantage of the opportunities that existed in time. Winning manager Mário Zagallo concluded: “The England match is our toughest test,” he said later. “That is the real final.”

Pele Brasil (left) and England swapped Bobby Moore after the match. Photo: John Varley / Shutterstock

Moore’s ordeal is far from over – opposition fans mocked the player with: “We know you have a bracelet” shouted at the next West Ham match, and he was only given legal permission five years later in words that did not fully satisfy him. . Nobody may know exactly what happened now after Mooredeath in 1993. Key witnesses are known to shop owners and extortion for a long time is the most popular theory documents that were revealed in 2002 suggest other players might be responsible. A joke that is wrong. That would be Moore’s signature if he received that sentence.

Whatever the truth, before the heartbreak of Italy in ’90, the false dawn of the so-called golden generation and the lowest point of humiliation to Iceland in 2016, Britain was once a world beater. And one sweltering afternoon in Guadalajara they were inspired by Moore in such a way that they were the only team that troubled perhaps the greatest international team that graced the soccer field.


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