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How did the St Louis Cardinals who only played 58 games influence the National League playoff picture? | Instant News

Entering an abbreviated 60-game season, each team enters Major League Baseball know that the 2020 campaign is going a little crazy. But St. Louis Cardinals of course couldn’t imagine how crazy that was.

Because 10 players and eight staff members tested positive COVID-19 In about two weeks after the team’s fifth game of the season on July 29, an outbreak that nearly saw the team shut down for the year, the Cardinals were forced to completely overhaul their schedule in an attempt to keep up with as many matches as possible. maybe.

The Redbirds have played nine doubles leaders since resuming play on August 15 and still have one more scheduled for Friday at Busch Stadium against the Milwaukee Brewers. They have already been the home team at Wrigley Field against the Cubs and PNC Park against the Pirates and will be a street team in their own building in the first game of the double-dip against the Brewers on Friday.

But even with all that, the Cardinals will only play 58 games as the season draws to a close on Sunday. During the team’s COVID-19 outbreak, Detroit’s two-game draw against the Tigers was postponed, rescheduled, rearranged, and then ultimately dropped because the league felt 58 games were enough. But with the Cardinals struggling with multiple teams in the National League for a playoff place, both matches may have to be played as doubles holders on Monday to determine the NL’s postseason bracket. But there is also the possibility of St. Louis only had to play one of those games. And there’s also the possibility that those games don’t have to be played at all.

Confused? Let’s discuss this together, shall we?

Where is the position of St. Louis Cardinals today?

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Ahead of Wednesday night’s game with the Kansas City Royals, St. The Louis Cardinals have a 27-25 record and sit in second place at NL Central, 3.5 games behind the Chicago Cubs, who snatched a playoff spot on Tuesday night. The Cubs only have five games left and it is highly unlikely they will give up the division leadership before Sunday. But the Cubs are so you never know.

So if the season ends today, the Cardinals will be in the playoffs as every second place team is guaranteed a place in the postseason with an expanded format for the 2020 season. Louis currently holds the top five seeds as they lead a half game over the Miami Marlins, who are in second place at NL East. The Cards are just one game ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds, who will play each other on Wednesday night in rubber matches of the three-game set, and currently hold the final two post-season spots in the National League. The San Francisco Giants are also in at .500 but will be outside looking in at this time due to the tiebreak.

Assuming the Cubs win NL Central, it is impossible for the Cardinals to be seeded higher than fifth in the NL bracket as it is mathematically impossible for them to catch the San Diego Padres, who are already locked in to fourth seed as the second-place team with the best record.

Following Wednesday night’s clash with the Royals, the Cardinals will then play five games against the Brewers from Thursday to Sunday, including the aforementioned double-headers on Friday.

So far so good? Okay, let’s move on.

The Redbirds only have to play in Detroit if one or both games will determine the playoff team

So let’s say we come to Sunday night and St. The Louis Cardinals and two games against Detroit had nothing to do with the playoff picture. Now that’s simple. The game will not be played and the winning percentage will be used to establish the National League post-season bracket.

However, if one or both games against the Tigers can determine whether the Cardinals or other teams enter or leave the playoffs, St. Louis will be in Detroit. Whether it’s one match or two matches will be determined by the standings at that time. If the Cardinals are swept away by the Brewers and are three games behind the playoff spots after Sunday, there’s clearly no need to play that game. But if one or two Cardinals lose means the Brewers, Reds, Giants or even the Phillies can enter, one or both of those games will go on.

However, if all eight of the playoff teams in the National League are set for Sunday and the game against the Tigers can determine the seed, that won’t happen. In those scenarios, the win and / or tiebreak percentages will be used to determine the bracket.

And speaking of a tiebreaker …

What happens if the Cardinals, Reds, and Brewers take second place at NL Central?

St. Logo Louis Cardinals | Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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So let’s say after 58, 59, or 60 games that St. The Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds all tied for second place in the Central National League. Then what happen?

In that scenario, the first tiebreaker breaker is a head-to-head record. The Cardinals are 6-4 against the Reds this season, which is obviously good for St Louis, and 2-3 against the Brewers heading into a critical five-game draw on Thursday. The second tiebreaker was the team’s overall division record. If the result is even, the breaker of the third tiebreaker is a division record over the previous 20 games.

So the bottom line of all this is that St. The Louis Cardinals need to win as many games as possible, especially against the Brewers as head-to-head and division records can easily come into play. If the Cardinals can win four of their six wins between now and Sunday for 31 wins, they will likely be in good shape and won’t need to travel to Detroit. But this is baseball and, as we all know, anything can happen.

2020 has been a crazy season for St. Petersburg. Louis Cardinals. So what’s in a few days, right?

All standings and fixtures belong

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Lehigh Valley School allowed more fans at football matches after the court ruling | Instant News

Bethlehem has similar plans for its football matches which will allow 750 people in the stadium – 250 on the pitch, 250 for the away team and 250 for the home team. The stadium is quite large, said Inspector Joseph Roy, so that his party is able to divide the stadium into three parts with a capacity of around 250 people. Bethlehem Stadium will be home to four teams this year: Liberty, Freedom, Bethlehem Catholic and Easton, due to renovations at Cottingham Stadium.

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Di Maria of PSG banned four matches because of Marseille’s brawl | Instant News

Paris Saint-Germain winger Angel Di Maria has been given a four-match suspension for his behavior during this month’s painful 1-0 defeat to Marseille, the French league said on Wednesday.

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Di Maria escaped punishment for a last-minute fight in Ligue 1 that saw PSG’s Neymar, Leandro Paredes and Layvin Kurzawa sent off. Dario Benedetto and Jordan Amavi also dismissed.

However, Di Maria was the subject of an investigation into his role in the scuffle after Marseille coach Andre Villas Boas said the Argentine spat on one of his players.

The league statement did not say why Di Maria was being punished. Her hold takes effect next Tuesday, meaning she is eligible for Sunday travel to Reims Stadium but will miss the match against Anger, Nimes, Dijon and Nantes.

An incident between Neymar and Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez is also being investigated and the league will make a decision after its next disciplinary meeting on September 30.

Neymar wfor being given a two-game ban for slapping Alvaro in the head, then accused the Spaniard of using racist language against him, which the defender denies.


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Wilma Wooten says attending Padres games should be banned because of alcohol consumption – | Instant News

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Padres have earned playoff births for the first time in 14 years, but the San Diegans are still unable to attend their matches due to regulations set by MLB and the State of California.

MLB has banned fans from attending any matches in the 2020 season, but is debating allowing fans with limited capacity for the playoffs. In addition, the State of California prohibits all types of public or private gatherings statewide.

However, the NFL allows a limited number of fans to attend stadium games, if permitted by their respective state governments. For example, the Chiefs, Cowboys, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Colts, and Jaguars all already have fans attending one of their home games.

With the NFL having no problem allowing supporters in the stands, KUSI asked San Diego County Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten thinks it will be safe for the San Diegans to start attending the Padres matches.

Petco Park is completely outdoors, and safety protocols similar to those of the NFL will be enforced.

Dr. Wooten said he would not, because it would be a meeting with alcohol consumption, citing a state ban on the meeting.

“The Padres game is an encounter, and with that game being included and associated with alcohol consumption and when you mix the two, people lose their ability to operate and use their best judgment. This is a gathering and currently the state does not recommend gathering, ”he explained.

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The Norwich hockey program will not be playing games during the fall semester | Instant News

Norwich hockey fans will have to wait until 2021 to see the Cadets in action on the ice. An announcement made on Wednesday noted that both the men’s & women’s hockey programs will not be playing games during the fall semester.

Both teams will not play inter-college matches in the fall semester due to the NCAA and state health & safety guidelines.

Training officially began for the two hockey teams on October 5. If competitions between colleges can start as early as January 2021, Norwich will provide information on whether fans are allowed or not. Currently, the Norwich campus is closed to outside visitors.

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