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Air Transat plans to cancel all flights out of Western Canada to the vicinity of the Sun and the USA this winter, with reimbursement the way for clients — politics-face in COVID-19 era.

Airline scrubbing all the southern routes, which was scheduled to take off from Winnipeg, calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria, air parent this week the Transat Transat at said customers.

Only the routes from Western gateways between Nov. 1 and April 30 will be from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal, and some connecting flights to Europe via Toronto.

Would-be passengers will automatically receive a full refund, not a credit company, which had previously been proposed for flights cancelled due COVID-19 crisis, said Transat.

“Because the current situation does not allow to predict the resumption of the routes from Western Canada in the near future and there will be a direct flight options to use the vouchers with air Transat from their location, customers affected by cancellations as a result of this suspension will be to refund to the file” Transat press Secretary Marie-Christine Pouliot said in an email.

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“For other places where there are other options, we offered more flexibility, to relax our travel credit policy. Now they are fully transferable and have no expiration date.”

Transat cited “many challenges” facing the industry of airlines that revolve around a pandemic that closed borders and grounded the fleets before the movement is slowly growing in the summer, but this is not enough to revive the most important cross-border tourism or business travel markets. In Montreal, the first flight of the carrier in four months took off last week.

The return of the airline

Transat and other canadian airline refused to reimburse the majority of customers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of coronavirus.

Transat “air Canada” and WestJet airlines Ltd. all stated that their position on refunds is consistent with Federal law and guidance published over the past five months, the canadian transportation Agency (CTA).

Legal precedent a contractual right to assume that this is not so, said passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs, noting, “universal principal across Canada” that customers should be reimbursed for services not rendered.

Air Transat must compensate passengers whose flights were canceled, regardless of their location or the reason for the cancellation, says passenger rights defender gábor lukács. (Patrick Callaghan/CBC)

“Air Transat must compensate passengers whose flights were canceled, regardless of their location or the reason for the cancellation,” Gellert said, referring to the decisions of GTS from 2004 on Transat and contract carrier transportation.

Cross-border the company’s tariff — the contract between the airline and the passenger, says Transat “refund of unused ticket” in the event of rebooking or cancellation from the airline.

Air Canada quietly changed its return policy to allow some customers with cancelled flight tickets to recoup their money, but not the passengers that made the trip originated in Canada.

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Passengers departing from the European Union, Switzerland or Iceland, have the right to obtain a refund, the airline said, but passengers who were to fly one-way or round-trip from Canada to Europe.

The airline changed its policy to offer refunds to customers on flights between the United States and Canada, which was cancelled due COVID-19, after the words “closely follow the development of the regulatory framework” in various jurisdictions.

Three of the country’s largest airlines were canceled, tens of thousands of flights since the end of March. Air Canada saw a DIP with a capacity of 95 percent in the spring after he lost in the first quarter to more than $ 1 billion and projects the levels do not return to the level of 2019 at least three years.

Transat said last week the canadian press will delay the deadline of the closing of the transaction with “air Canada”, pushing it back by one month, until August. 27 as European regulators and the Federal government members to think how the $720 million acquisition will affect competition.

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