Senator Rehman Malik will write and produce feature films about the problems of occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Senator Rehman Malik of the People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP) announced Tuesday that he will produce a long-running film about the plight of occupied Indian Kashmir, ARY News reported.

The senator who informed the media about the idea said that while writing a book dedicated to the bravery of Kashmir individuals and the struggles they have to go through every day under Indian occupation, he thought about making a feature film about the important issue.

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Malik said he was in the process of writing the script for the film, whose responsibility fell on him.

The senator said his goal is to promote and highlight the violations of occupied human rights in Kashmir and the persevering spirit throughout their lives, which have been spent in captivity and fighting for the right to self-determination.

Malik said that the cast and direction of the film has not yet been finalized, but that he seeks to concentrate on these aspects once he has finished with the script.

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Yesterday, the prime minister highlighted the serious humanitarian and human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India, as a result of the illegal and unilateral actions of India on August 5, 2019.

He added that the belligerent rhetoric of India, the intense violations of the ceasefire in the LoC and other aggressive actions were endangering peace and security in the region.



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The funny jokes of Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed on Instagram

Veteran Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed recently got involved in a fun joke on Instagram.

the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani The actor left a hilarious comment in a video shared by his co-star on social networks.

You can hear Adnan say he was ready to end the whole party, including desi parathasvegetables daal (pulses) and others in the video.

However, Humayun responded quickly and said he knows that Adnan will not be able to finish more than two bites of the delicious food before him.

He also challenged his friend to prove he was wrong.

The duo shared screen space in the hit ARY Digital drama Meray Paas Tum Ho together.



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Did the fighter John Cena get engaged to his beloved?

The former WWE superstar turned actor is clearly in love with his girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh.

After revealing that things are getting quite serious between him and his beloved, social networks are full of rumors that the two have exchanged rings.

The duo was seen in Dolittle premiere last January.

His last departure was in Belmont Park, San Diego, where a fan saw the couple taking a picture with children. In the photo shared on Instagram, Shay, 29, can be seen alongside the 42-year-old professional wrestler.

A huge diamond ring adorned with Shay’s finger caught fans’ attention and sent them into a state of frenzy.

Previously, a cryptic post was found on John Cena’s Instagram with the words “Stone Cold Sweethearts”, as well as “Say Yes” in a purple heart.

All this indicates that the couple could be engaged.



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Hareem Farooq reveals secret behind her shiny skin

The prominent Pakistani actor Hareem Farooq revealed the secret behind his shiny skin in his latest publication.

When scrolling through the star’s Instagram, one thing we can’t overcome is its flawless skin.

Taking Instagram, the Dusri Bivi The actress shared secrets that keep her skin shiny.

When sharing an image that shows he has a contagious smile, he wrote: “What is the secret of your radiant skin?” They ask me, I tell them a lot of water, healthy food, exercise and a big smile! “

“But in this particular image it is good lighting, excellent atmosphere, excellent company and one of your best friends behind the camera, that is, @ saadia011,” he added.

Hareem suggested that fans also try these tips and let him know if it works for them.



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Umer Sharif’s daughter, Hira, dies

Hira Umer, the daughter of Umer Sharif, just passed away in Lahore on Monday night.

Hira had had kidney problems for a while and was admitted to a private hospital in Lahore. He was reportedly very close to his father, Umer Sharif.

Hira left this world while Umer Sharif was on a three-month tour of the United States. According to an American promoter, his father is with his back to Lahore and the news of his sad death has been kept secret until his departure.

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He had died of a heart attack according to Farooq Rubi, a close friend of the family.

Although Hira remained out of the spotlight, she was the administrator of the “Maa” hospital at Umer Sharif in Karachi.

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Rosie Gabrielle shares her camping experience alone in Pakistan

Canadian solo traveler, Rosie Gabrielle, shared her camping experience alone in Pakistan.

Taking Instagram, he shared that he receives two questions very often: “Do I get bored traveling alone?” and “Does it scare me, especially when camping?”

She made a funny peculiar video to answer these questions. The video of Rosie begins when she is scared during the camp in a mountainous region in Pakistan, since she sees a shadow, however, it turns out to be the police who came to guarantee her safety and also brought her tea and cookies.

When addressing if he is bored of traveling alone, he said that he learned at an early age to entertain, enjoy his own company, camp and travel alone gives him the opportunity to connect with himself and nature.

When it comes to your safety while traveling alone, the lone traveler said: “Actually, I never get scared.” He also shared that, unlike other women who “could fear” predators “and pack weapons or personal safety equipment, I chose not to.”

See this post on Instagram

NEW LIVE VIDEO! link on Bio or visit my YOUTUBE channel to watch the full video. . Two big questions I often get: 1: Do I get bored traveling alone? 2: Does it scare me, especially when camping? . I think I indirectly answer that in this funny peculiar video. I wanted to take a break from some of the serious things and just share this entertaining and fast video (I will be making a complete vlog about my camping experience when the Northern series begins). I think being an only child I learned at an early age to entertain myself and also feel comfortable being authentically me. I really enjoy my own company and being alone, and I never get bored. Camping and traveling alone is a wonderful opportunity to truly connect with you, nature and the Source. There is nothing I love more! except when I have to turn on my camping stove 😅. As for my safety and how I feel camping alone, I never really get scared. Where most people, especially single women, can fear “predators” and pack weapons or personal safety equipment, I decided not to. If I came up with the idea / fear that someone could hurt me and anticipate it by bringing a protection tool, then I would be worried about that and keep it focused and ruin my time. Instead, I choose to believe that the Great Divinity supports me, the best security tool of all, knowing that everything happens for a reason, and focusing my energy on the connection and a great experience. This is my personal opinion only. . Fear is a great thing for many people and prevents them from doing such incredible things. One can argue and say that it is better to be prepared to protect oneself and be on guard. For me, my faith is my weapon, and my comfort in knowing that I am divinely protected at all times is what eliminates all fear. . Fear is an illusion and something we create in our minds. Don’t let fear stop you from doing amazing things! But also be smart and use wisdom. I am an experienced camper and some things must also be taken into account. Wildlife, fires, safe terrain and, in general, rely on your instinct and intuition when something might not be right. . I hope you enjoy my silly video and the incredible views!

A post shared by Rosie Gabrielle (@rosiegabrielle) on

This is because I would be worried if I camped in fear that someone might hurt her, this would simply ruin her time.

Instead, choose to have faith in God: “the greatest security tool of all.” This is your personal opinion only, added a disclaimer.

The vlogger said that fear prevents people from doing incredible things. And, although people could argue that they are better prepared to protect themselves, because “their faith is my weapon and my comfort in knowing that I am divinely protected at all times is what eliminates all fear.”

He also suggested that some things should be taken into account before camping alone: ​​”Wild life, fire, safe terrain and, in general, rely on your instinct and intuition when something might not be right.”

After traveling to Pakistan for a year, the Canadian woman took a leap of faith and recently announced her conversion to Islam in January.



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