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The team behind the bad XIII remake is very sorry | Instant News

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Reproduce the classic cult thirteen come out And sucks! It is cheap and anxious. It deprives people of the only thing that people like the original version, which is its bold transparent shade of comic art style. For that, I’m sorry, now (after everyone panned the game) publishers and developers are just now.

In a joint statement posted on the publisher Microids website, they and the developer PlayMagic both said (emphasize what I mean):


Earlier this week, the highly anticipated XIII remake was expected by many fans. Unfortunately, the released version did not meet player expectations, we heard loud voices and cleared legitimate criticism and disappointment.

First of all, we would like to express our sincerest apologies for the technical problems of the game. In its current state, XIII has not yet reached our quality standards, and we fully understand the frustration of players. The pandemic has affected the production of games on multiple levels. Homework for team work adds to the development schedule and unexpected delays in the quality check process. We hope that we can provide the first day patch to resolve all issues, but the development process of this update took more time than expected.

We want to assure you that PlayMagic is working hard to resolve all game issues. Through real-time monitoring and multiple patches over the next few days and weeks, we hope to achieve the quality level of the best gaming experience we all desire. The first update will be released shortly to address the most urgent issues related to controls, frame rates, collisions, rendering, and sound. For information about upcoming patches, please click on the following link:

In addition, we would like to thank the community for all feedback. We will carefully review each comment and pass on errors and issues to the development team. Feel free to send us your feedback and questions: [email protected]

Finally, know that we are working on a detailed roadmap, focusing on the upcoming free game content additions, such as new levels, weapons, appearances and modes of local multiplayer games.

Our goal is to please all XIII fans, and we will make unremitting efforts to achieve our goals.

The team of Microids and PlayMagic

Condemning this pandemic is very weak, because they certainly don’t have the most important deadline Have Hit this! At least there are some excuses at the 2020 sports meeting,but nobody It is required to remake the shooting land in 2003 in this quarter or other time. If the pandemic caused “unexpected delays,” then…delay the game!

Anyway, I said this last week, but you can Or buy the original for change, It seems better than waiting for it to become less scary and playing the game.


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HomePod Mini begins to reach customers | Instant News

The launch day of HomePod mini has officially started in countries/regions such as Australia and Japan. The calendar in these countries/regions has changed to November 16, and the first orders have begun to be delivered to customers. Track cargo in the MacRumors forum.

Instagram user Disease Shared a photo of the white HomePod mini and its packaging box.

Daniel Feodoroff (Daniel Feodoroff) It is one of the first customers in the world to purchase HomePod mini from the Apple Store in Miranda, Australia.

The HomePod mini is priced at $99 and is a more budget-friendly competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home, while still offering many of the features of the full-size HomePod, including Siri, HomeKit, Apple Music, intercom voice messaging, and stereo pairing. HomePod mini is equipped with the same S5 chip as Apple Watch Series 5, which can realize “computing audio”, and many critics are right The sound quality of the speakers is impressive.

HomePod mini will also be launched in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Spain and the United Kingdom.


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Twitch adds new predictive features to chat interactions | Instant News

Had one of the worst weeks ever in Twitch Dealing with ridiculous DMCA, They introduced a new feature.The company revealed prediction It will now be added to the list of features that partner streaming can use to attract viewers. It works like a poll, just be aware that you are using channel points (these channel points are free, and you can make money by watching your favorite streamers) to place bets on the chat questions they ask.Like who will win a game Fall guy. If you make the prediction correctly, you will receive a portion of the total bet viewer points. Here are some details about how the new system works for people who use it.

Now you can guess who will win on Twitch through chat, but you have to vote.

You set up events and their possible outcomes, and then viewers use “channel points” to predict the events they think will be the final outcome. Viewers who guess correctly will win channel points proportionally from the total number. We built this product based on your feedback: You want to engage the community in a fun and simple way and make your channel participation better. Viewers want new ways to use their hard-earned channel credits to interact with your video stream and join the action. The success of opinion polls and related third-party extensions shows the general demand for this type of tool. Therefore, we are proud to provide creators like you with another powerful feature of Predictions, who can build communities and enhance the viewing experience.

Now the creators and mods included in the soft launch can use the chat command/prediction or go to your stream manager and add “Manage Predictions” quick action. You can then enter details about the prediction to run and the two possible outcomes. After the information is complete, you can start forecasting. You can manage forecasts from the information center. To complete your forecast, select “End Submission” and select the result. Then, all channel points will be awarded to the winning viewers.

on Gavin Sheehan

Gavin is the current game editor of Bleeding Cool. He is a lifelong geek who can chat with you on comics, TV, video games, and even professional wrestling. He can also teach you how to play “Star Trek” chess, be your mercy on “Overwatch”, recommend random cool music and gangsters in D&D. He also likes hundreds of other things that cannot be covered in a single paragraph. Follow @TheGavinSheehan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vero for random pictures and contemplation.

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Twitch pledges to donate $1,000,000 to AbleGamers | Instant News


AbleGamers is no stranger to supporting those who believe in their business, but the streaming platform Twitch takes this approach to another level.

In the keynote speech of Twitch’s GlitchCon event, the famous Twitch host Dr. Lupo revealed the expected donation to Steven Spohn, COO of AbleGamers.

Dr. Lubo said: “The goal here is to make games and make people as important as what you do.” “So Twitch wants me to let you know that they will send the $1 million, and thank you very much for helping us, the Twitch community, and Important work done by the majority of gamers.”

Spoon expressed his gratitude during the disclosure and subsequently on Twitter. He thanked all the people involved in Twitch, AbleGamers for keeping the organization running, and for supporting the organization over the years.

“To you who support me, my work, AbleGamers, and our lofty dream that everyone can participate in: thank you. They did it because of you!” he wrote.

Spohn caught the moment the donation was revealed to him and posted it in his thank-you letter in a tweet. It can be found below.

This is the news from Spohn The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for AbleGamers Celebrated his 40th birthday earlier this year. Prior to the donation, he had successfully raised $150,000 for this goal through donations from the gaming industry and joint efforts with other streamers.

For more information about AbleGamers, please check Our display scope of Freedom Wing Adapter accessibility technology, Created by the joint efforts of charities and ATMakers.For more information about the organization, please view Ablegamers official website.

For more information about this year’s GlitchCon, please continue Twitch’s official page All the latest news and events outside the ongoing digital convention.

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The fastest way to improve reputation | Instant News

key point

  • Now, a new “star method” update is available in “Genshin Impact”
  • New update introduces reputation system
  • There are several ways to help you quickly improve your reputation

As part of the promise of improvements, miHoYo introduced a new reputation system with the latest “Genshin Impact” update. For players who want to know how to quickly improve their reputation, here are some of the best ways.

Ways to improve reputation

There are four ways to improve the player’s reputation In “Genshin Impact”. Some of them are limited weekly, and some can be performed daily. These are regional missions, world expeditions, bounties and requirements.

The regional missions in “Genshin Impact” consist of regional-based missions. This can be in the form of daily commissions, side tasks or main tasks in the city. This kind of task can be picked up from the prestige NPC that the player must find and complete to obtain the reward prestige.

Genshin Impact-Game Status Trailer | PS4 Photo: Genshin Impact/YouTube screenshot

Another way to improve the reputation of players in “Genshin Impact” is through world exploration. Players can search for Elemental Eyes, open chests or activate Waypoint to increase their reputation. Essentially, players gain reputation through exploration in Leyue and Monstadt.

Bounty is another way to improve player reputation in “Genshin Impact”. This is similar to what the “Mandalorian” did in the first season of the popular TV series. In other words, players must search for and defeat specific targets in each region to increase reputation. Unfortunately, all cities can only complete 3 rewards per week.

Players can also improve their reputation in “Genshin Impact” by completing requests. These are the requirements of local residents and will be refreshed every Monday. It’s like a bounty. Players can only complete three requests per week in all cities. In addition to prestige, players also receive Mora as part of the reward.

Need and reputation NPC location

Monsstadt and Liyue provide a new reputation system in “Genshin Impact”.Release reputation among these area, The player must reach risk level 25 to complete the archon mission “The Windrunner of Mondessad” prologue: the first act of Mondessatt and the prologue of “The Windrunner Orlander”: the first act of Li Yue.

For Mondstadt reputation, players can first talk to Hertha, the coordinator of the Favonius Order. In order to gain Li Yue reputation, players can talk to Ms. Yu, secretary of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


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