Twenty-eight snakes found in the house of man in Kot Radha Kishan

KOT RADHA KISHAN: What can be called an ordinary extra incident, twenty-eight snakes between one and four and a half feet in length were found Tuesday at a house in Tehsil’s courts, Kot Radha Kishan, reported ARY News.

The owner of the house after seeing a snake in his bathroom informed the emergency service Rescue 1122 of Punjab.

The team arrived at the site and in operation recovered up to 28 snakes from the house and the sewer line of the adjoining area.

It is said that the recovered snakes are between one and four and a half feet long.

Last year, a man in the US state of Texas was scared to death when he discovered that his house was a snake shelter.

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But what was most frightening was the fact that his house was a refuge not for one or two snakes, but for an amazing 45 of them. The snake’s hiding place was discovered when a technical team was working to solve a cable problem under the house.

However, the company that was called to remove the snakes made it clear that the house was not messy, discarding any impression that the dirtier the house is, the more likely it is to be inhabited by snakes.

Snake rescuers then told local media that all reptiles were released in the wild away from animals and people.




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