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Stanford University professor reveals the science behind “zoom fatigue” | Instant News

Constant Zoom calls are tiresome, and science is always looking for reasons (Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A new scientific research supports The existence of “zoom fatigue” And explain Why are we all tired of constant video calls.

It may have been fun to take a Zoom test or talk to a colleague via a computer, but constant eye contact and being forced to look at yourself are what makes video calls so exhausting.

According to the latest research from Stanford University, the research has been studying All screen-based communication triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Researchers have found that constantly feeling like everyone is looking at you and having to stare at their own face is the main reason for this unique modern phenomenon.

Professor Jeremy Berenson, director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University in California, believes that Zoom calls make conversations simple and complex.

In his research, published in the journal Technology, thought and behaviorProfessor Bailenson pointed out four consequences of “zoom fatigue” caused by prolonged video chat.

According to this study, the first reason is that excessive close eye contact is very strong.

The number of times we make eye contact in video chats and the size of the faces on the screen, especially when people have large displays, are unnatural.

Studies have shown that when someone’s face is so tight, our brain interprets it as a tense situation, either “leading to mating or conflict”.

During the pandemic, zooming and other video conferencing software have become the norm (photo illustration courtesy of Indranil Aditya/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In addition, in the Zoom call, everyone has been watching everyone continuously.

Professor Byronson said: “Public speaking anxiety about social interaction is one of the biggest phobias in our population.

“When you stand there and everyone is staring at you, it’s a sense of pressure.”

He suggested that people should remove “zoom” from the full screen option and reduce the size of the window to help create a “personal space bubble” between you and others.

According to research, the second reason why we feel so tired after making long-distance calls is that we are tired from seeing our faces for a long time.

Professor Byronson continued: “In the real world, if someone keeps walking around in the mirror-so when you talk to people, make decisions, provide feedback, get feedback-you see in the mirror Own, that would only be crazy.

He suggested that people should use the “hide self view” button unless they need to speak or appear on the screen.

The third reason for the Stanford University team is that video chat reduces the number of times we walk around while talking.

If people are talking on the phone, they can move around. Professor Bailenson said that more and more studies have shown that people have better cognitive abilities when they move around.

The ultimate cause of Zoom fatigue is that nonverbal communication is more natural in normal face-to-face interaction.

We can see visual cues and gestures more easily, and in video calls, our brains must work harder.

Professor Bailenson effectively believes that humans have made conversation simple and turned it into something that requires a lot of thinking.

He said: “If you want to show someone that you agree with them, you have to nod or give a thumbs up.

“This increases your cognitive burden because you use mental calories to communicate.”

After the pandemic is over, will you continue to zoom (Getty Images?)

Professor Bailenson and his team also created a 15-point questionnaire designed to measure our fatigue after the video conference.

Hope this data helps quantify what makes us so tired after scaling.

Professor Bailenson concluded: “Video conferencing is a good thing for remote communication, but please think about the medium-just because you can use video doesn’t mean you have to.”

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Galaxy Buds Live update adds hearing enhancements | Instant News

A new update for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is coming soon, this update will bring hearing enhancements and other minor performance-related improvements.

The hearing enhancement function allows you to adjust the sound balance of the Galaxy Buds Live from left to right. If you happen to experience hearing-related problems, you can use this mode to adjust the audio position, which is a reliable auxiliary function.

Found the latest update on Galaxy Buds Subreddit, The size of firmware version R180XXU0AUB5 is only 2.2MB. The rest of the change log is fairly standard, with some adjustments to the automatic switching mode, enhanced hearing aid compatibility, and the Buds control menu that should now be provided in the device’s Bluetooth settings.

Being able to switch automatically is a neat feature, similar to the “quick pairing” option introduced by Google with Pixel Buds. If you have logged into your Samsung account on multiple devices, your Buds will be able to detect and connect when the call pops up or the media starts to play.

In fact, the hearing aid function provided on Galaxy Buds Live is a new hearing enhancement option. The disadvantage is that some of the added features are only available for devices that have been updated to One UI 3.1, which means that even if you update, some features will not be available on some Galaxy devices.

In the next few days, you should start to see patches, the hearing enhancement and automatic switching options on Galaxy Buds Live can be found in the Galaxy Wearable app on Android or iOS.

More information about Samsung:

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Intel peeks at Core i9-11900K PCIe 4.0 storage performance | Instant News

As more information and details about Intel’s 11th-generation Rocket Lake-S CPU continue to emerge from its unimaginable rusty pipeline, the company itself decided to make some attempts on the performance of the Core i9-11900K. Especially the PCIe Gen4 storage performance of its chipset.

“Peep” was released by Ryan Shrout, Intel’s chief performance strategist and founder of PC Perspective. Shrout posted a screenshot on Twitter detailing the PCIe 4.0 storage performance of 11900K on AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Both CPUs use 1TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD as a benchmark.

As can be seen from the chart, in the PCMark 10 fast system drive benchmark test, you can see that 11900K is ahead of its competitors by about 11%, depending on the person you are talking to, which is impressive. On the one hand, the gains made do make it ahead of competitors, but not many. On the other hand, this is a CPU based on the old 14nm chip lithography technology. More importantly, Intel has managed to make it more powerful than AMD’s own top 7nm Ryzen top CPU.

Thanks to Shrout, we also know that the 11900K used in the test is paired with the ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 motherboard, 32GB DDR4-3200MHz RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition card. For 5950X, except for the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard, other components are the same as the Rocket Lake-S system.

(Source: Via Ryan Shrout Twitter, Intel)

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Huawei smartwatch has just received a major upgrade to close the gap with Apple Watch | Instant News

Fans of Huawei wearable devices will be happy to know that Fitify is a popular fitness application that does not require equipment to exercise. It has just become the first European third-party application for Huawei smart watches.

This is good news (even if you are not particularly interested in Fitify), because it shows that Huawei’s wearable platform is opening up to third-party development from Western countries, and may lead to an influx of new apps to AppGallery.

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Ghosts’n Goblins resurrects this tree guide-what should you choose? | Instant News

Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection is a re-enactment of what was once considered a dead series a few years later, and has done a good job of presenting the classic style to the present. As you can see from many modern games, one of the new features this time is the skill tree. You can use it to unlock new magic and skills while playing the game to help Arthur complete his tasks. There are definitely some methods that are better than others, and this “Umbral Tree” guide will help you answer the question of what to choose in the game.

Weng Shu Guide-What should you choose?

If you are not sure how to access the Umbral tree in the first place, you can do it from the level selection map. Press X here to enter the screen. After entering the tree, you will notice that there are 25 different spheres to choose from. However, you can’t just pick anything from the tree from the beginning, you must start from the bottom and then climb up on either side. First, we will list each upgrade you can get from the tree and its Umbral Bee cost.

  • Thunderstorm I (1 Wengbee)-Calls thunder and lightning to Arthur’s body, releasing lightning in four directions.
  • Firewall I (1 Umbrella)-Ignite two walls of flame on the left and right sides of Arthur.
  • Emboulden I (3 bees)-temporarily transformed into a small boulder. Roll to crush the enemy.
  • Transmogrifrog I (3 Weng Bee)-Turn all enemies on the screen into frogs. Has no effect on bosses or large monsters.
  • Boxer Boxer (Three Umbral Bees)-After being stripped by Arthur’s boxer, he tripled the power of his first attack.
  • Medusa I (3 Weng Bees)-temporarily turn enemies on the screen into rocks so that they can be climbed. Only effective for small enemies. Enemies defeated in this state sometimes drop items.
  • Doppelganger I (4 Umbler Bees)-Temporarily copy Arthur’s mirror image, he will attack with him.
  • Firewall II (4 Ben Bees)-Light two towering walls of flame on the left and right sides of Arthur.
  • Thunderstorm No. 2 (4 Wengbee)-transmits thunder and lightning to Arthur’s body, releasing lightning in all directions.
  • Kitted Out I (5 Umbral Bees)-Increase inventory space to carry two weapons at once. Use X to switch equipped weapons.
  • Resurrection I (5 Umbral Bees)-Can be resurrected after battle.
  • Speed ​​up I (5 Umbra bees)-Speed ​​up Arthur’s actions for a while.
  • Transmogrifog II (10 native bees)-Turn all enemies on the screen (including large monsters) into frogs. It has no effect on the boss.
  • Medusa II (10 Wengbee)-temporarily turns enemies on the screen into stone so that they can be climbed. It also affects intermediate enemies. The enemy will stay longer in this state and drop items when defeated.
  • Treasure Eye I (Ten Bees Keeping Bees)-Displays the prompts about making the treasure chest appear on the screen through correct operation.
  • Quick cast (10 instinctive bees)-reduce the amount of sprint required to cast.
  • Treasure Eye II (12 Weng Bee)-reveal a hidden treasure chest.
  • Umbral Net (12 Umbral Bees)-Put a magic net to capture all Umbral Bees and Money Bees on the screen.
  • Doppelganger II (13 Umble Bees)-Temporarily copy two mirror images of Arthur, and they will attack with him.
  • Speed ​​up II (13 Weng Bee)-Extend Arthur’s action time.
  • Emboulden II (13 Weng Bee)-temporarily turned into a big rock. Increased attack and defense during transition.
  • Kitted Out II (15 Umbral Bees)-Increase inventory space and carry three weapons at a time. Use X to switch equipped weapons.
  • Thunderstorm III (20 Wengbee)-summons a large amount of holy water to attack all visible enemies. This spell, and this spell alone, will also affect boss monsters.
  • Resurrection II (20 original bees)-Increase the chance of resurrection in battle.
  • Armor (30 Wengbee)-restores Arthur’s knight armor. It can also be used to turn Knight Armor into Golden Knight Armor.

As you can see, there are many options for you to choose from, some of which are magic spells, while others are tricks. I strongly recommend that you try to upgrade Kitted Out as soon as possible, at least for the first one. This way, you can hold more than one weapon, making it easier to wait for one weapon in the wing when you need it.

It is also important to choose the correct magic spell. Thunderstorm III is the only spell that can cause damage to the leader. Although I will try to avoid things like Emboulden, I suggest you catch a few different spells. That’s too limited to the ground, which makes it ineffective in many areas of the game. Quick Cast is only effective for 10 bees, but it is one of the tallest Umbral trees that can be obtained, so unless you are just washed by Umbral Bees, it may not be worth trying.

This is our “Umbria Tree” guide, which contains some detailed information and recommendations, as well as choices about Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection. There are many different routes to choose from and survive this difficult game.

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