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Canadians are undoubtedly fighting now. The majority of them want to be good citizens and follow the pandemic lockout rules. But they also want to get out and about and enjoy the summer.

We cannot blame them on that last part. Parts of Canada remain cold until May. Finally, everything heats up.

People haven’t been cooped up since March. They have been in more or less since November, when the weather turned cold.

Canadians love the outdoors. In a country like this, with our beautiful landscapes, who doesn’t?

We like sports. We enjoyed going out to the lodge or the beach. And we love the terrace and many of the great craft beers produced throughout the country.

Very tempting. Politicians and public health officials know this. They have told Canadians to stay alert and follow the rules.

Canadians must also feel empowered to ask themselves whether these rules make sense or not. Yes, follow them. But it’s okay to have a public conversation about whether the right rules exist at the right time.

COVID-19 statistics to date in Canada show that the majority of cases are in long-term care facilities and among health care workers. This tells us where to allocate resources, to the places most likely to encounter an outbreak.

The facts also tell us that if not, healthy people who are not elderly are not at risk, or at least not at risk of COVID-19.

Community transmission does not account for the majority of new cases throughout the country. So far, the extent to which people have left and around in the community has not caused a major outbreak.

This all shows that there is no reason Canadians cannot go out and be around during the summer, as long as they practice physical distance.

Photographs of Trinity-Bellwood Park in downtown Toronto went viral over the weekend, showing hundreds of young people gathered close together. This of course must be avoided.

Officials need to work with people though to provide access to large public spaces that can be enjoyed this summer, not just try to push the rules harder.

Let’s make summer work.

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