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Made in Canada, connecting the US | Instant News

From the pager to the first commercially successful smartphone in the world, many early forms of communication were made in Canada. In today’s digital world, Canada continues to lead in innovation. Home in the growing technology market of Canada is growing and attracting innovative talent from around the world CBRE the ranks Toronto and Vancouver in the TOP 12 of the ICT market talent in North America, while Montreal boasts more than 140 games studios. That is why it should come as no surprise that Canada is attracting investment from global companies, including some of the largest technology companies in the world.

Many businesses based in the United States, seizing the moment, and is expanding rapidly to the North. Due to the strong market of technology and Economics, familiarity, tax benefits and low cost of highly skilled professionals, Canada is more than a friendly neighbor to us companies, which accelerate global trajectory. However, with expansion there is an influx of supposed connections, data protection and compliance, and to be successful requires a partnership with a strong service provider relationships. As organizations make important decisions about which service provider to use, they should pay close attention to which vendor can meet their needs as they seek to grow their business.

Reliability, security, fault tolerance, as well as top of mind when looking for a canadian provider. To find a supplier in Canada that checks all these boxes, with reliable, comprehensive agreements about the service level, to help companies to remain up and running, and a large team of specialists, with 24/7 support is not so difficult.

Solid experience, great experience, a solid choice

Within bell Canada, upper Canada communications company with more than 22 million consumers, business customers, connections, BC global is a solid player with an edge in the prestigious canadian market. Made in Canada and created based on more than 140 years of experience, BC global access to the largest network in Canada and the availability of the industry’s data centers across the country. With multiple points of presence in key cities in the United States, businesses can use a fiber optic connection between bell Canada and the United States and far beyond.

With a deeply rooted commitment to growth in Canada and prosperity are supported by significant investment and innovation in communications infrastructure and services, a global team BC continues this long tradition. In 2019, bell has invested $4 billion in network infrastructure, the inclusion of the transport needed for today’s big data, IoT applications and multimedia services. This striking investments supported fiber cover 9.7 million homes and businesses, areas of wireless coverage to 99% of Canadians, and the launch of the largest 5G network in Canada in some major cities, laying the Foundation for unlimited possibilities.

Diversity, triversity and data independence

When building an effective cooperation with the BC global businesses to gain access to the largest network of Canada. In addition, with more than 165,000 miles of fiber (enough to wrap around the planet-nearly 7 times), Intelligent solutions to the global can draw on world-class network of technology required to help you meet your customer’s needs. Expand your reach even further, trail BC global also encompasses compounds in the U.S. state of Alaska. This unique ability to connect at both boundaries avoids some of the vagaries of the ocean floor cables in the high seas.

Stretching from coast to coast, BC Global provides clients with a unique “triverse” the hotel provides a small delay routes, reliable infrastructure for mission-critical applications and reliable network core. In case you’re wondering, triversity helps to protect companies from possible network failures; in the case of simultaneous failure of the network, network traffic can automatically route to the next available route.

As soon as the critical data arrives in Canada, you can be sure that he can stay 100% in Canada, to help you ensure compliance and data security requirements.

Ready to learn more about Bce world?

To read the full article and to contact BC global start empowering Canada, click here. In addition, you can obtain more information about how BC global associates is more than just a business with its award winning environmental policy and one of the world’s largest campaign for mental health.

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Trudeau denies ‘preferences’ in the scandal ethics | Instant News

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Media titleThe Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau States: “no preferential treatment” was given to us charity

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has denied playing any role in selecting the charity of family to control a large state program.

Testimony to the House of Commons, he rejected any involvement by him or his employees within the framework of the program, which caused a huge political debate in Canada.

Mr. Trudeau is under scrutiny for refusing to recuse himself from decision-making on the program.

He is under investigation by the Federal ethics watchdog for failing.

On Thursday, Mr. Trudeau said the Finance Committee in Ottawa that the decision to use a charitable program of student volunteerism was made by the Federal public service.

He says he only learned that the charity had been recommended to the state service for the program in early may.

We are a charity paid earlier, Prime Minister mom and brother to compete between 2017-18 and Mr Trudeau and his wife were affiliated with the organization.

The Prime Minister said that he knew that it would not control the agreement because of these connections, so he asked officials “to do their due diligence” when he first learned about the plan to manage the program.

He said they came back two weeks later and told him that our charity was the only organisation that can manage the program.

“We are a charity has not received any preferences not from me and not from someone else,” he told the parliamentarians.

Opposition MPs on Thursday accused Mr. Trudeau to quit the civil service “under the bus”.

What’s the background?

The case centers around the decision we charity to administer the new canadian program of student grants service.

The programme, which is the original budget from$912m ($680M, £534 million), was designed to give students grants for the role of volunteers, to help make up for the lack of summer jobs in connection with the pandemic.

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The Prime Minister testified in a videoconference

We are a charity paid earlier, Prime Minister mom and brother a total of over 280,000$to compete between 2017-18.

Mr. Trudeau and his wife Sophie grégoire-Trudeau both appeared regularly in the activities of the charity Fund.

Family members Trudeau was also reimbursed the costs associated with these events.

We are a charity cancelled the agreement for the debate on 2 July. Mr. Trudeau apologized for not recuse yourself from the discussion.

Federal Finance Minister bill Morneau family, too, has to do with mercy.

The fact that we are a charity?

The organisation was founded 25 years ago by brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger in his parents ‘ home in Thornhill, Ontario, when Craig was only 12 years old.

Formerly known as free the children charity, was dedicated to the fight against exploitation of children and quickly attracted international recognition.

Bo, we will motivational speaking conference were the initiation for many young Canadians, who are drawn to its message, that they can change the world. The list of star speakers and performers also appealed to many participants.

Now wide organisation with operations in the UK, Canada and the United States.

Its creators told parliamentarians on July 28, they had not received the contribution agreement due to any political connections, and financial benefits.

How will this affect Trudeau?

This is the third ethics investigation in five years, Mr. Trudeau at the office.

In 2017, the government ethics watchdog decided that the Prime Minister broke the rules on prevention of conflict of interest when he and his family were vacationing with billionaire spiritual leader Aga Khan.

Billionaire’s Foundation is a registered lobbyist and gets hundreds of millions from the Federal government over the past several decades, both from the liberal and conservative parties.

In August last year, the Federal king of ethics found that Mr. Trudeau violated Federal rules to prevent conflict of interests trying to influence former Minister in SNC-Lavalin corruption investigation.

In this latest controversy, the Liberal party Mr. Trudeau was dealt a blow in the polls, although his government was good for its response to the pandemic before.

The survey data “abacus” on Thursday showed the liberals reduced to a four-point lead over the conservatives.

Survey research the most. I found Mr. Trudeau was elected Prime Minister, 34% of Canadians, compared to 40% last month. Angus Reid Institute found his approval rating has fallen 11 points since may and that losses, mainly from liberal votes.

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A canadian man is back for a pandemic after sailing for 9 months | Instant News

A canadian man who traveled in a single voyage 267 days ago returned to earth earlier this month in a much different world than he left.

Bert TerHart, public speaker and entrepreneur sailed from Victoria, in the province of British Columbia, in Octobermaking months-long trip around the world through five Capefrom the South Cape of New Zealand, South-East and Cape Leeuwin in Australia, Cape Agulhas in South Africa, and Cape horn in Chile — without the aid of electronic navigation devices.

He came home on July 18, in the world affected by pandemic of the Novel coronavirus. He saw the COVID-19 limits during a stop in Rarotonga, the largest of the cook Islands in may, but did not fully know what to expect in Canada Yahoo said.

“When I came back, the first thing I said was, ‘what did I miss?'” he said Yahoo. “I had some idea about what is happening in respect of COVID, but you may not fully understand and fully realize it until you actually are immersed in it.”

He told Yahoo that coming back to the pandemic was “harsh and brutal “introduction”,” the more that restrictions in Canada around the virus.

“I miss the closeness that used to be [there]”- he said. “You could walk down the street and you could walk next to someone and said, ‘Excuse me,’ and smile at them. And they will smile and not everything is automatically moving away from you, which is very strange. Because, as human beings, we don’t necessarily want all other beings to be, you know, migrating far from you. You suddenly feel like a leper”.

What a week! Just a quick update about how Bert was to adapt to life on land. After a triumphant return on Saturday July 18, the week Bertha was filled with family, 3 meet and greets, and then all the press…so much press! Interview zoom, phone calls, Facebook and videos, Oh my God!! The response, support and interest was so incredible was the success of this journey. Thank you all!! An amazing experience for both Bert and ShoreTeam Leah. Everything looks nice and quiet for the coming week and Bert float gabriola and Nani, finally. What a whirlwind! You can find all the articles, videos, interviews on radio and in the magazine on the press page of the website of Berta: Bert enjoyed pizza, cookies, doughnuts and some great movies. (In particular, the Maiden documentary!) Seaburban is located in a cozy slip and washed and a quick Polish, but oddly enough, sir salty nowhere… #celebrate #whirlwindtour #paparazzi #svseaburban #aroundalone #sea #penandpaper #circumnavigation #sailor #sport #nonstop #5capes #onehandfortheship #occadventuresailing #sailinglovers #adventureisoutthere m#occchallengegrant #instasailing #sailboatsofinstagram #captainbert #onemanshow #brave #sailinglife #sea #ocean #sailboats #sailingaroundtheworld

Publication on SV Seaburban (@svseaburban) on July 26, 2020, 8:07вечера PDT

TerHart not immediately respond to a request for comment by the Insider.

Canada has 115,470 people who test positive for COVID-19 from the beginning, and 8,917 people died from the virus.

The country currently has travel restrictions put in place, and urged residents to wear masks and social distance, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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Do you have personal experience with cov you would like to share? Or advice on how your city or community handling of the pandemic? Please email [email protected] and tell us your story.

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Air Transat to cancel all flights out of Western Canada to the USA, direction of the Sun this winter | Instant News

Air Transat plans to cancel all flights out of Western Canada to the vicinity of the Sun and the USA this winter, with reimbursement the way for clients — politics-face in COVID-19 era.

Airline scrubbing all the southern routes, which was scheduled to take off from Winnipeg, calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria, air parent this week the Transat Transat at said customers.

Only the routes from Western gateways between Nov. 1 and April 30 will be from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal, and some connecting flights to Europe via Toronto.

Would-be passengers will automatically receive a full refund, not a credit company, which had previously been proposed for flights cancelled due COVID-19 crisis, said Transat.

“Because the current situation does not allow to predict the resumption of the routes from Western Canada in the near future and there will be a direct flight options to use the vouchers with air Transat from their location, customers affected by cancellations as a result of this suspension will be to refund to the file” Transat press Secretary Marie-Christine Pouliot said in an email.

Watch | how to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on the plane?

The infectious disease specialist and a respirologist to answer viewer questions about pandemic coronavirus how to reduce the risk of falling COVID-19 on Board. 4:29

“For other places where there are other options, we offered more flexibility, to relax our travel credit policy. Now they are fully transferable and have no expiration date.”

Transat cited “many challenges” facing the industry of airlines that revolve around a pandemic that closed borders and grounded the fleets before the movement is slowly growing in the summer, but this is not enough to revive the most important cross-border tourism or business travel markets. In Montreal, the first flight of the carrier in four months took off last week.

The return of the airline

Transat and other canadian airline refused to reimburse the majority of customers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of coronavirus.

Transat “air Canada” and WestJet airlines Ltd. all stated that their position on refunds is consistent with Federal law and guidance published over the past five months, the canadian transportation Agency (CTA).

Legal precedent a contractual right to assume that this is not so, said passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs, noting, “universal principal across Canada” that customers should be reimbursed for services not rendered.

Air Transat must compensate passengers whose flights were canceled, regardless of their location or the reason for the cancellation, says passenger rights defender gábor lukács. (Patrick Callaghan/CBC)

“Air Transat must compensate passengers whose flights were canceled, regardless of their location or the reason for the cancellation,” Gellert said, referring to the decisions of GTS from 2004 on Transat and contract carrier transportation.

Cross-border the company’s tariff — the contract between the airline and the passenger, says Transat “refund of unused ticket” in the event of rebooking or cancellation from the airline.

Air Canada quietly changed its return policy to allow some customers with cancelled flight tickets to recoup their money, but not the passengers that made the trip originated in Canada.

Look | call for contact tracing of passengers as the canadian air travel picks:

Canadian air travel begins to pick up, some hope a new government contract tracking app, which is now in beta testing will help to warn people of the possible impact COVID-19. Others warn that restrictions in technology and collects information about passenger will prevent this. 1:55

Passengers departing from the European Union, Switzerland or Iceland, have the right to obtain a refund, the airline said, but passengers who were to fly one-way or round-trip from Canada to Europe.

The airline changed its policy to offer refunds to customers on flights between the United States and Canada, which was cancelled due COVID-19, after the words “closely follow the development of the regulatory framework” in various jurisdictions.

Three of the country’s largest airlines were canceled, tens of thousands of flights since the end of March. Air Canada saw a DIP with a capacity of 95 percent in the spring after he lost in the first quarter to more than $ 1 billion and projects the levels do not return to the level of 2019 at least three years.

Transat said last week the canadian press will delay the deadline of the closing of the transaction with “air Canada”, pushing it back by one month, until August. 27 as European regulators and the Federal government members to think how the $720 million acquisition will affect competition.

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US/Canada border closure did not stop this international couple from getting married | Instant News

Savannah Ryan and Hamilton are two different sides of the border and pandemic forced them to be apart for several months but they found a way to be together.

Blaine, wash. — Disable the border between the United States and Canada stopped all travel that is “not important” because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. But what about love? Families on both sides of the border had to find creative ways, legally, to see each other in person.

So, while so much divide, the arch, the peace Park served as a reminder, there is so much to keep us together.

“You don’t have to be in the most beautiful place. You can make something beautiful if this is the right thing,” said Ryan Hamilton.

19 acre Park in blaine, wash. on both sides of the international border. The canadian government shut down Peace Arch Park in mid-June because of the influx of visitors.

Currently, Americans can not go out to the North and the Canadians can’t enter the Parking lot on the South. This is a small piece of land, where a seemingly indefinite closure of the border does not matter.

This is the place where Ryan, Bellingham, and Savannah, Abbotsford, British Columbia, fell deeper in love.

“Who would have thought that our borders will be closed for such a long time,” said Savannah Hamilton.

The border between the two countries first closed in March in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. The closure kept the newlyweds apart for more than three months.

“I wrote Ryan and I said, ‘the opening of the Park let’s make out,'” said Savannah.

The young couple does not want to wait for the world to access, so in spite of the global pandemic and closed borders, they have found a way to marry a man.

The answer was a piece of private property was offered by a friend just happened to ride the two countries.

“It’s hard to describe the emotions, because we wanted to be so excited and we were, but I think there was an ounce in both of us when we were scared that something will go wrong,” said Savannah.

During the ceremony, the Americans kept to the South and the Canadians to the North. Elderly relatives stayed at home because of the coronavirus and the couple walked down the aisle varieties.

“Our passage was on the verge,” Savannah says.

All this happened under the watchful eye of the U.S. border patrol.

“Just to be able to have both families together was so important to us,” continued Savannah.

“It was pretty weird, but at the same time it was so much fun, because people should come and be there to see it,” Ryan said.

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