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A canadian man who traveled in a single voyage 267 days ago returned to earth earlier this month in a much different world than he left.

Bert TerHart, public speaker and entrepreneur sailed from Victoria, in the province of British Columbia, in Octobermaking months-long trip around the world through five Capefrom the South Cape of New Zealand, South-East and Cape Leeuwin in Australia, Cape Agulhas in South Africa, and Cape horn in Chile — without the aid of electronic navigation devices.

He came home on July 18, in the world affected by pandemic of the Novel coronavirus. He saw the COVID-19 limits during a stop in Rarotonga, the largest of the cook Islands in may, but did not fully know what to expect in Canada Yahoo said.

“When I came back, the first thing I said was, ‘what did I miss?'” he said Yahoo. “I had some idea about what is happening in respect of COVID, but you may not fully understand and fully realize it until you actually are immersed in it.”

He told Yahoo that coming back to the pandemic was “harsh and brutal “introduction”,” the more that restrictions in Canada around the virus.

“I miss the closeness that used to be [there]”- he said. “You could walk down the street and you could walk next to someone and said, ‘Excuse me,’ and smile at them. And they will smile and not everything is automatically moving away from you, which is very strange. Because, as human beings, we don’t necessarily want all other beings to be, you know, migrating far from you. You suddenly feel like a leper”.

What a week! Just a quick update about how Bert was to adapt to life on land. After a triumphant return on Saturday July 18, the week Bertha was filled with family, 3 meet and greets, and then all the press…so much press! Interview zoom, phone calls, Facebook and videos, Oh my God!! The response, support and interest was so incredible was the success of this journey. Thank you all!! An amazing experience for both Bert and ShoreTeam Leah. Everything looks nice and quiet for the coming week and Bert float gabriola and Nani, finally. What a whirlwind! You can find all the articles, videos, interviews on radio and in the magazine on the press page of the website of Berta: www.the5capes.com Bert enjoyed pizza, cookies, doughnuts and some great movies. (In particular, the Maiden documentary!) Seaburban is located in a cozy slip and washed and a quick Polish, but oddly enough, sir salty nowhere… #celebrate #whirlwindtour #paparazzi #svseaburban #aroundalone #sea #penandpaper #circumnavigation #sailor #sport #nonstop #5capes #onehandfortheship #occadventuresailing #sailinglovers #adventureisoutthere m#occchallengegrant #instasailing #sailboatsofinstagram #captainbert #onemanshow #brave #sailinglife #sea #ocean #sailboats #sailingaroundtheworld

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TerHart not immediately respond to a request for comment by the Insider.

Canada has 115,470 people who test positive for COVID-19 from the beginning, and 8,917 people died from the virus.

The country currently has travel restrictions put in place, and urged residents to wear masks and social distance, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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