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Main header: Britons come out to enjoy record-breaking heat when officials try to prevent a surge in new cases; World Health Organization, health experts say there is no evidence coronavirus becomes weaker

  1. Blood kit will be sent to 10,000 Canadians to the COVID-19 survey level in Canada
  2. Britons come out to enjoy record-breaking heat as officials try to prevent a surge in new cases
  3. The World Health Organization and other experts say there is no evidence of coronavirus become weaker

In canada, 91,647 cases have been reported, more than double the number of 37 a few days ago. There is already too 49,489 recovery and 7,325 died. Health officials have managed 1,773,164 test.

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Around the world, 6,221,339 case has been confirmed; with 2,670,410 recovery and 373,163 died.

Source: Canadian data compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; International data come from Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus explanation: Important updates and resourcesCoronavirus on maps and chartsRules for locking and reopening plans in each province

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Staff gathered outside the Orchard Villa retirement home on Monday to watch people lay flowers at an event honoring the victims of COVID-19 organized by SEIU Healthcare, a union for frontline workers. Pickering’s long-term care home is one of the most severely affected pandemics with more than 70 population deaths. (Melissa Tait / The Globe and Mail)

Melissa Tait / The Globe and Mail

Number of days


A doctor at the St. Hospital. Michael in Toronto led one of the first large-scale surveys – with 10,000 blood kits – who will examine the participant’s blood for antibodies specific to the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • Antibodies are a natural part of the body’s immune response. Initial studies with COVID-19 patients showed they appeared about three weeks after infection occurred and lasted for at least 60 days.
  • Because the first wave of infections in Canada is expected to peak in mid-April, Dr. Jha said now is the ideal time to try to get a picture of how widespread this disease has spread to the entire population.

Coronavirus in Canada

At least there is now 2,068 inpatient cases, a 13% down from a week ago. From them, 302 in intensive care.

In Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government would provide full payments this year of $ 2.2 billion in gas tax transfers to the city in the coming weeks. rather than the usual practice of spreading transfers via two payments, as an interim measure to offset the budget shortfall caused by the pandemic.

  • Responding to the question of why the federal government does not announce new money for municipalities, the Prime Minister said cities are the responsibility of provinces and provinces need to “improve.”
  • The federal gas tax fund is an annual transfer payment from Ottawa to the city

The Canadian City Federation said more than a month ago that the city would need at least $ 10 billion in new emergency funds from the federal government to maintain existing services.

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Coronavirus worldwide

  • British citizens are heading outside to enjoy breaking sunshine records and warm temperatures, present challenges for officials who are trying to prevent a second wave of coronavirus cases because of their easy limitations.
  • The head of the World Health Organization praised United States of America“Very large” and “generous” contributions to global health on Monday after Trump said on Friday that he would end relations with UN agencies for handling the pandemic and its relationship with China.
  • WHO said Monday there was no evidence that coronavirus lost its potential after and Italy The doctor said the swab test showed the patient had felt it less than a virus in their body.
  • India keep reporting case increase today when business reopens in many states and the railroad announced 200 special passenger trains.
  • Federal health authority in WE. has received a report almost 26,000 residents of nursing homes dying from coronavirus, according to materials prepared for the country’s governor.

Coronavirus and business

Manufacturing activity contracted for the third consecutive month in May, but the rate of decline was not as severe as in April, data showed.

  • The output index rose to 33.0 from 22.6 in April, while new order sizes rose to 37.9 from 23.9

The Canadian economy plunged around three million jobs in March and April combined, while GDP is estimated to have dropped in April with a record 11 percent month-on-month.

Also today:

  • Rob Carrick: “Normalization of our expenses needs to happen for the sake of the economy. But don’t spend it pandemic savings windfall without first considering all the financial security that can bring you if deployed intelligently. While the recent increase in consumer spending is an encouraging sign of economic resilience, we still see months of uncertainty in the future. “
  • Reitmans Canada Ltd. cut about 1,400 jobs – 20 percent of its workforce – and shut down Elle’s Maternity and Addition banners as part of a Canadian clothing retailer restructuring plan.

Questions and answers

Question: Who is masked: the wearer or someone else?

Answer from André Picard: Masks basically protect others, not the wearer. Coronavirus is spread by respiratory droplets from infected people. If you wear a mask, you will not spread the virus when coughing, sneezing, or talking, and are less likely to leave germs on the surface. As the saying goes: “Your mask protects me, my mask protects you.”

The Globe’s health columnist André Picard answered reader questions about social distance and many additional topics.

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Good news

The Vesey’s Seeds retail store in York, PEI, on May 25.

John Morris

Seed companies think coronavirus will ruin their business. Conversely, demand has jumped

The madness began nearing the end of March. In the midst of a pandemic, Canadians who were forced to isolate suddenly expressed their insatiable desire to dig up the soil.

Across the country, companies filling the seed packages have been flooded. In an unexpected development related to a novel coronavirus, various garden farmers became obsessed with obtaining seeds.

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  • For many people, staying at home means fixed food that is cooked at home and more time to exercise, two positive habits that can help maintain a healthy weight. But, depending on your overall diet, they might not be enough hold your weight.
  • Hamish Telford and Rob Peregoodoff: “Teaching in the fall will almost certainly be a combination of face-to-face teaching and online learning – and may be fully online if we are exposed to the second wave of COVID-19. Therefore an urgent need to prepare tthe reality of his new teaching. “
  • Justin Ling: “Every time this pandemic subsides, it will take some time for us to fully understand the damage of COVID-19. No population is more devastated than that our seniors; the rate of loss in Canada’s long-term nursing homes underscores how we need to overcome negligence in the facility. Unfortunately, we also see other institutions that are not ready to be devastated by this virus. In prisons throughout the country, the plague has caused more than 350 federal inmates positive test for the virus; two have died. “

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