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Our Aberdeen: Crisis brings functionality in fashion | Instant News

When we wrestle with a coronavirus outbreak in these unforeseen times, steps such as “social distance” have become a major feature in our daily lives.

Fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of deliberately increasing physical space between us, but clothing has long functioned as a useful way to reduce close contact with others.

In the current crisis, face masks have become a fashion accessory that signifies “getting away”, however, there is no need for a worldwide pandemic for people to want to keep others at arm’s length. In the past, maintaining distance was an important aspect of public life.

Chinese ivory fans

Handheld fans have been a part of Chinese culture for at least 3,000 years. Fans walked into Europe through trade and were popular from the 13th and 14th centuries onwards, where they became important accessories for rich women.

Echelon of European society adheres to strict etiquette rules. The means for women to express themselves freely is through coded messages using their fans. Women’s clothing is incomplete without this accessory, and she will use it to send messages to friends – or to have a crush.

Love can be communicated to her admirers by pressing the fan on her cheeks, while the hatred will be conveyed by pulling the fan through her hands. Fanning fast means he’s engaged and putting the fan handle on his lips means “kiss me”!

Chocolate and gold varnish boxes for Chinese ivory fans

This fan, made of ivory, mother of pearl and silk, is owned by James Cromar Watt. She is an artist, architect, jeweler and collector of Asian artifacts, born in Aberdeen in 1862. This type of fan is typical of those made in China in large quantities for export and is fashionable among Victorian women. This fan has its own chocolate varnish box which features gold decorations on the outside.

Black Crinoline Ordinary Mourning Skirt, 1860 -1865

Crinoline black mourning Victoria has a very full skirt. The thick dress was used to create a barrier between men and women in the social environment. This mandates that applicants will maintain a safe distance from the body of the wearer.

Fashion can be a perfect tool for maintaining social distance. It’s too early to say what new fashions and styles will emerge from this pandemic, but for now, pajamas are a popular choice for some of us …

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Fashion retailer Next to reopen the website two weeks after it was shut down due to fears of coronavirus – the Sun. | Instant News

FASHION Reseller Next is to reopen the website this week after two weeks offline.

It was one of the few retailers to temporarily stop online trading and close its stores following the government coronavirus lockdown.

Furthermore, it has temporarily closed its website to keep warehouse staff safeCredit: Next

The closure of the warehouse and distribution center is largely due to staff safety issues, but now he hopes to reopen the service after “unreliable planning”, reports Mail on Sunday.

After consulting with staff, a series of new safety measures have been implemented including one-way systems and new pedestrian paths in the warehouse.

These steps have the support of Usdaw, the retail trade union, and ensure that strict social grouping maintained.

More than 3,000 staff members have volunteered to return to work but not all will start soon.

Store permitted to remain open

ONLY a small group of retailers are allowed to remain open during locking, they include:

  • Supermarket
  • Drugstore
  • Take home and delivery food
  • Health shop
  • Medical services – for example, dentists
  • Veterinarian
  • Newspaper agent
  • Pet shop
  • Hardware store
  • Retail store in hospital
  • gas station
  • Bike store
  • Laundry and dry cleaners
  • Undertaker
  • Bank, building community
  • Short term loan providers, credit unions and cash points
  • Storage and distribution center
  • Post Office
  • Car rental services and car parks near vital services such as supermarkets
  • Public toilet
  • Car garage and garage
  • Food bank and shelter

It is believed that the re-launch will be gradual, starting with only a small amount available to buyers.

The retailer will also set a limit on the number of items that can be ordered in one day so that workers can work safely to fulfill them.

It is not yet known exactly when the website will start accepting orders again but it is expected to occur in the coming days.

After the government lockout announcement, many retailers temporarily closed stores, including food outlets like McDonald’s, Nando and Greggs..

But Next will be the first to show signs that it is reviving a part of the business while maintaining key rules.

An industry insider told Mail: “The response to this shows that people want to return to normal, not just return to work.”

Non-essential retailers have been told that they can continue to operate online.

But, like Furthermore, River Island and TK Maxx decided to withdraw their online operations and close the shop because of safety concerns from staff.

Buyers can still browse the Next website but are greeted with a warning that they cannot place an order.

The message reads: “We have listened carefully to our colleagues in our warehouse and distribution operations.

“It is clear that more and more are feeling they must be at home in the current climate.

“As a result, we have taken the difficult decision to close our warehouse and distribution operations until further notice.”

Unfulfilled orders are canceled and the customer is returned.

Matahari has contacted Next to comment.

Glasgow Tesco workers entertain buyers with Macarena amid a coronavirus crisis

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Some Bunny to Love: A Brief History of the Fascination of Fashion with Rabbits | Instant News

They will not hunt for mass eggs this weekend, no Fifth Avenue parade. But still there are rabbits. As an alternative to chocolate, please consider the following. Calorie free, designers pull them like rabbits from their imagination hats.

Among the herds gathered here are flirty headdresses by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton; gray ears from Thom Browne – who else? After sending Alice to the runway this fall, Francesco Risso appeared as the White Rabbit. Not long after the world as we know it disappeared. Masked rabbits Vandervorst and Filip Arick from the fall of 2015 are most similar to the new normal.

But just as you might hunt for peanut jellies that are shrouded under a pile of “grass” paper at the bottom of an Easter basket, we also have to find a glimmer of hope in the midst of this pandemic. Look again at the pictures below. Do you see what I’m doing? All the pointed rabbit ears form a V shape as in victory, perhaps, or peace.

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Former Designer Dior Zoe Turner Joins American Fashion House, St. John As Creative Director | Instant News

St. John, a luxury American fashion house founded in 1962 on the basis of elegant and versatile knitwear dresses.

Since then, the brand may have evolved to include other offerings, ranging from two classic pieces of elegant tweed (think Jackie O) and statement-yet-understated dresses, but the pillars of their brands remain the same. This label stands for design, fabric quality, expertise exceptions (just look at the sewing) and of course, a lot of sophistication.

With all this rich history choosing a Creative Director has no meaning, and this is where Zoe Turner came into play, because he was brought to the fold at the end of last year. After previously joining Max Mara Fashion Group and Dior (he works under John Galliano and Raf Simons), he has 20 years experience in the world of technical fashion and knitwear.

The Fall 2020 collection marks the Tuner debut line for the label, and aesthetically it is the intersection of femininity and power. Think of the oversized leather jacket, the specially designed suit, and of course, the textured tweed and smooth cover that this brand loves.

Turner discusses his chapter for the St. brand story. John

Felicity Carter: How, when, why did you enter this industry?

Zoe Turner: I have always been interested in this industry for one simple reason, I want to make all women feel strong and beautiful. When I was growing up, I saw my mother wearing an amazing Ossie Clark and Biba dress. He made me dream and fell in love with fashion. I obtained a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art London. After graduating in 2002, I joined Alberta Ferretti as a designer, where I worked with the founder and creative director of Italy for four years. I was then recruited to Paris to join Christian Dior Couture, first as Senior Designer under John Galliano, then as Chief Designer, Director of Knitwear under Raf Simons. After spending almost a decade at Dior, I returned to Italy to work at Max Mara Fashion Group, before my current effort as Creative Director of St. John

FC: How do you summarize the aesthetics of St John?

ZT: St. John is a symbol of American luxury, which is why I am so interested and interested in the brand. This house was founded in 1962 with a basic knit gown that is simple, elegant and versatile. The brand has evolved over the years, but the foundation and DNA remain the same as when the dress was made. St. John was built on great American design, graceful and timeless elegance, unmatched quality and expertise, and the extraordinary women who wore it.

FC: What is luxury for you?

ZT: For me, luxury is meticulous workmanship and smart and thoughtful design. On St. John, luxury is the basis of every silhouette, he talks in detail – like an expert sewing St. Or in the unique knitwear used to make the St. John Sometimes these details are minimized, they need to be seen and felt in order to be fully understood.

FC: Who are your customers?

ZT: She is a strong, independent, forward-thinking woman; who appreciate beautiful clothes.

FC: Tell us about what includes your role …

ZT: My role is to dive into all aspects of the brand. My position encompasses everything from design packaging to the retail environment, to our multimedia presence and overall brand communication. I want to re-energize and develop St John while continuing to stay true to its roots. I want more women to see what our American luxury homes actually offer.

FC: Right now which is your favorite part and how do you use it?

ZT: Our leather trench from Autumn 2020 is my favorite editorial work, and from an everyday perspective, we have a black knit jacket with gold buttons paired with plisse pants which I like as clothing.

Shop collections at lluxury retailers all over the world and through brand e-commerce sites


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Weekly roundup mode: Boobie Billie and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja | Instant News

Because almost the entire world is locked, social media acts as a thread that connects us all. From live coronavirus news and updates to your entertainment and daily dose of fashion, we move on to everything. So do celebrities as they make up – for missing street-style OOTD and screen ensembles – on Instagram.

This week, Kareena Kapoor Khan hinted that she might be interested Joe ExoticStrange style with attractive pictures of old holidays, wearing hats and boots to suit a safari. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja attract the attention of his followers with throwback photos of his grand wedding ensemble, as he did Kriti Sanon in a glance like never before seen about long trips in various streetwear apparel.

Meanwhile, Ashley Graham pulled the final outfit for the Zoom meeting and we completely agreed. Isolating alone in his garden, Gigi Hadid creating his fantasy for Mode Italy – play video games on a Pathway corresponding. Justin and Hailey Bieber have relaxing in the sun and kayaking on the lake in swimsuits and imitating jackets. If you miss it, Billy Porter is running his #BillyPorterFashionChallenge to keep fashion fans involved, and just revealed the second round. Meanwhile, Instagram influencers add the most relevant spring accessories for their designer clothes. Carolina Herrera’s mask with mini Chiquito added a smile to our faces.

Pre-distancing days? You are not alone, Emily Ratajkowski (which created viral memes), Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, Selena Gomez and others reminisce about the good old days too. Continue scrolling for proof.

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