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Was supposed to end at midnight on Tuesday, restrictions on people seeking to enter Canada from countries other than USA

The Federal government says that he has issued strict rules prohibiting the majority of foreign tourists enter Canada until the end of July in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Restrictions covering people seeking to enter Canada from countries other than USA were set to expire at midnight Tuesday, the end of June.

The rule was introduced by decree of the Federal Cabinet in March.

“I can confirm the order was extended,” said Rebecca Purdy, the Canadian border services Agency.

“All trips are optional or discretionary in nature, including tourism and leisure, subject to these measures”.

The entry in the US is broadcast on a separate order that is currently in effect until July 21, after it has been expanded three times. Border Agency pointedly reminded on Tuesday, the people that restrictions on travel to Canada from United States staying for Canada Day and US Independence Day on 4 July.

Exceptions to forbidding people coming from non-us countries include close relatives of canadian citizens or permanent residents, as well as to cover cases such as flight crews.

Extension occurs at that time, as the Council of the European Union encouraged its members to abolish restrictions on the entry of people from the non-EU countries, including Canada.

This recommendation is not binding on the member States. The EU says it is based on the current COVID-19 the situation in these countries and the measures one takes to keep a coronavirus contained. United States, where cases of the disease are rising again, not in the list.

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