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U.S. Company who export pork, beef, and lamb to Canada now face simpler and clearer requirements, thanks to a joint initiative carried out by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service and its partner, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Cheyenne McEndaffer, export services director for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, explained that the revised regulations would benefit US exporters and their customers north of the border.

“Safe Food for Canadians is a major overhaul of food safety regulations carried out in Canada for several years and the aim is to bring all the different food safety regulations into one regulation. FSIS and CFIA, Canada’s food safety authority, initiated a comprehensive review of export requirements for “US meat products to Canada to ensure that the requirements are up to date and also to make export libraries more user friendly,” McEndaffer said. “There will be some benefits for U.S. exporters, nothing major in terms of expanding high-level market access, but there are some further alignments to labeling requirements, access to ozone-treated and artificially colored products.”

McEndaffer said the biggest change was clarity.

“The export library for Canada has a length of about 32 pages and this is huge information that every new or even existing exporter really has to wade through to find out what they need to do to export to this market,” McEndaffer said . “It has been reduced to around 12 pages.”

He noted that FSIS gathered input from USMEF and other industry associations during the review of export requirements, which allowed problematic issues to be identified and dealt with.

“FSIS has reached out to various industry associations, including USMEF, to review export libraries and provide feedback on heavy requirements and where we see areas that need to be clarified based on understanding new or updated Canadian regulations and which are expected to provide the basis of information used by FSIS in their discussion with CFIA, “McEndaffer said,” We truly praise FSIS for the inclusion of industry in this discussion and also make this project happen and have been complemented by CFIA for the past few years. “

Red meat exports to Canada began quickly in 2020. Until February, pork exports were 18% faster than last year’s pace of 37,364 metric tons, valued at $ 128.8 million (up 14%). Beef exports reached 18,603 metric tons valued at $ 112.9 million – up 17% and 15% respectively, from last year.

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