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Shea Serrano collected $ 100,000, and counted it, for the Texas food bank | Instant News

SAN ANTONIO – Note: The video above is from the April 9 story KENS 5.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For the original and popular San Antonio writer, Shea Serrano on Saturday, a picture is worth 1 million pounds of food for hungry Texas families.

San Antonio may be mired in an uncertain and anxious social period, but the online community brings together hungry local families for impressive results, thanks to Serrano. He is known arm the power of social media for a charity endeavor, and he did it again on Saturday, asking his Twitter followers to make a donation, if they could, to the San Antonio Food Bank. Thousands of local families have been relied on in the past few days.

Tweets originally came out around 9 pm

Less than eight hours later, Serrano tweeted that $ 100,000 had been collected for the food bank.

The San Antonio Food Bank responded later in the evening, thanking all those who contributed and said that $ 100,000 would mean 1 million pounds of food to be given to families.

Earlier this week, San Antonio Food Bank officials said that while they had helped hundreds and hundreds of starving families, food needs just grow. The food bank has must adjust how to register a family and distribute food to them to follow.

The surge in residents seeking help to keep their trousers stocked comes amid ongoing housing orders and a massive surge in jobless claims in Texas – the latest economic downturn from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Manna From Seven is looking for frozen food donations | Instant News


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO / WAWV) – Manna From Seven Food Pantry at St. Episcopal Church Stephen is busier than before. With the COVID-19 virus still spreading, the need for important food continues to grow.

People with Manna From Seven said items from the pantry left the shelves faster than they prepared. On Friday, the queue is wrapped around the St. Stephen’s for more than an hour.

Susan Seitz said the number of families helping Friday was more than 147, and that number is expected to surge in the coming weeks.

“We got a lot of financial donations,” he said. “Fortunately, the only problem we have is keeping the freezer full because we serve so much every week.”

The organization provides more than 1,200 pounds of meat and hundreds of pounds of vegetables on Friday. Pantry distributes food for the weekend every Friday from 12:15 to 1:15 noon.


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Anywhere You Can Get Free & Cheap Food for Easter | Instant News

Other Food Offers Available at Easter

Cousin subs
You can get a seven and a half inch submarine for free when you register with Cousins ​​Club. Plus, if you are a member of the Cousins ​​Club and make online bookings, you will get double points.
When: Ongoing

Order $ 20 worth of food through Uber Eats and you will get free children’s meals. That includes their choice of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or chicken tenders with french fries and drinks.
When: Until April 20th

Deal: In partnership with Seamless and Grubhub, KFC is eliminate shipping costs right now. It’s a little easier to get the secret spices and herbs at your doorstep.
When: Until April 26th

Firehouse Subs
: All Firehouse Rewards members get double points on carry orders placed through the application. In addition, until the end of April, you can get free children’s combos with the purchase of medium or large sub with this coupon at the participating location.
When: Until April 30th

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse
Place an order for at least $ 19.95 and you will get a free Pizookie and a shipping fee of $ 0 when you order through a restaurant site or mobile app. Use the code “PIZOOKIE.”
When: Until April 30th

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse
Get half of a large pizza with the code “HALFOFF” or get a $ 6 take-out meal with a purchase of $ 9.95. There is a limit on three inexpensive meals per order.
When: Limited time

Panda Express
Starting April 6, Panda Express has moved to a leaner menu with fewer options. However, you can still take advantage of the Family Dining deal which gives you two big sides and three big appetizers for $ 20. The deal is available via the Panda Express website or the mobile app.
When: Through April 17th

Barbecue Dickey
Deal: At locations throughout the country, you can get free contactless shipping.
When: Until April 30th

Burger Elevation
Ordering via Uber Eats this week will get you free shipping.
When: Until April 13th

Shipping will be free when you order through the Denny’s website.
When: Until April 12th

Melt Shop
Children can get free melted sandwiches when they stop by to take them. This is limited to one sandwich per child, per visit.
When: Until April 20th

Love & Sandwich Ike
By buying an ordinary Ike sandwich, eating a kid is only $ 5.
When: Until April 15

Get free shipping for orders of $ 15 or more through the Panera app or website. Enter “FREEDELIVERY” code to get agreement.
When: Until April 15

Taco Cabana
Spring is coming (here, maybe?) And you can celebrate it with Apple Green Tito for $ 4.
When: Through April 14th

Smokey bones
Get free children’s meals with the purchase of any appetizers.
When: Limited time

The FruitGuys
Deal: Just because you are trapped inside doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh fruit. Fresh fruit delivery service offers a 25% discount in April with the code “House25.” Certain areas are also entitled to free shipping.
When: Until April 30th

Order $ 20 worth of food through Uber Eats and you will get free children’s meals. That includes their choice of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or chicken tenders with french fries and drinks.
When: Until April 20th

Olive Garden
The pasta chain now offers alcohol delivery with $ 15 a bottle of wine, $ 10 six packs, and $ 3 White Claws.
When: Ongoing

Capital Grille
Get free shipping for wine and champagne.
When: Ongoing

Farmbox Direct
On your first order for fruit and vegetables from the company’s product order, you can get 20% of the order complete with the code “Immune20.”
When: Until April 28

Head here to find more free food delivery offer or check the list of all this where health workers can get free food right now.

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Donations to eat Russell Wilson and Ciara made headlines for Seattle athletes who contributed to the Food Lifeline during the coronavirus crisis | Instant News

You may have seen photos of endless lines. You may have heard the story of hours of waiting time. Food banks have never been so flooded nationally, and demand is only increasing.

They need help. Many. Fortunately, athletes here know that.

The new corona virus has wreaked havoc on both physical and economic life. It makes people afraid, there are people who mourn, there are people who are in a state of eternal uncertainty.

But that has also given birth to kindness and generosity in a way that reminds us that most people are good.

On March 17, Seahawks midfielder Russell Wilson and Ciara, his wife, announced on Instagram they gift one million meals ($ 200,000 worth) to Food Lifeline, a chapter on Feeding America that serves as the main provider for more than 300 food banks in western Washington.

The following day, former NBA guard and Rainier Beach star Jamal Crawford presented 125,000 meals to the Food Lifeline. Former Washington security officer Taylor Rapp, who is now with Rams, joined a donation of $ 6,250. And a day later, former Seahawks midfielder Lofa Tatupu donated $ 5,100 (his jersey number was 51), totaling 20,500 meals.

I reached out to Crawford to ask what inspired him to give. The easiest question he ever got.

“Being human,” said Crawford, who praised his wife, Tori, for helping him find other places to contribute as well, such as the Rotary Boys & Girls Club and World Vision. “You follow this so much, read the newspaper, see what is happening in the world, and are very sad on many levels. Obviously you cannot save the world, but you can help and hopefully inspire others to do the same. “

Rapp felt the same way.

“Many people are affected by this pandemic, especially low-income households. Many children and families cannot get food, “said Rapp, who also donates to Meals on Wheels. “I see this as an opportunity to help and hopefully get people together.”

Seattle Storm also contributes to the Food Lifeline. By selling merchandise such as T-shirts and hoodies, the WNBA team collected nearly $ 18,000 on Friday.

That doesn’t only happen in Seattle, too. Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Ronda Rousey, Cal Ripken, Laila Ali, and JJ Watt are some of those who have contributed to feed America at some point during this crisis.

Unfortunately, the problem is far from being solved.

Chris Nishiwaki, director of marketing and communications for Food Lifeline, anticipates that around 2 million Washington residents will need food assistance by the end of this month. He said $ 120 million had to be raised to feed starving people in our country, and that money was getting harder and harder to get.

For various reasons, food donations fell by around 70 percent. Grocery stores have less to give because they sell. People have less money to give because they lose their jobs. Volunteers are rare because of distancing social guidelines. And every day food demand surges.

Long lines for food banks in certain regions are not new. That usually happens after natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes.

But it was a regional disaster that asked for support from food banks throughout the country. Coronavirus, on the other hand, affects almost every region.

Zuani Villarreal is director of communications for Feeding America, and he is very grateful for the support of athletes throughout the country. Not only do they open their wallets, they also raise awareness and inspire others to do the same. But he wants everyone to know there is more – more – to do.

“What the food bank faces is a series of circumstances that we have never faced before,” Villarreal said. “We have reached a point where we have to change people (who need food).”

To donate to Food Lifeline, go to or call 206-545-6600. For Feeding America, go to

Athletes generally make their mark by improving in critical situations. This is a time where we can all do the same thing.

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Secure food at home [column] | Health | Instant News

It’s been a difficult and busy few weeks, hasn’t it? I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

With this in mind, I think now will be a good time to review some universally true public health and personal health guidelines: the importance of food safety. Today I bring you some guidelines to protect yourself and your family.

Based on, one in six Americans falls ill from food poisoning every year. Food poisoning or foodborne illnesses can affect anyone who eats contaminated food and can be very dangerous for adults aged 65 years and over, children under 5 years, people whose immune systems are weakened due to illness or medical care and pregnant women .

Here are tips from, which contains information from the Food Safety and Inspection Services of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Food Administration and Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Clean: frequently wash hands, equipment, and surfaces:

  • That means using plain soap and water to rub the back of your hand, between your fingers and under your nails for at least 20 seconds; wash your hands before, during and after preparing food; after handling raw meat, poultry, seafood or juice, or raw eggs; before eating; after using the toilet; after changing diapers; after touching trash; before and after treating someone who is sick; and after blowing your nose, cough or sneeze.

Separate: do not cross contaminate:

  • Use separate cutting boards and plates for products, meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs, and separate certain types of food in your shopping basket, at home and in the fridge.

Cook at the right temperature:

  • Food is cooked safely when the internal temperature is high enough to kill germs that can make you sick, so use a food thermometer to make sure your food is safe.

Chill: cool and freeze food properly:

  • Refrigerate rotten food within two hours.

And finally, don’t forget to check the “sell-by,” “used-by” and “best-by” dates. Remember that “selling by” and “by the best” does not mean food items have expired. We want to do our best not to throw away consumables.

Voting by mail

There is still time to file a ballot to vote in primary Pennsylvania. In fact, there was a serious discussion in Harrisburg to move to elections by mail. Registering is easy and can be done online.

First visit to learn about the type of application you want. To apply online, you need a Pennsylvania SIM or a valid photo ID from PennDOT. You can also download and print your own application to be sent to the Berks County Election Department. Once again, all that information can be found at

As always, if my office can assist in helping you with any program or service related to the country, call 610-929-2151 or send me an email at [email protected]. We are here to help.

Judy Schwank is the state senator for the 11th district. The Reading district office is located at 210 George St., Muhlenberg Township. Contact him at 610-929-2151, [email protected] or visit the website or


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