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At noon on April 7, Canada had seen a total of 17,063 known cases of the corona virus, according to The latest COVID-19 update from the Government of Canada.

While total means when compared to some of the hardest hit countries, such as the United States, Italy, China, and Spain, it fails to explain many cases that might not be confirmed because those who feel sick just stay at home, or do not become eligible for testing limited.

Still, this is Canada’s most official appearance to understand the trajectory of the virus in Canada, something we have been watching for the past few weeks.

And while we are above the total number of new cases known for each of our closed provinces since the pandemic began, we decided to see exactly how known Canadian cases are broken down by province and region.

The number registered included publicly reported and probable cases, according to the Government of Canada, on 7 April.

As seen on the map above, Quebec is almost as devastated as the others.


the province

Known Case: 8,580
Dead: 121

Quebec sees a large increase in cases starting March 22, and while it may contain about half of the total Canadian cases known, it only has the second highest number of deaths related to corona virus.


the province

Known Case: 4,726
Dead: 153

Ontario has witnessed the most deaths as a result of the ongoing pandemic in any Canadian province, seeing a huge surge in known cases on March 29.


the province

Known Case: 1,348
Dead: 24

The number of cases in Alberta continued to increase throughout late March and early April, although the number of deaths was smaller than BC.


the province

Known Case: 1,266
Dead: 39

After a sharp upward trajectory in mid-March – becoming the first Canadian province to see dozens of confirmed cases – BC has actually seen a slight decline in the number of new cases per day.

Nova Scotia

the province

Known Case: 310
Dead: 1

Nova Scotia was hit far harder than its neighbors at sea, although it only saw one death as a result of more than 300 confirmed cases.


the province

Known Case: 253
Dead: 3

Saskatchewan has seen a steady increase in confirmed cases since March 15, even though the international airport remains open to incoming travelers, it has seen far fewer cases than Alberta.

Newfoundland and Labrador

the province

Known Case: 226
Dead: 2

Newfoundland and Labrador also experienced a steady increase in cases, even though there were only two deaths in total.


the province

Known Case: 204
Dead: 2

Manitoba cases surged on March 29, and have also seen two deaths as a result of coronavirus.

New Brunswick

the province

Known Case: 103
Dead: 0

New Brunswick has so far seen zero deaths and beaten relatively softer by its neighbors.

Prince Edward Island

the province

Known Case: 22
Dead: 0

Only 22 cases have been confirmed in PEI, which has a population of only 157,000.

Yukon Territory

the province

Known Case: 7
Dead: 0

From the Canadian region, Yukon has seen the majority of cases, even though only a total of seven.

Northwest Region

the province

Known Case: 5
Dead: 0

The Northwest Region has seen only five cases of coronavirus so far.


Known Case: 0
Dead: 0

Nunavut is the only Canadian region that has not yet seen a possible case of coronavirus.

Repatriated tourists

Total known: 13

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