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Rotten flesh was hit immediately | Instant News

From humble roots

There is a monster that is climbing the sales charts. The more we feed, the bigger he gets.

Devolver Digital reveals the reverse horror game carrion Close to 200,000 sales barriers. For independent games with experimental tendencies, this is undoubtedly a notable number. Jordan said in the comments carrion As a decoration, a novel and pleasant experience, coming in and out before the gloss disappears.

Now, you might think “200,000 in the first week, mainly from Xbox Game Pass… pretty good.” No, 200,000 sales are actual Sales volume. The revolver says “There are hundreds of thousands [more] Players on Xbox Game Pass. “We may be looking for the creepy Blob monster that is close to half a mil.

Ah, “the creepy Blob monster” is an unfair description (only one letter from the creepy staff here Blog monster). Behind this new scene carrion In the video, you will learn more about the motivations that turn opponents into anti-heroes (regular heroes depending on your perception of humans). He really likes his non-calorie semi-caffeine caramel latte, which is hotter than the flames that sometimes make him burn.

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Black Shark 3s is enough to beat most gaming phones | Instant News

The latest smartphone for mobile gamers in 2020 is Black Shark 3s. A veritable and powerful device can beat most gaming phones on the market.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it will. It certainly has an impressive specification sheet. But the figures on paper are far from actual practical use. Not to mention that Black Shark 3s has some fierce competition this year.

Asus announced ROG phone 3 In early July, then Lenovo announced Legion phone duel on the same day. Both phones are equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ mobile platform.

For mobile gaming, it may be better than the standard Snapdragon 865 5G running in this device. Nevertheless, these specifications certainly provide a powerful mobile gaming phone. So it will still persist.

Black Shark 3s is equipped with up to 12GB of RAM

In addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform, Black Shark 3s Carry a ton of RAM for mobile devices. To be precise, it is 12GB.

This is the amount of RAM that the top model of ROG Phone II can get last year. 12GB is what is expected in most gaming phones this year. Therefore, the three-person system definitely keeps up in this regard.

It also has a 6.67-inch full HD display. The resolution is not as good as some non-gaming phones. But this certainly helps keep the refresh rate as smooth as possible. When the refresh is set to 120Hz, this is what you want, this is what comes with the phone.

Having said that you don’t always Must run at 120Hz, you can also adjust it to the maximum if you prefer. It’s not limited to games, because scrolling and normal phone use are smoother.

Powerful visual effects provided by Pixelworks’ MotionEngine technology

The screen of this phone may only be a full HD screen, but in addition to the high refresh rate, Motion engine Pixelworks technology.

This guarantees high-quality visual effects for any game you might play on your phone. Or at least this is what Black Shark and Pixelworks said. According to Pixelworks, this technology adds dual-channel MIPI support to games from Tencent that use graphic text.

It also adds Always HDR mode and adaptive display technology. MotionEngine is designed to help keep the game moving in the expected state.

In addition to gaming-related specifications, this phone also has a 64-megapixel main camera on the back. It is paired with a 13-megapixel sensor for wide-angle shooting and a 5-megapixel sensor for portrait shooting.

On the front, it has a 20-megapixel sensor for selfies and video chats. It also has a fingerprint sensor in the display and a 4,720mAh battery.

This phone will be available in black and crystal blue colors, and currently only three models are available in China. All three models have the same 12GB RAM, but have different storage in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB options.

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How to use Apple gift cards on iPhone, iPad, Mac | Instant News

Apple released a new gift card product Today, it combines the previous App Store and iTunes Store gift cards with Apple Store gift cards. The new method provides a simpler experience. Read about how to manage and use the new universal Apple gift card.

The previous method of purchasing gift cards for the App Store and iTunes Store and Apple Store separately opened the door for those who did not dial in the difference, making them feel confused and frustrated, and then passed it on to the gift recipients.

Now, when you redeem an Apple gift card, it will be added to your Apple account balance (associated with Apple ID) and can be used in the App Store and iTunes Store (including iOS and Mac) and Apple Store Any product United States. This also means that you can use your balance for iCloud and other Apple subscriptions, such as Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Books, etc.

How to use universal Apple gift cards on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Digital Gift Card

  1. When you receive an Apple gift card sent by email, you can take it to the actual Apple Store for use
  2. Or, click Redeem now The link in the email to use on iPhone, iPad or Mac
  3. The value will be automatically added to your Apple account balance
  4. Tap Store App Store Either Buy Apple Store online Use immediately
  5. Tap finished In the upper right corner for later use

If you want to send someone an Apple gift card, you can download Apple’s new gift card website. Tap or click “Buy” in the upper right corner.

If you want to add funds to your Apple account balance, you can do it in some places in the App Store app> tap the profile icon (upper right corner)> add funds to your Apple ID.

Physical gift card

  1. If someone sends you an actual Apple gift card, you can redeem it in several places
  2. One option: open App Store app > Click on the profile icon (upper right corner)> Redeem gift card or code
  3. Now you can add gift cards manually or using the camera
  4. Another option: Go to the “Settings” app> click on your name> Payment and Shipping> Apple Account> Redeem
  5. Add gift card manually or using camera
  6. The third option is to use the “redeem” link Here is the top of the Apple gift card website

How to use your Apple gift card

Used for applications, music, movies, TV shows, subscriptions, etc.

Any purchases you make at Apple through the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV+, etc. subscriptions will first use your Apple Account balance, and then the debit or credit card archived for your Apple ID Recharge.

Apple also notices your balance If you use “Family Sharing”, you cannot be spent by others, only you.

Use in the Apple Store app

  • To use your Apple Gift Card or Apple Account balance when shopping in the Apple Store app, please shop first, and then add what you want to the “bag”.
  • Tap check out (Do not choose Apple Pay)
  • Looking now Apple account balance Choose to use all or part of it
  • After entering the amount, click application In the upper right corner
  • Now you can place an order

How to check your Apple account balance

Where can I find the balance when I am ready to purchase an item?

Settings on iPhone and iPad

  • You can check your balance at any time by visiting the “Settings” app> tap your name> Payment & Shipping> Apple account

App Store on iPhone and iPad

  • In the App Store on iPhone and iPad, you can check your Apple account balance by clicking the profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Find items near the top near the game center

App Store on Mac

  • In the Mac App Store, click the profile icon in the lower left corner
  • Now, in the upper right corner, click View information
  • Enter the password as required
  • Apple account balance is the third part

iTunes Store on iPhone and iPad

  • In the iTunes app on iPhone and iPad, swipe to the bottom
  • On the iPhone, the balance will be displayed there, on the iPad, click on your Apple ID to view

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Microsoft will phase out the Cortana app for Android and iOS early next year | Instant News

Microsoft will close plug-ins for the Cortana app for Android and iOS for US users early next year.

The company has retired In January, Cortana launched a mobile version in the UK, Canada and India. But on Friday, Microsoft said that it will begin to phase out voice assistants for Android and iOS in early 2021.

Next year, the technology giant will also terminate consumer Cortana services for two products: Harman Kardon called for Speaker and Surface headphones.

For Invoke, Microsoft plans to provide a firmware update that will turn the product into a regular Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to a smartphone.

On September 7, Microsoft will also terminate support for all third-party Cortana skills.

Harman Kardon called for

Although Cortana initially appeared as a voice assistant similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft has been working to make the technology more tightly integrated with its office applications.

“As we move towards a transformative AI-driven assistant experience, Microsoft 365, We need to adjust the key areas of innovation and development in order to provide customers with the help they most need. ” Supporting documents Announce changes.

Microsoft said that to replace Cortana on mobile devices, customers can still use the voice assistant through the Outlook application and the Microsoft Teams application. Cortana will also remain available on Windows 10.

At the same time, owners of Harman Kardon Invoke speakers can expect the firmware update to arrive in early 2021. “Once Invoke is updated, Cortana will not be accessible on the device.” “In addition, we also provide a Microsoft $50 gift card opportunity for each valid Invoke.” The company created a detailed FAQ page More information.

As for the Surface headset, the company will remove the old version of Cortana from the product. But the owner can still use some Cortana skills. “For example, you can still say’Hi Cortana’ or put the touchpad on either ear to manage your calendar, tasks and get answers to questions,” Microsoft said Supporting documents. “You can also listen to emails in Outlook Mobile on iOS and Android via Play My Emails.”

Affected Surface headset owners will also receive a $25 Microsoft gift card. According to the support document, the headset can be reset to tap the third-party voice assistant on the smartphone.

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As Google prepares to drop support for Pixel 2, Pixel 4a will be launched with Android 10 | Instant News

Last year, Google set a strong precedent for their Pixel phones by extending the third major update Android 10 to the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Today, we have confirmed that Android 11 will be the latest update of Pixel 2.

Initially, Google only promised that its Pixel phones will get two major updates, which means that the original Pixel phones should have reached the end of their life on Android Pie. However, last year, Google expanded Pixel and Pixel XL to Android 10 The last moment of life for mobile phones in 2016.

Similarly, this year, Pixel 2 is included as one of the devices compatible with Android 11 Beta, and Pixel 2 owners will get a full Android 11 update when it launches later this year. Unlike the first Pixel series, Pixel 2 and higher Commitment to three major updates. This means that with the release of Android 11 later this year, Google’s promise will be fulfilled.

We now believe that the Android 11 update will be the third and last major update for Pixel 2, and there are no plans to expand support. Developer Comments In the Android open source project. In the comments, including our first mention Pixel 5a in 2021, Google developers clearly stated that they are “abandoning support for Pixel 2.”

In this case, owners of Pixel 2/2 XL may expect Original Pixel and Pixel XL, There are only one or two final security updates after Android 11 is launched, and it is finally deleted until the end of the year.

In the same comment, the developer includes a list of almost all Pixel devices, Issued and unreleased, And the version of Android it started-or Will start -versus. We learned from the list that Pixel 4a will indeed start on Android 10, not Android 11 as some people hope.

Based on this, we believe that Pixel 4a will receive an update before August 2023, which means it may stop supporting a few months before the Android 14 launch date we usually expect in 2023. However, it is too early to make exact guesses about the update schedule for Google’s mid-range devices.

If Google’s 2020 Pixel lineup seems a bit overwhelming or confusing, then we Stephen Hall has broken down and simplified The expected features of the three phones that will be available on the market and their makers, for Pixel 2 owners who are about to retire, can also serve as an excellent speculative buying guide.

Owner of Pixel 2, do you plan to upgrade to another Pixel phone this year, or choose another brand? Let us know in the comments.

More information about Google Pixel:

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How to trade inventory | Instant News

One of the hottest video game stocks is preparing to release a report next week.

Activision BlizzardThe report will be released on Tuesday and it has risen 39% this year. For comparison, S&P 500 It only rose by 1%.

Todd GordonThe managing director of Ascent Wealth Partners believes that tailwind will push Activision higher.

Gordon said: “Video games are becoming more and more attractive to the aging population; we are slowly starting to resume the production of Hollywood movies; content creators like Netflix are going deep into their content fields. If Hollywood production continues to be suppressed, video game companies’ Demand will increase.” told CNBC”Trading country” Thursday.

Activision produces popular franchises, including “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch.”

“When we look at the chart here, I like the resistance level we see here, which is around $85…We really like this trend and it brings such benefits, especially in new family homes. , Work from home environment.” Gordon said.

“If you want to own stocks, it’s definitely a good idea to enter the earnings. If you want to trade options, this is what I prepare for you-until September, once a month, buy 82.5 phones and sell 87.5 phones. “Gordon said.

Gordon said that the $5 spread that expires on September 18 would require approximately $1.90, and explained that “the maximum risk is $190, [to] Earn 310 dollars. “

Activision closed at $82.63 on Friday.

Disclosure: Ascent Wealth Partners owns Activision Blizzard.



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Halo Infinite multiplayer game will be free to play, up to 120fps | Instant News

Halo infiniteThe multiplayer game mode is free to use, supports up to 120fps, Microsoft announced. The news comes from a leak from Smyths Toys Superstores, which briefly released detailed information (Google Cache) About Halo infinite Show the multiplayer game on the promotion page this week, and quickly delete it after finding a reference on the Internet.

“legend Halo The series returns the largest Master Chief advertising campaign to date and a groundbreaking free multiplayer experience. “Enjoy the speed of up to 120 FPS, and greatly reduce the loading time, thus forming a seamless gameplay with Xbox Series X. “

List on Smyths toy supermarket.

Xbox leaker Klobrille accurately revealed the previous Halo infinite detail, Backup claim Multiplayer mode is free. The leaker also claimed that the target maximum speed in Arena mode is 120fps (Microsoft has also confirmed), and that the multiplayer game Halo infinite Will include a battle pass system and new customization options (the company has not yet provided it).

343 Industries did not disclose much information about multiplayer games Halo infinite however. The game developer released a Lengthy blog post response Halo infinite Yesterday’s question included resolving the graphics and visual criticisms in the game.

343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek said: “In many ways, we have reached a consensus here-we do have work to do to solve some of these issues and improve the fidelity and overall display level of the final game.” The construction for running the event demo was still in progress a few weeks ago, and various graphic elements and game systems are still being completed and refined.”

Update July 31, 4:45 pm: Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer game will be free.

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These affordable smart devices and technical necessities can upgrade your home office | Instant News

As more people work from home, your workplace will most likely provide you with the option of choosing a location during your work week. You may have made some changes to your work settings (perhaps a new chair or a second monitor), but have you considered using some smart devices to increase productivity?

London’s discount code and charity fundraising website Savoo suggests some of the best techniques for your home office to ensure you get the most out of your home workspace without interrupting your funds. They are below, if you are interested, please provide a link to Amazon.

Amazon Echo Point


One of the core components of any smart home is a smart speaker that can be controlled. Options such as Amazon Echo or Google Home allow connection to many other devices, so you can control them with your voice.

The speaker itself can also be used to schedule reminders, adjust the calendar and quickly ask questions, all of which can save you time.

Although you can usually afford some “low-end models”, you can snap up a lot of things by looking at other less popular smart assistants. They will still support most devices, but at a lower cost.

$80 at Amazon

Atomi smart coffee machine

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


Want to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee? Or do you want to make something like this in the kitchen while working in the office without losing your mind? Atomi smart coffee machine can use Alexa or use the app to brew coffee on time.

Like a standard coffee machine, although there are high-quality options that can increase costs, a simple filter coffee machine with smart features at a low price can also be provided. You can get a caffeine fix in the comfort of your own home without wasting cash in your favorite coffee chain.

$90 on Amazon

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headset

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-without spending a lot of money

Noise-canceling earplugs and headphones are not only used for travel. Smart earbuds and headphones Has multiple functions-such as playing music and answering calls.

When you work from home, they can Act as a wireless headset You can make hands-free calls and block sounds that might distract you. Although the most advanced models provide additional features, the cheaper, lesser-known models still provide core basic knowledge.

$34 on Amazon

IClever Air Quality Monitor

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


This may not be immediately obvious, but pollutants such as dust and other particles can accumulate in the air and reduce air quality, making you more tired because your body cannot get the oxygen you need.

Smart air quality monitors include expensive models that can not only identify and clean the air to ensure you stay healthy and active, but also track budget-friendly options and tell you when you can benefit from opening the window to get something fresh air.

$110 at Amazon

Peteme Smart LED Bulb

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet

Smart light bulbs are one of the most popular products in smart homes. They can be turned on and off, and the brightness can usually be adjusted with the push of a button. Some like these Peteme color change bulb, Can provide a constantly changing color display.

Whether you choose the most economical option or a more versatile option, smart bulbs will enable you to choose the brightness in the morning and orange in the afternoon. You can even set it up as planned, so you don’t need to think about it.

In addition to bringing benefits to one’s work from family life, smart light bulbs are generally more environmentally friendly. In the long run, this means that they can help you reduce your electricity bills and become a better choice for the environment.

Therefore, although the price of smart bulbs may be more expensive than standard bulbs, it turns out that smart bulbs are a good long-term investment, and soon you will earn back the money you spent on smart bulbs.

$38 at Amazon

Gosund smart plug

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-without spending a lot of money


Although smart plugs themselves are not fancy things, they are used to turn any power-powered item into a smart object. If you have items like printers or heaters that tend to use a lot of electricity, they can save a lot of money money.

use Smart plug (eg Gosund) Turn off all high-priced items at once without having to bypass and turn off the switch. In addition, if you combine the technology with energy trackers, you can even make them turn off automatically when they reach their limit every day to ensure you don’t overuse them.

$23 at Amazon

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


In an office, the temperature is usually regulated by high-power heating and air conditioning. However, at home, you may only have a standard thermostat-and due to the weather, a regular heating schedule may not always fit your forecast!

Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings, Google Home and IFTTT, smart Thermostats such as Honeywell House It can respond to changes and adjustments in real-time according to predefined settings to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, if you configure the settings carefully, the touch used when adjusting the heating up and down is much lighter than the standard dial, so you can reduce wasted heat and save money.

$162 on Amazon


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Vaccination kits during the Civil War provide new clues about the history of smallpox vaccines Smart News | Instant News

Robert Hicks, the director at the time Philadelphia Mother Museum, When he peeked in the drawer and found new employees, he was patrolling: five kinds of civil war vaccination kits, which contained small lancets like knives, glass slides and infected humans​​ sc sub.

As Elizabeth Cooney reported Statistics News, Hicks immediately realized that he had accidentally discovered a long-established medical treasure, and sent the kits for further research. This month, a team of researchers from McMaster University in Canada published a complete study of these kits. Genomic Biology, Revealing new clues about the history of the underworld The only infectious disease Smallpox that was successfully eliminated by humans.

Smallpox is caused by the smallpox virus and one of the deadliest diseases in human history. It has plagued the world as early as the third century BC, as reported by Katherine J. Wu. Smithsonian Magazine In 2018, the disease killed nearly one-third of infected people and often left survivors with severe scars, hearing or vision loss statement.

During the Civil War, Confederate and Allied troops died of thousands of diseases, including smallpox. At the time, as Kat Eschner reported, the only line of defense for doctors against this cruel disease was vaccination. Smithsonian magazine In 2017. The doctor will use the kit discovered by Hicks to use pus or other infectious materials from people with smallpox-like diseases and apply it to the wound to enhance the person’s immunity to the virus.

As reported by Francesca Giuliani-Hoffman CNN, McMaster scientists did not find any variola virus in the kit. However, it is worth noting that by immersing items in a chemical solution, they were able to carefully collect fragments of virus vaccine DNA, which have been preserved in the materials, tools, jars and leather boxes of the vaccination tool for more than 150 years. The research team led by researcher Ana Duggan then reassembled the molecules like a puzzle and sequenced the DNA of five separate virus vaccine strains. New scientist.

It is worth noting that the McMaster team found that the five vaccine strains used in the Civil War kit are very different from the vaccines used to eradicate the disease in the 1970s and 1980s.

Duggan told CNN: “Our civil war vaccines and 20th century vaccines are both vaccinia viruses, but (ours) are not the same as any future commercial vaccines.”

She continued: “… Today’s medicine and vaccine development are very different from those in the 19th century, but there is evidence that exploring multiple sources and strategies for vaccines has potential.”

McMaster University said in a statement: “From an evolutionary point of view, the primary issue in vaccine design is that the vaccine strain must be a disease-causing strain to prevent disease.” This research shows that doctors during the Civil War are working Use long-distance related viruses to protect smallpox.

“This work points to the importance of looking for the diversity of these vaccine strains found in the wild,” said Hendrik Poinar, director of the research center. McMaster Ancient DNA Center, Add in the statement. “We don’t know how many can provide cross-protection against multiple viruses (such as influenza virus or coronavirus).”

As reported by Wu, the history of the smallpox vaccine can be traced back to the British doctor Edward Jenner. In 1796, Jenner, after realizing he was suffering from cowpox (relative with milder smallpox), appeared to be immune to cowpox, and conducted an extremely unethical experiment with an eight-year-old boy, James Phipps .

For most of the next century, vaccination has become a common practice to prevent this disease. The milder virus related to smallpox is said to be “grown” and then harvested from the infected human chain, which usually involves using women and enslaved Africans as human incubators for the disease. statistics.

However, as Wu reported in 2018, many questions about the early smallpox vaccine remain a mystery. For example, researchers are still not sure whether the modern smallpox vaccine (called vaccinia virus) originated from horses or cattle.

José Esparza, a virologist who specializes in historical smallpox vaccines who has nothing to do with the study, told reporters statistics Although this study is exciting, it still has not answered many questions about the history of smallpox vaccines. He said: “The mystery of the origin and evolution of the smallpox vaccine remains to be solved.”

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“Halo Infinity” bug claims that multiplayer games are free-BGR | Instant News

  • Halo infinite Developer 343 Industries has not shared any information about the multiplayer game mode, but a large number of leaks indicate that the multiplayer game will be free.
  • The self-deleted list of an Irish toy store says: Halo infinite Will have “a groundbreaking free multiplayer experience.”
  • Halo infinite Will be launched with Xbox Series X this holiday season.

At the Xbox game show held by Microsoft on July 23, we saw at first glance some of the most anticipated next-generation games. Run on Xbox Series X, Contains Halo infinite. “Mental restart” Halo The franchise was announced two years ago, but this show is the first time we have seen the actual application of this game. According to the demo, Halo infinite The campaign will be more open than the previous entry.

Halo infinite Developer 343 Industries is not yet ready to talk about or show off any content in the game’s multiplayer game, but a toy store in Ireland may have destroyed a noteworthy detail about the online model. According to the Smyths toy supermarket list Has since been deleted, Halo infinite Multiplayer games will be provided for free.

“legend Halo The series returns to the biggest Master Chief movement to date, as well as a groundbreaking free multiplayer experience. “Enjoy the speed of up to 120 FPS, and greatly reduce the loading time, thus forming a seamless gameplay with Xbox Series X. “

Then backup leak On Twitter (Krobrille)In the past, he had accurately shared detailed information about Microsoft’s plan in advance. He said that free multiplayer games are coming Halo infinite 120 FPS gameplay on Xbox Series X, similar to Battle Pass system Fort night,as well as” Halo. “

This will be Halo, But it’s wise that since then, free multiplayer games have dominated the gaming world Halo 5: Guardian Launch on Xbox One. Fort night, Call of Duty: War Zone, Apex Legend, Destiny 2 -These are currently the biggest games in the world, and they can all be played for free.

There is no doubt that we will learn more about the multiplayer of the game in the next few weeks, but 343 Industries did answer a series of questions about the game Halo Waypoint This week, the complaint about game graphics was also resolved. The problem aroused immediately after the exhibition and has not stopped since.

Community manager John Junyszek said: “The construction for running the campaign demo was still in progress a few weeks ago, and various graphic elements and game systems are still being completed and improved.” “Although I expect to receive some feedback and communicate with what has already been done. Dialogue in the field, but other aspects of the feedback have brought new opportunities and considerations. The team is taking it seriously and evaluating it. We don’t yet have exact answers or results to share, but the team is making plans as soon as possible to resolve the issues. Some feedback on details, clarity and overall fidelity. The team is committed and dedicated to ensuring that we have a beautiful world for players to explore while we are on the road.”

Halo infinite It is planned to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC this holiday season.

Jacob started to report on video games and technology as a hobby in college, but soon he realized that this was how he wanted to make a living. He currently lives in New York and writes for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.


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