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From the pager to the first commercially successful smartphone in the world, many early forms of communication were made in Canada. In today’s digital world, Canada continues to lead in innovation. Home in the growing technology market of Canada is growing and attracting innovative talent from around the world CBRE the ranks Toronto and Vancouver in the TOP 12 of the ICT market talent in North America, while Montreal boasts more than 140 games studios. That is why it should come as no surprise that Canada is attracting investment from global companies, including some of the largest technology companies in the world.

Many businesses based in the United States, seizing the moment, and is expanding rapidly to the North. Due to the strong market of technology and Economics, familiarity, tax benefits and low cost of highly skilled professionals, Canada is more than a friendly neighbor to us companies, which accelerate global trajectory. However, with expansion there is an influx of supposed connections, data protection and compliance, and to be successful requires a partnership with a strong service provider relationships. As organizations make important decisions about which service provider to use, they should pay close attention to which vendor can meet their needs as they seek to grow their business.

Reliability, security, fault tolerance, as well as top of mind when looking for a canadian provider. To find a supplier in Canada that checks all these boxes, with reliable, comprehensive agreements about the service level, to help companies to remain up and running, and a large team of specialists, with 24/7 support is not so difficult.

Solid experience, great experience, a solid choice

Within bell Canada, upper Canada communications company with more than 22 million consumers, business customers, connections, BC global is a solid player with an edge in the prestigious canadian market. Made in Canada and created based on more than 140 years of experience, BC global access to the largest network in Canada and the availability of the industry’s data centers across the country. With multiple points of presence in key cities in the United States, businesses can use a fiber optic connection between bell Canada and the United States and far beyond.

With a deeply rooted commitment to growth in Canada and prosperity are supported by significant investment and innovation in communications infrastructure and services, a global team BC continues this long tradition. In 2019, bell has invested $4 billion in network infrastructure, the inclusion of the transport needed for today’s big data, IoT applications and multimedia services. This striking investments supported fiber cover 9.7 million homes and businesses, areas of wireless coverage to 99% of Canadians, and the launch of the largest 5G network in Canada in some major cities, laying the Foundation for unlimited possibilities.

Diversity, triversity and data independence

When building an effective cooperation with the BC global businesses to gain access to the largest network of Canada. In addition, with more than 165,000 miles of fiber (enough to wrap around the planet-nearly 7 times), Intelligent solutions to the global can draw on world-class network of technology required to help you meet your customer’s needs. Expand your reach even further, trail BC global also encompasses compounds in the U.S. state of Alaska. This unique ability to connect at both boundaries avoids some of the vagaries of the ocean floor cables in the high seas.

Stretching from coast to coast, BC Global provides clients with a unique “triverse” the hotel provides a small delay routes, reliable infrastructure for mission-critical applications and reliable network core. In case you’re wondering, triversity helps to protect companies from possible network failures; in the case of simultaneous failure of the network, network traffic can automatically route to the next available route.

As soon as the critical data arrives in Canada, you can be sure that he can stay 100% in Canada, to help you ensure compliance and data security requirements.

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To read the full article and to contact BC global start empowering Canada, click here. In addition, you can obtain more information about how BC global associates is more than just a business with its award winning environmental policy and one of the world’s largest campaign for mental health.

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