The charges against Corey Hurren, a canadian man arrested after crashing a pickup truck through the gates of Rideau Hall in Ottawa, offer Hurren was planning to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

Hurren, 46, which are placed QAnon conspiracy theory on Instagram, charged with possession of four loaded guns, including two “offensive” weapon banned by the government of Canada.

Active member of the canadian armed forces, Hurren was arrested on 2 July after violating the residence, where Trudeau and his family live, and was charged with 22 criminal offences. The details of the charges, was released on July 6, according to the report of national post newspaper.

Arsenal of weapons

Hurren “knowingly utter a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or transmit a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or call the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a threat of causing death or bodily harm to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” the prosecution said.

The charges filed in court detailed an Arsenal of firearms and ammunition Hurren with him after arriving in Ottawa from their home in Northern Manitoba, according to the post.

The charges were filed in the Royal canadian mounted police integrated national security enforcement teams-known as inset, which is a counterterrorism unit. The RCMP says there is no evidence Hurren was part of a group of conspirators, the post reported.

Hurren made Instagram posts about QAnon and other right-wing conspiracy, according to Vice news.

Please-this is a broad conspiracy in the United States, which is focused on fighting Donald trump’s allegedly deep-enemies of the state.

Police dog and robot were looking for a car in Rideau Hall, the hotel where the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau life, after an armed man was detained at the property [Patrick Doyle/Reuters]

Less than an hour before Hurren drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, the account in social media for your business posted a meme that blames the global elite at COVID-19.

In Instagram account for Grindhouse fine foods, the company Hurren works, posted a meme relating to events 201 – pandemic training event, in particular, bill gates

Event 201 international exercises delivered in October 2019 in the Jones center for safety in the field of health, the bill and Melinda gates Hopkins University and the world economic forum in the model of the pandemic. Conspiracy theorists believe this is evidence that bill gates, along with other elites, organized COVID-19 pandemic.

March 27, Grindhouse fine foods, placed in QAnon meme. It features the White Rabbit (the mascot for conspiracy) behind the wheel of a car. In Instagram the inscription says: “who else was following ‘Q’ and ‘white rabbit’ down the rabbit hole and how it relates to the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation? Many similarities in all these posts of ‘Q’ becomes ‘minor issue’.”

Then select the account from the list of conspiracies in hashtags related QAnon, which included the murder of Seth rich, adrenochrome, pizzagate, pedogate, and somewhat related to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Hurren allegedly crashed into a gate to Rideau Hall, causing his car breaks down. He fled on foot with rifle in hand, but was arrested after a confrontation with police. It is reported that he received a note from him that he wanted to deliver to Trudeau, which was not in the Rideau Hall at the time.

Hurren takes place in anticipation of the hearing scheduled for July 17, according to the Agency “Reuters”.

“Al-Jazeera” and news agencies


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