Canada suspends extradition Treaty with Hong Kong in the eyes of immigration boost | Instant News

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, speaks during a news conference in Ottawa, Canada, in October. 23, 2019.

David Kawai | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Canada suspends extradition Treaty with Hong Kong, the new Chinese law on national security and could increase immigration from a former British colony, officials said Friday.

China introduced a law this week, despite protests from Hong Kongers and Western States, mounting what is a major financial center on a more authoritarian path.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada will continue to defend Hong Kong, which is home to 300,000 Canadians.

Canada will not allow you to export sensitive military items in Hong Kong – he told reporters.

“We are also suspending Canada-Hong Kong extradition Treaty … we are also considering additional measures, including on immigration,” said he. He did not give details.

Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe champagne denounced the “secretive” as the legislation was enacted, and noted that Canada was forced to reconsider existing agreements.

“This is a significant step backwards in terms of liberty and freedom … we were hoping that Beijing will listen to the international community and the opposite,” he said by phone.

German and British leaders also expressed concern about the new law.

“(There are) profound reflection in many capitals of the world, how to deal better with China and its assertiveness,” said champagne.

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa were not immediately available for comment. Two people are locked in a dispute that erupted in late 2018 after the canadian police arrested the financial Director of Huawei technologies Co Ltd to order of the United States.

The new law caused a jump in inquiries from families wishing to move to Canada, immigration lawyers said.

Possible measures Ottawa can take in include the benefit of Hong Kong residents who have family in Canada and allows more people to apply for the programme of work, which is a step on the path to citizenship, lawyers say.


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