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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (shown) announced on Friday a total ban on the sale, purchase, possession or transfer of 1,500 brands and models of what he calls “attack style” weapons. His announcement follows less than two weeks of raging by a gunman who killed 22 people in Nova Scotia.

The word Trudeau:

These weapons are designed for one purpose and only one purpose: to kill the largest number of people in a short amount of time. There is no point and there is no place for such weapons in Canada …

You don’t need AR-15 to bring down a deer.

He justified his unilateral action – using the “council’s order from the cabinet” instead of a law passed by the Canadian Parliament – referring to the Nova Scotia attacks on April 18 and 19 as “the deadliest tantrums in our country’s history.”

He added:

This tragedy still echoes. They shape our identity, they tarnish our conscience, they make adults out of children and the sad truth is they happen more often than before.

Their families deserve more than just thoughts and prayers. Canadians deserve more than just thoughts and prayers.

Trudeau Public Security Minister Bill Blair stated that the ban would save lives:

To this day, the assault weapons market in Canada is closed. Enough already. Banning this firearm will save Canadian lives.

Rod Giltaca, CEO of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights, corrected Trudeau and his public safety minister: “The only person who will lose weapons in this action is the owner of a licensed weapon. There are no criminals who register or surrender a shotgun. This step is seen as entirely political “

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer agrees with Giltaca: “Taking firearms from law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop dangerous criminals who get their weapons illegally.”

At present there is no legal definition of what constitutes an “assault weapon” so the author of the order, before being published, had to make one to cover 1,500 brands and models that are now banned.

It is estimated that there are 125,000 such firearms privately owned in Canada, whose ownership will turn their owners into criminals unless the firearms are sold to the government or destroyed in April 2022. Meanwhile owners must provide certainty that the now illegal firearms are stored at home in under lock and key. The penalty for violating this policy remains to be clarified.

Regarding the shooting in Nova Scotia, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) confirmed that the shooters used weapons (including semi-automatic rifles and pistols) that were illegally owned by the shooters. The shooter, Gabriel Wortman, was prohibited from possessing any firearms for allegedly carrying out an attack in 2002.

Investigating deeper, Wortman – dressed as a police officer and driving a police replica vehicle – carried out several shootings and burned 16 locations during his crime for 13 hours. Thirteen people died due to their injuries while nine died in a fire. Why it took law enforcement so long to deal with shooters and end the tantrum remains inexplicable. Also not examined is how the spree might end soon after it starts if victims are armed and trained to defend themselves.

Also strange is the fact that the country’s Ready Alert system, which is designed to remind citizens of impending threats, is not used. Naturally, the investigation of why was announced.

If this sounds suspicious, consider that Trudeau also uses the results of a public poll issued on the same day to justify his actions. The Angus Reid Institute said on Friday that “significantly, two-thirds (65%) strongly supported the move, giving a clear mandate to federal policymakers to move forward.” In a footnote, observers note that 73 percent of those surveyed never owned a weapon.

What is the difference between the American Second Amendment! Canadian citizens do not enjoy such guarantees and so the PM is free to declare such violations unilaterally without fear of sanctions or rejection from citizens, courts, or Parliament.

After offensive weapons are removed from law-abiding citizens, criminals will find it easier and less risky to carry out gun violence against them. The black market in weapons will develop rapidly as is always the case in the midst of increasing demand and reduced supply.

In short, the announcement of Trudeau was not gun control but control. Criminals will still be free to resort to gun violence.

Photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Government of Candanian

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