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Washington, D.C. – May 13, 2020 EVERFI, Inc., a leading social impact education innovator, today announced that it is joining six sports leagues to launch its first-of-kind educational challenges for students who stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Football League in partnership with United Way Worldwide, National Hockey League in partnership with the National Hockey League Players Association, the National Lacrosse League, and the Premier League, EVERFI will bring the EduCup Challenge to K-12 Students in throughout the US and Canada.

The EduCup Challenge is a two-week competition that encourages students to engage in learning and healthy habits as learned through EVERFI courses and exhibited through daily social media challenges. Running May 18-29, students will have the opportunity to experience digital courses created jointly by EVERFI and professional sports leagues and send responses to a series of questions about courses taken to be eligible to win an academic scholarship or other prize.

Regional competitions will feature interesting courses for students from kindergarten to 12th grade and will highlight several courses developed directly with the league. Each league brings resources that are uniquely developed, aligned curriculum for students and parents that will be the basis of the challenge.

  • Major League Baseball Summer Slugger focusing on math and literacy skills for elementary school students
  • Major League SoccerMatter Actions discusses leadership development and prevention of bullying for middle and high school students
  • National Football League and United Way WorldwideCharacter Playbook aims to build character education and foster healthy relationships for middle and high school students
  • National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players AssociationHockey Scholar teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills to middle and high school students I’m healthier educating high school students about making smart health and fitness decisions
  • National Lacrosse LeagueNLL Digital Scholars including digital citizenship for middle school students and mental health for middle school students
  • Premier League – Premier League US Main Star including Ignition, digital literacy curriculum for middle school students, and also Affection Project, a unique program that teaches empathy and compassion and Healthier Me – Primary School Health Curriculum, good for elementary school students.

The EduCup Challenge will divide students by region based on their geographical location – north, east, south, and west. Students will be asked to complete as many league-sponsored programs as possible in the two-week Challenge period. After they take the course, students will have the opportunity to answer questions related to their educational experience throughout the Challenge. During the competition, each region will try to get the most students to complete the education program.

In addition to completing courses, students are invited to participate in social media challenges to share their progress. New challenges will be shared on Instagram and Twitter and the EduCup Challenge website every day, with each league having a specific day to present their challenges to students based on the programs they sponsor through EVERFI. Students will respond to social media challenges using the designated EduCup Challenge hashtag.

To participate in the EduCup Challenge, students will visit www.educupchallenge.com, enter their school, and complete courses sponsored by participating leagues. Students will also have the opportunity to compete for one of four $ 2,500 academic scholarships or tablet or laptop computers. EVERFI will name one region the winner of the EduCup Challenge, which is determined by which region has the most student participation. Scholarship winners and computers will be selected based on the submission of course questions from students from the winning region.

Supporting Quotes

Jon Chapman, founder and president, EVERFI

“The sports league has a long history of working with EVERFI to provide educational opportunities to students. When schools around the world begin to close as a result of COVID-19, these leagues lead from the front to ensure that students have access to important education courses. The EduCup Challenge supports youth education and engages students in friendly competitions to inspire and motivate them through online education. “

Melanie LeGrande, vice president of social responsibility, Major League Baseball

“At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked quickly with EVERFI to expand access Summer Slugger and ensuring that youth throughout the US and Canada can take advantage of our mathematics and literacy courses during an unprecedented amount of extensive distance learning. The EduCup Challenge is an exciting opportunity to work with our Club and other leagues to challenge and motivate students to continue working hard. We wish the best for all students over a span of two weeks and beyond. “

Alexia Gallagher, vice president of philanthropy, National Football League and executive director, NFL Foundation

“When schools across the country were first closed due to a pandemic, the NFL knew that it was very important to help young people and parents across the country by offering them digital learning and health resources together with our partners. We work closely with EVERFI and United Way to ensure Character Playbook resources are provided on our platform. We are proud to partner with EVERFI again to support the EduCup Challenge and help children continue learning. “

Rob Knesaurek, vice president of the youth hockey group and industrial growth, the National Hockey League

“We are proud to have NHL Hockey Scholar and I’m healthier the program is included in the EduCup Challenge and thanks for EVERFI’s continued dedication to providing innovative and attractive educational resources. Supporting students, teachers, and parents who are challenged by navigating distance learning during this time remains a priority for us and we are eager to give this unique opportunity to participants to keep their minds sharp while also having fun education at home. “

Rob Zepp, manager, Special Project, National Hockey League Players Association

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for families who are now navigating through online schools from home. Together with EVERFI and NHL, we have worked together to provide our educational material for families during these difficult times, and the EduCup Challenge is our latest initiative to help engage students in unique ways. We look forward to the next competition and everyone will win with students involved with our online education platform. “

Nick Sakiewicz, commissioner, National Lacrosse League

“We are honored and pleased to be together with a great global organization working on the EduCup Challenge. This program is very touching for us not only because it is related to our social responsibility initiatives, but because we also have more than 15 players, coaches, referees, and partners who happen to be teachers too, and will benefit from the lessons they can use because they all adjust to online learning. “

Tracey Holmes, director of the NFL partnership, United Way Worldwide

“United Way is proud to work with the NFL and EVERFI to extend Character Playbook: Healthy Relationships and the Basics of Mental Health to teachers and families across the country, especially now that digital learning tools have become an important component of everyday learning experiences. We believe that all children deserve a strong start, with a strong foundation for success in school and life, especially in this era of distance learning. We love being part of the EduCup Challenge and are honored to be part of this effort to engage and inspire young people to stay connected while at home. “

About EVERFI, Inc.

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