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Good evening, here are the coronavirus updates you need to know today.

The main news:

  1. Experts in the field of health to prevent the growth of infections Canadians at the age of 20 to 29 can trigger new outbreaks
  2. Women make up three-fifths of new applicants for CERB since the end of June, indicating expansion the gender gap on the job market
  3. Toronto wants mandatory face staff and visitors to restaurants and bars, 3 stages open

In Canada, there were at least 110,329 cases. Last week 2,517 it was announced on new cases 16 percent less than the previous week. There are also at least 97,049 recovery and 8,852 deaths. Health officials administered more 3,711,033 tests.

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Worldwide, there were at least 14,288,689 the case is confirmed and 602,138 deaths.

Source: data from Canada compiled from government web sites, Johns Hopkins, and COVID-19 Canada working group open data; international data from the Johns Hopkins University.

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According to weekly data released by the Federal government, women candidates made up 61 percent anyone who gets in Canada, the extraordinary benefits of the answer for the first time from 28 June to 12 July, with men accounted for 38.8 per cent and sex of the respondents on the balance.

Women make up three-fifths of new applicants for CERB since the end of June, the latest sign the extension of gender differences the job market as the economy begins to recover from the unprecedented plummet in the spring.

There is such a division between women and men in how quickly the participation rate is restored, and other data. They all point to a labor market where men win more and sooner than women.

The gender gap is becoming a serious problem for Ottawa and the provinces, as politicians try square public health measures taken to contain the syndrome and if necessary, fully open kindergartens and schools, so that parents, especially women, are able to get back to work.

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Coronavirus in Canada

  • Among the five other requests, asks the Premier Toronto-Doug Ford mandatory face in restaurants and bars in the composition Ontario Step 3. the order of opening.
  • QC is the first province in Canada to introduce a mandatory masks in public places; some residents held anti-mask protests over the weekend.
  • New Brunswick new case on Sunday in the area of Fredericton, province second in the past week.

National update

More young Canadians infected COVID-19, creating the potential for a serious outbreak, scientists warn. Changes in demographics could be attributed to the blocking fatigue, increased testing or feelings of invincibility.

  • Data from British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, new Brunswick and Prince Edward Island show an increase of infection in the age groups 20-29.
  • Figures from the public health Agency of Canada show that during the second week of July, the greatest proportion of new cases – 22 percent of female and 28 percent of men in the age group 20-29 years.
  • Younger age group and now represent a higher percentage of positive tests, and in the older age groups are falling overall, the data show.

Young people need to be careful in public places such as bars or large gatherings, they can carry and spread the virus even when little showing no symptoms, the researchers say.

Scientist at the University of Guelph said that it was mostly due to infections at the age of 20 are observed in the Toronto and regions of peel in may, like children with no symptoms can spread the virus parents or grandparents in their home.

Coronavirus worldwide

  • In USA, In Florida reached a record 156 deaths reported in a single day, as the state continues to see the rapid rise in cases. Officials in the heavily affected area of Miami began to weigh another insulation blanket. Meanwhile, the NFL players publicly pleaded with the League to address several health care and security on the eve of training camp.
  • Some Chinese according to the report, using Uighur labor to obtain the personal protective equipment at the controversial government-sponsored program, according to experts, often leads people to work against their will. The Uighurs are mostly Muslim ethnic minorities, mainly from the region of Xinjiang in Northwest China.
  • Russia’s Ambassador to Britain said on Sunday that there was “no point” in statements made last week, the US, Britain and Canada that the Russian intelligence service tried steal information about the vaccine.

Coronavirus and business

Canada’s largest Telecom company it is expected that the report wireless revenues and stalled subscriber growth for the second quarter, as the pandemic temporarily closed stores and travel restrictions caused by roaming-fee income will fall.

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  • Analysts had expected a weak quarter in terms of adding new wireless and Internet subscribers in the telecommunications industry, while sharp drops in advertising struck media. “From the point of view of the subscriber growth it will be very ugly,” – said an analyst at Edward Jones Dave Hager said.
  • The bottom line can be isolated from lower customer cost of acquisition, which could help profit. “With reduced activity you will end up with less,” Mr. höger said.

Desjardins analyst Maher Yaghi predicts 3.3 percent year-on-year decline in wireless Service revenue for the industry.

And: GM Chairman and chief Executive officer Mary Barra expects coronavirus at low tide, the recovery by the beginning of 2021

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