Global Covid ranks in the top 6 million because of Brazil’s soaring deaths after France – world news | Instant News

The number of corona virus cases worldwide has reached six million because the disease is spreading rapidly throughout Latin America and political leaders are at odds about how to deal with the pandemic.

Many worlds are moving at varying speeds to lift the lock that has destroyed the economy and stripped them of millions of jobs while Muslims in Jerusalem and other cities flocked to mosques that had just reopened on Sunday.

But in Brazil – the epicenter of the spread of South America with nearly 500,000 confirmed cases, only lagging behind the United States – disagreements among leaders over locking measures have hampered efforts to slow the outbreak.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who said the economic downturn from home-stay orders would be worse than the virus, had scolded governors and mayors for imposing quarantine. Even when his country surpassed France to have the fourth highest victim in the world with nearly 30,000 deaths, he asked for the Brazilian football season to continue.


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