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Amber Victoria Bolibruck was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, near Niagara falls, but spent his adult life traveling around the world, including South America and Asia. She also spent stints living in Alberta, Canada, and Australia.

Amber Victoria Bolibruck

(Thanks To Michelle Bello)

The most recent step Bolibruck brought adventure, fun 26-year-old in San Diego in February, just a month before the outbreak of coronavirus.

But in the early morning hours of June 3, Bolibruck was found unconscious at the foot of the cliff along Moonlight beach in Encinitas, with blood on the face and difficulty breathing, according to the County medical examiner’s office. Authorities believe that she fell at approximately 30-meter cliff.

Medics took her to SCRIPPS Memorial hospital La JOLLA, where her condition steadily declined until she died 8 June, the medical examiner said.

“Amber has always been the brightest, happiest, and most joyful person in the room,” her cousin, Michelle Bello, wrote in an email this week. “She doesn’t care about people differences, she treated everyone equally and wanted to make sure that all is well. It was easy for her to get everyone together. She yearned for adventure and new experiences. She did in her short life than most achieve in a standard life time”.

Said Bello Bolibruck was an organ donor and in death helped save two lives.

“Like her alive, she was generous in her death,” said Bello.

According to the authorities, Bolibruck lived in carlsbad and was with friends on June 2, when she had a fight with her boyfriend and left the band. A few hours later, she was found injured on the beach.

Bello said her cousin had jumped the barrier along the top of the cliff and suffered “massive brain injury” in the fall. A commemorative banner that now hangs in isolation in the last line as a warning to others: “be smart, be safe, do not jump the barrier!”

“Everyone is going through this tragic and devastating loss of desire that someone can get rid of this and protect themselves,” Bello wrote.

This banner hangs over the Moon beach. Bolibruck, apparently, jumped over the barrier before suffering a fatal fall on June 3.

This banner hangs over the Moon beach in Encinitas. Amber Bolibruck, apparently, jumped over the barrier before suffering a fatal fall on June 3.

(Thanks To Michelle Bello)

Like everything else, starting in March, COVID-19 difficult last days of life Bolibruck, and the search for her family to take her body back to Canada.

First, her parents had to get permission to cross the border with the USA-Canada under the restrictions, which prohibit all unnecessary border crossing. When they arrived in San Diego, they can’t be at the bedside of his daughter because COVID-19 problems in hospitals.

“The worst part of it occurs during a pandemic is that you could fill a stadium for it with all your friends and family, she from all corners of the globe,” said Bello. “We hope that soon our (COVID) the restrictions will be lifted so we can all mourn together.”

At the same time, the family Bolibruck is facing financial problems. The cost of returning her body to Canada is expensive as medical bills that she incurred. Bolibruck, who grew up in a country with government funded health care, was insured in the United States.

“Her family now have to face not only come home without his daughter, but large medical bills as well,” her cousin wrote.

Friends set up On GoFundMe and Facebook a donation page to help the family cope with the costs.

“People who like amber doing everything possible, but we need more help, our family needs this assistance,” said Bello. “My aunt and uncle in need of this assistance, so they can begin to heal without it crippling debt.”

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