Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada will accept only of temporary resident visas available in the Internet.

This policy will be in effect for those applying for work permits, study permits and temporary resident visas (TRV) outside Canada during the period between July 1 and September 30.

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However, immigration, refugees and citizenship (tells IRCC) will provide special facilities for persons who are unable to complete the application process online in connection with disabilities.

If an applicant has a disability, the ICRC does not accept paper applications during the term of this Agreement and will go ahead and return the application and fees processing for the applicant.

This policy is part of a special coronavirus tells IRCC measures to control immigration while it operates at reduced power.

Currently having a work permit can travel to Canada as long as they go for mandatory reasons. Other exclusions apply in particular, if a person comes to Canada to be with family members.

Holders of a study permit are unable to come to Canada if they don’t have a valid view on March 18. It new ads tells IRCChowever, suggests that Canada is planning to introduce incentives for owners of permission to study, wishing to begin study in Canada this fall.

Need help with temporary visa process? Contacts [email protected]

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