ANF ​​seizes drugs worth 1,198 billion dollars in repression throughout the country

RAWALPINDI: The spokesman for the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on Thursday revealed details of 30 drug attacks across the country that seized 5965 kilograms of drugs, ARY News reported.

The spokesman detailed one of the energetic measures that took place in a heroin plantation where the intoxicant was cultivated in 66 hectares of agricultural land.

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33 people have been arrested in the repressions that include 2 women, all the detainees were first responders or accomplices of the heinous crime.

10 cars were also confiscated during the raids that were used to transport narcotics to different areas inside and outside the country, the spokesperson said.

The seized narcotics are worth 1,198 million dollars.

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On February 10, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) stopped one of the biggest drug trafficking attempts in Pakistan’s history by seizing a container of illegal narcotics.

According to the details, the value of heroin and cocaine, law enforcement agencies captured almost one billion rupees and smuggled them through Pakistan.



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ASF frustrates drug smuggling offer worth Rs10mn from Islamabad airport

ISLAMABAD: The Airport Security Force (ASF) on Thursday thwarted an attempt to smuggle heroin from the New Islamabad airport and recovered drugs worth Rs 10 million from a passenger, ARY NEWS reported.

According to ASF authorities, a resident of Azad Kashmir Mohammad Sagheer was intercepted during the scrutiny process at Islamabad airport.

During a thorough verification process, it was discovered that he hid brown heroin in utensils intended to smuggle the drug from the flight to Birmingham.

During the measurement, it was discovered that the drug weighed more than two kilograms and was worth up to 10 million rupees in the international market.

The passenger was handed over to the authorities of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) for further investigations.

On November 30 of the previous year, airport security authorities thwarted an offer of drug smuggling abroad from Islamabad airport.

According to the details, ASF officials arrested a man identified as Zaira Jan, a resident of the Khyber Agency and recovered 840 grams of ice heroin from their custody.

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The passenger was caught by ASF officials when he was boarding to fly to Bahrain through flight no F-771.

Later, he was handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) for further investigation into the matter by ASF officials.



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Pharmaceutical company investigated on epilepsy medication related to birth defects

French pharmacist Sanofi said Tuesday that he was being investigated by Depakine, a drug for epilepsy that caused birth dysfunctions and a slow neurological development when taken during pregnancy.

The Paris prosecutor had already initiated a preliminary investigation into the authorization and commercialization of Depakine in 2016, after the French social affairs inspection agency IGAS criticized the slow response of the health authorities and Sanofi to the risks related to the drug and its derivatives.

Sanofi said in a statement that the accusation, which may or may not lead to a trial, will allow him to defend himself and “prove that he has always fulfilled his duty to inform and be transparent.”

Sanofi, who has repeatedly said he did not intend to compensate or participate in a state-backed compensation mechanism for Depakine, added that he would continue to “cooperate fully with the judicial authorities,” and was “sure” about the outcome.

Such legal cases can take years and do not necessarily result in significant amounts of compensation in France compared to other jurisdictions such as the United States.

In one of the largest pharmaceutical scandals in France, privately owned Servier has paid 152.5 million euros ($ 169 million) to patients.

Sodium valproate, the active molecule in Depakine, has been on the market since 1967 to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder. It appears on the list of “essential medicines” of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Depakine, who lost his patent in 1998, is prescribed in more than 100 countries. It is also sold under the names of Depakote and Epilim.

IGAS estimated that between 2006 and 2014, 425 to 450 babies suffered birth defects or were born dead after exposure to Depakine.

Marine Martin, president of the APESAC victims association, said on Twitter that she was “extremely pleased to see that the criminal process that began in 2016 reached an important threshold.”

“Sanofi will have to deal with the tens of thousands of poisoned victims, of which more than a hundred died.”

The French firm realized the risk of malformation of the fetus in the 1980s and then, around 2003, the impact of the drug on the neurological development of the fetus, with risk of autism or learning difficulties.

The US Food and Drug Administration. UU. He warned in 2013 that valproate should not be taken during pregnancy.



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Highway police recover kilos of drugs from an abandoned vehicle

ISLAMABAD: The authorities of the National Highway and Highway Police recovered on Wednesday a drug stash of a vehicle that was stranded near Sial Morr on the highway, ARY NEWS reported.

According to a Highway Police spokesman, they received information about an accident at Sial Morr, but when the staff arrived at the scene, they only found an abandoned vehicle.

“During a search of the vehicle, a lot of drugs were recovered,” the spokesman said.

The recovered items included more than 29 kilograms of charas and about 10 kilograms of opium. “We have taken the vehicle and drugs in possession and a hunt against the guilty parties begins,” he said.

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In a similar case on January 25, police recovered a drug stash from a vehicle stranded on the highway near Rawalpindi.

According to police, the culprits were trying to smuggle 37 kilograms of jackets in a vehicle, which they then parked on the side of the highway, for fear of the authorities.

Highway police took the vehicle in their possession and began to search for the culprits.



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Police recover drugs from a stranded vehicle near the Rawalpindi highway

RAWALPINDI: Police recovered a stash of drugs from a stranded vehicle on the highway near Rawalpindi on Saturday, ARY NEWS reported.

According to police, the culprits were trying to smuggle 37 kilograms of jackets in a vehicle, which they then parked on the side of the highway, for fear of the authorities.

Highway police took the vehicle in their possession and began to search for the culprits.

On January 22, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) said Wednesday it had carried out separate raids near the city of Sohawa in the province of Punjab and confiscated a huge drug depot for two vehicles.

According to an ANF spokesman, the actions were carried out near Mangla Mor in Mirpur Bypass when staff intercepted two separate vehicles in different actions.

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During the search, they found 58.8 kilograms of chara from one vehicle and recovered 84 kilograms of opium from another vehicle.

The spokesman said two defendants were arrested for separate raids, but both come from Islamabad. “They identify as Noman Ali Shah and Sikander Hayat.”



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Kilos of medication recovered from Islamabad residents in ANF raids

RAWALPINDI: Anti-Narcotics Pressure (ANF) on Wednesday claimed to have carried out separate raids close to Sohawa metropolis within the Punjab province and seized an enormous cache of medication from two autos, ARY NEWS reported.

In keeping with an ANF spokesman, the actions had been carried out close to Mangla Mor at Mirpur Bypass when the personnel intercepted two separate autos in several actions.

Through the search, they discovered 58.eight kilograms of charas from a car and recovered 84 kilograms of opium from one other car.

The spokesman stated that two accused had been arrested from the separate raids however each of them hail from Islamabad. “They’re recognized as Noman Ali Shah and Sikander Hayat,” he added.

On 14 November 2019, in a national crackdown on drug peddlers, the Anti-Narcotics Pressure on Thursday recovered 765-kilogram narcotics and apprehend 19 suspects.

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In a press release, ANF spokesperson stated that the drive, on data, carried out 18 raids in numerous areas of the nation and arrested the drug peddlers. He stated that ANF had thwarted a number of makes an attempt to smuggle medication and confiscated eight autos.

The spokesperson stated that the worth of recovered medication was Rs1.62 billion within the interplay market.



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