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Karachi traffic resumed after a two-day blockade | Instant News

Photo file of Shahrae Faisal from Karachi

KARACHI: The port city returned to normal on Wednesday after two days of protests and road blockades. All roads are open to traffic, police said.

The Hub River Road in Baldia City Karachi is also open to vehicle traffic as protests have ended in the area.

Police said the situation was normal and roads were not blocked anywhere. Additional police personnel were deployed to avoid unwanted situations.

Wehicular traffic in Karachi has remained affected in the past two days as workers from a religious party staged a sit-in at a major intersection, causing difficulties for passengers who have to spend hours on the road.

90 criminals were arrested

Law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on protesters.

In the East District, five different FIRs at four different police stations – Soldier Bazaar, New Town, PIB Colony and Jamshed Quarters police station – were registered against 30 criminals, of which two were registered under section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

According to the SSP of Malir Subdistrict, Irfan Bahadur, who was also injured after several protesters pelted the police with stones, the Gerbang Bintang area was badly affected. However, a heavy contingent of law enforcement took control of the situation and arrested 16 criminals and registered cases at the Airport police station.

In the Southern District, the Kharadar police registered a case against criminals, while the police also detained a worker from a religious party.

In the Central District, 35 criminals were arrested by Bilal Colony and New Karachi police after cases were registered against them

In the West District, 25 people were arrested by the police from Mominabad City, Baldia and Orangi.


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When Princess Diana wore a stunning blue Salwar Ritu Kumar suit for her visit to Pakistan | Instant News

Princess Diana was known for fashion in everything she wore. No outfit has ever been made that she can’t handle or do fairly. Even in the midst of classic dresses and sassy street-style fashions, Lady Diana has a special place for the salwar kameez. He visited Lahore, Pakistan on three occasions – once in 1991 and then in 1996 and 1997 because of his close friendship with current Prime Minister Imran Khan and ex-wife Jemima Khan. On one occasion, her wardrobe choices for her visit included a blue Ritu Kumar salwar suit that stood out in Princess Diana’s frame as she posed with Jemima and Imran Khan and paired matching heels to match it. Jemima Khan also picked anarchali earthen chocolate by a designer for the event.

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Designer Ritu Kumar remembers in her recent post how the late Princess of Wales was a London designer shop patron and frequently cycled to the store for personal shopping. Princess Diana was introduced to designers by Jemima Khan herself. The famous blue salwar kameez isn’t the only suit she has worn by her designer. Blue was the late princess’s favorite color and she wore a lot of blue outfits after that also for her visit to Lahore along with her almost second pure white outfit.

Her love for the salwar kameez was very distant and when Imran and Jemima Khan flew to London in 1996 to attend a dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, Princess Diana wore a beaded and embroidered ivory salwar couture in honor of her visit. The dinner was being organized to help out the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in Pakistan but our eyes are on this salwar kameez which she pairs with a pearl necklace, making it one of our all-time favorite looks.

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Princess Diana may have earned a lot of classic value but it was her fashion style and rebellious nature that lasted forever to make her one of the most famous women’s history has ever known.


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Bazaar launched the Easy Khata digital ledger application, reaching more than 100,000 merchants in less than two months | Instant News

Karachi Bazaar-based B2B e-commerce marketplace has launched Easy Khata, a new mobile app that helps retailers manage their ledgers and accounting. The app, launched more than a month ago, has connected more than 100,000 active traders from 400 cities and towns in Pakistan. Within days of its launch, Easy Khata went viral, consistently trending on top of Google Play, said company co-founder Hamza Jawaid. MENAbytes.

Bazaar’s main product is an e-commerce app that allows grocery retailers to get inventory for their stores. Starting less than a year ago, the startup has raised an estimated $ 8 million to date, incl $ 6.5 million in what was the time’s biggest seed cycle earlier this year. It has collaborated with some of the largest FMCG companies in the country and has served thousands of retailers in Karachi.

Talking about why they decided to launch a digital ledger app, Bazaar co-founder Saad Jangda stated that the move is part of the company’s mission to become an Operating System for Retail in Pakistan. “Traditional retail in Pakistan still doesn’t see technology playing a major role in the value chain. However, with the launch of Bazaar we are seeing a stunning digital adoption of our trading application, which strengthens our belief to introduce more digital products including accounting, payments, loans and commerce as part of one digital stack ”.

That Khata easy application comes with online backups, 3 free daily SMS reminders for customers, PDF reports, and a few other simple features to make the process of recording transactions and reminding customers of their dues easy.

The Karachi-based startup is not the first player in Pakistan to launch a digital ledger app for retailers. The concept pioneered by Khatabook India (raised over $ 110 million) was brought to Pakistan by the likes of DigiKhata, CreditBook and Udhaar. The three of them had been in space before the Bazaar but they have built a company around a digital ledger app and will potentially introduce fintech offerings (including credit) in the future.

The bazaar followed a completely different path to get here. It first launched the e-commerce market and then listened to feedback from its retailers decided to launch a digital ledger app, too. The move makes them the only player in space to offer both these services to merchants. Easy Khata, said the startup, is one of many products they plan to launch for retailers in the country. “We believe speed has always been our main strength as we strive to serve this enormous space. With a product, engineering and design team of 40 and growing, we are accelerating our journey to digitizing and serving small businesses across Pakistan through a single offering “

With more than 100,000 active users, Easy Khata will also serve the Bazaar as a (somewhat) free channel to acquire new customers (for the B2B e-commerce market). Bazaar said it currently serves 17,000 merchants in Karachi. The startup plans to expand to other cities in Pakistan in the next few months.

“With Easy Khata, we have developed a large user base in most cities and a strong national brand for the local retail segment,” added one of the startup’s founders.

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PM Khan will launch a low-cost housing project in Sargodha | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan will lay the foundation stone for a low-cost housing project in Sargodha. This will be part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Under the scheme, the Border Works Organization will build 1,175 houses in six locations. The government has so far received 33,528 applications for the scheme.

The PM has formalized new housing schemes in various cities as part of the government’s plan to provide housing for all.

On April 8th, PM began construction of a new residential building in Islamabad. Farash Town Apartments will be finished in two years, he said during a speech at the inauguration ceremony. “We want to provide subsidized housing for those who cannot afford it. Banks are not willing to provide loans to poor people. “This project will help us provide homes for 2,000 people who never thought they could afford a house.

The next day he is laying the foundation stone of a housing project in Lahore. At least 35,000 apartments will be built by the Lahore Development Authority under the project.

Housing loan

On March 26, the government announced that people were borrowing up to Rs10 million to finance a house of 125 to 250 square yards (5 to 10 marla) or an apartment covering an area of ​​?? 2,000 square feet.

The government has doubled the amount of loans that the central bank can borrow from the central bank’s markup subsidies for housing finance schemes. The government has also doubled the limit for smaller homes, 125 square yards or 1,250 square feet of closed apartments, to Rs6 million and removed price caps in both of these categories.

It even slashed the markup rate to 3% for housing units that were included in a project approved by Pakistan’s Naya Housing Development Authority, making it the most affordable among all categories.

Pakistan distributes homes for 1,500 workers, widows

On March 18, PM inaugurated Phase-I and Phase-II Labor Colonies in Islamabad on Thursday. The government allocated houses for 1,518 workers and widows under the scheme.

People who earn less than Rs 500,000 are given ownership rights to this house. About 3,000 people registered themselves under the Worker Welfare Fund. Of those, 1,500 were handed over to these houses and flats by lottery.

The project is spread over 2,560 hectares of land and consists of 1,008 apartments and 500 houses. The project had been launched before but was abandoned due to a lack of funds. The government is collaborating with the Workers’ Welfare Fund and completing the project under the Pakistan Naya Housing Program.

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Timing bank Ramadan – Newspapers | Instant News

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said Tuesday that all banks, development finance institutions (DFI) and microfinance banks (MFB) will be open during Ramadan from Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm, with prayer breaks from 2pm to 4pm. 14.00. : 15pm.

On Fridays the working hours are from 10 am to 1 pm without a break.

SBP further advises the bank’s working hours for public transactions from Monday to Thursday to be 10 am to 1:30 pm without a break whereas on Fridays it will be from 10 am to 1 pm without a break.

Published in Dawn, April 14, 2021

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