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B. S. saw a jump in the number of skilled workers through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in 2019.

Skills Immigration (Si) is one of two immigration threads that are managed British Immigration Programs Of Provinces Of Colombia (BC PNP). This thread is for skilled foreign workers who want to settle in Canada in the province of Western. About 99% of all people appointed to permanent residence BC through this category. The Entrepreneur Immigration takes remaining 1%.

In 2019 BC PNP has seen the largest number of registrations, the largest year for the pilot and a technician, and most of the provincial nominations that were released in one year, in accordance with annual statistical report.

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A total of 6,551 people were given permanent residency with their provincial nomination BC, although the Federal government originally only allowed the province 6500.

What is the skills immigration stream?

This pathway to permanent residency for the foreign workers, as a rule, already have a job offer in B. C.

There are five categories under si, four of them aligned with the Federal government Recording system Express:

  • Skilled worker category — for people who have a job offer and several years of experience in a skilled occupation;
  • Category of health professionals — doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses and allied health professionals with vacancies in one of the 11 professions may apply for this category;
  • International graduate category — for workers who have graduated from eligible canadian University or College over the past three years;
  • International graduate category— master’s or PhD graduates with the right B. S. post-secondaries in the natural, applied, or health Sciences may apply for this category without a job offer;
  • Entry-level and middle skilled worker category is for entry-level or semi-skilled workers with jobs in tourism, hospitality, food industry or freight transport, or those in entry-level or unskilled positions, living and working in the northeast region of British Columbia. This is the only category C that does not apply to candidates in Recording system Express.

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Who are the skilled workers immigration through BC PNP?

Most si of immigrants from India (33%) and China (15%) in 2019.

About 75% of these skilled workers intended to stay in Vancouver.

The most common professions among new immigrants was:

  • restaurant managers and food service (8.4%);
  • retail and wholesale managers (5.8%);
  • programmers and designers (4.3%);
  • graphic designers and illustrators (4.2%); and
  • transport truck drivers (4.1%).

B. S. reported the average wage for si of the nominees significantly increased from 2018 to 2019. The increase was especially common with International graduate (19.5%), skilled workers (13.4%) and Express entry B. S. international graduate (13.1%) categories.

This is the average salary of nominees for the categories of immigrants:

  • EEBC – skilled worker $74,359
  • Worker, $73,960
  • EEBC – international higher 47,736 $
  • International Higher $47,407
  • Entry-level and semi-skilled 44,527 $

Great year for the pilot technologies

Pilot Tech is part of the strategy of the government of the province, in turn, a B. S. In centre for new and emerging technologies for the development of existing technologies. It is aimed at attracting skilled workers technician BC, and to facilitate the immigration process.

Every week BC FNP invites candidates si in one of 29 occupations in engineering, technology and business services. Was 1,509 experimental technologies nominations released in 2019, which is 33% more than in 2018.

Pilot technician categories accounted for 23% of all nominations, compared to 17.4% in 2018.

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