Using graphics (there are two versions), the times, the report shows that in many countries of the West overall, not bad, misleading, less than about 200 new cases per week per 1 million inhabitants. Among them is Canada, and even Italy, after the first in Europe to zero infection. The United States is more than four times worse, more than 900 cases per million inhabitants. Why would someone want with us?

Europe, of course not. She has relaxed its travel restrictions last week in irrelevant tourists from several countries but not the United States, too many things either deaf or indifferent to its disastrous performance. So why Canada?

It’s frustrating, because new York, with strong leadership, succeeded in containing the virus. Too many States do not. Among them Florida, Texas and Arizona, which opened hastily and carelessly, instead of listening to science.

In West Texas, the Times reported that some residents proudly ignoring medicine and science in favor of a corrupt personal interest, which arises from overheating distrust of the government. (This pattern repeats itself disastrous response to the dust storms of the 1930-ies, when farmers rejected the advice of government scientists regarding the necessity of crop rotation. That have helped to prolong the crisis.)

One possible solution may react in ways that more gently coercive. In Rockland County, just North of new York city, contact tracers was to receive little cooperation from the people who took part in the party that a woman with symptoms Covid-19 was thrown to her daughter. Agendas did the trick. The threat of fines of up to $ 2,000 a day has done a brilliant job to focus the minds of the resistant. It was a shame that it has come to this, but as a document, figures, Johns Hopkins, too many Americans take the threat seriously, emergency of public health requires.


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