In Los Angeles now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than “all of Canada”, mayor Eric Garcetti La said during Monday press conference about the virus. He also said that if La County was an “independent country” he would “in most cases, the 20th in the world.”

When Garcetti made a statement on Monday County health Department reporting on laboratory-confirmed 136,000 cases of coronavirus in the area. There were more than 2500 new cases of the disease on Monday and 13 deaths, according to the County, at the time.

In Canada, it 110,234 confirmed cases of the disease, with 8,843 dead as of Tuesday, according to numbers from The Johns Hopkins University.

“We have never had so many people who are infected or infectious. We have never had so much recorded every day positive cases. And we have never had so many people in the hospital as it is today, as I speak to you in Los Angeles,” said Garcetti. He said that the region should “go back to the time when we got back to the office COVID-19”.

Earlier this month, Garcetti has introduced a new indicator showing the current level of threat of coronavirus in Los Angeles with the help of color from green to red, CBS Los Angeles reports. He said Monday’s threat level will remain at orange, but it is “on the border of going into red” — the highest threat level.

“If the light is orange, you want to stay home as often as possible as you can, and leave only for important events, like going to work or to go to the market and you should assume that everything around you is infectious,” said Garcetti, when this figure was first announced, according to CBS Los Angeles at the time.

During a press conference on Monday, Garcetti urged the city to continue to take precautions against the spread of coronavirus as the maintenance of social distancing and washing hands, telling people, “not in a place where we can let up.”

“We have seen, influence, business success, and in the past, and we must continue to see him right now. Why? Because life is at stake,” said Garcetti. “We have already lost too much. We know that every day we lose more. And we want to do everything we can to make this number as small as possible”.

He supported The order of the Governor Gavin Newsom Monday to be closed at the premises of companies across the state, including restaurants, bars, wineries, cinemas, zoos and museums. Newsome introduced severe restrictions in 30 countries, including Los Angeles, shuttering works indoors in gyms, places of worship, non-critical offices, personal care services, Barber, hairdresser and shopping centers.

Garcetti also said he supports the decision Los Angeles public schools to offer classes online, just when the fall semester starts next month due to a spike in cases.

California is one of the dozens of States that has recently experienced spikes of the virus, including Florida, AZ and Texas. The US continues to remain the global epicenter of the disease, with 3,397,069 total confirmed cases as of Tuesday, according figures from Johns Hopkins University.


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