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Twitter confirms the interruption, saying that there is “no evidence” of hackers or security breaches | Instant News

Like when Twitter crashes, the first question is, can we talk about it when Twitter crashes? Facebook? Discord? Reddit? of course, People like Roberto Baldwin may find relief in silence.

Update 6:40 PM: each Post on Twitter Developer Forum, The staff Jessica Garson (Jessica Garson) said: “Thank you very much for your help. Due to the power outage, we are currently aware of this situation and we are working on it as soon as possible. Some endpoints seem to have returned.”

A spokesperson said in a statement: “We know that people are having trouble tweeting and using Twitter. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We will share more information and share the Tweet- of @TwitterSupport as much as possible. Stay tuned.”

Twitter Official status page It has also been updated to reflect the incident, and specifically pointed out: “We have no evidence that this interruption was caused by a security breach or hacking. We are currently investigating the internal root cause and will share it as soon as possible.”

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The best Prime Day smart home offers you can still enjoy include discounts on Eero Pro Mesh, Echo Show, speakers, etc. | Instant News

This story is Amazon Prime Day, CNET provides guidance on everything you need to know and how to ensure the best deal.

Amazon’s salesman Golden day Came and went, but there are still some Smart home The remaining transactions on devices include some of Amazon’s own devices. Still on the list are Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo speakers, as well as Arlo floodlight surveillance cameras and Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers.

The savings themselves vary, including free equipment, multiple purchase discounts, and in some cases simple price reductions (some only for a limited time).

Although the big day has passed, there are many other days You can still enjoy the best prime time offers And retailers offer discounts, including Wal-Mart’s best “Big Save” deals The validity period ends today.

We will provide you with the latest information below.


The price of the Eero Pro 6 system is higher than the standard Eero 6, but it is built to support gigabit speeds. If you pre-order this bundle now, Amazon will provide a free Fire TV Cube video streaming device after Eero 6 will be available in November.


Amazon also offers special offers for its new Echo smart speaker. If you buy two Echo (2020) devices, Amazon will reduce the total price by $30.As long as you use the code, you can pay $170 instead of $200 Echo 2PK At checkout.


Our current favorite floodlight security camera, Arlo Pro 3, is easy to install and has practical features. Its performance is also very good, and has easy-to-browse applications. All of this, plus its Prime Day discount, makes this camera extremely attractive. Read our Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera review.


Amazon’s Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system may be brand new, but you can buy it in the kit, which comes with two Philips Hue White Ambiance LED bulbs. Amazon also includes a free Echo Dot smart speaker to increase the sweetness of the pot. First read our Eero 6.

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The Echo Show 8 is one of our favorite smart displays, and its screen is large and good. It is very suitable for video chat and Netflix, and has excellent audio quality.Amazon has reduced the price to $65-only half price-including a free one-year subscription Food Network Kitchen, Cooking aid application. Read our Echo Show 8 review.

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Integrate Amazon Alexa into your car audio system through Echo Auto. Now with a price discount of $30, the device is worth seeing for those seeking to add a voice assistant to their wheelset.

Sarah Tu/CNET

This is an important feature of the company’s high-end smart speaker Amazon Echo Studio. As part of the transaction, Amazon will purchase two Philips Hue Wi-Fi connected LED bulbs for $150. The regular price of the Studio is $200, while a pair of Hue bulbs usually cost $30. This means you save a total of $80.

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You can purchase Ring’s Stick Up Cam Battery HD for a savings of $20 at the regular price. This battery-powered camera sells for $80 on Prime Day and can be placed anywhere inside or outside the house, allowing you to monitor things while you are out. It also has a microphone, so you can choose to listen and speak. Read our Ring Stick Up Cam Battery review.

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This incredible port of Disco Elysium Game Boy can also be played on PC | Instant News

To celebrate the first anniversary of Disco Elysium, a fan remade the first part of the game in the style of the original Nintendo Game Boy. This port can be played online for free on desktop or mobile devices, but of course the best way to celebrate is to play on the actual Game Boy, which you can do by downloading a ROM and loading it into a flash box.

Although you will not be able to play the entire game, the unofficial Game Boy port allows you to choose a prototype and operate in a clear version of the initial sequence and game parts, supplemented by slightly shortened dialogues and adapted dice. . Scroll mechanism and intuitive arrow key controls. This may make you want to go back and play Disco Elysium again, but is this really a bad thing?After all, we rank it in Best games of 2019.

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Facebook accidentally locked some users into its new Oculus headset | Instant News

Facebook said a series of reports stated that buyers were unable to use virtual reality headsets due to Facebook accounts being suspended, so a “small number” of customers were locked out of the new Oculus Quest 2 headsets. On Twitter, Urge users to contact Oculus If they have problems.

Such as Upload VR Reported yesterday, Users complained that they were suspended for unclear reasons when they tried to set up Quest 2. For example, there is a poster on the Oculus subreddit, Description is forbidden After creating a Facebook page for the first time and merging it with an existing Oculus account. “I logged into the Facebook website to lock my profile because I had no intention of using social media sites, and within a few minutes of merging my account and changing my profile settings, I was banned from my account without any reason or reason , Come to think of it,” the user told edge In an email-make Quest 2 the “new white paperweight”. Others in the subreddit are blocked because of their own experiences.

Quest 2 is the first Oculus headset that requires a Facebook login instead of a separate Oculus account. Many existing customers used Oculus accounts on previous headsets, and setting up Quest required them to be merged-for some users, this process is far from seamless. Oculus promised in a statement Upload VR But this will not permanently damage access to purchased games. The spokesperson said: “If someone has trouble logging in to Quest 2 with their Facebook account, they may temporarily lose access to the content, but once these login issues are resolved, they will be able to access its content.”

New Oculus buyers who are already Facebook users may see fewer problems because they are only prompted to register through Facebook without merging any accounts.

The possibility of lock-in is a known risk of Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest 2 was released in September and shipped yesterday. Facebook requires people to use their real names on its services and suspends accounts that it believes to be untrue. If users send pictures of a driver’s license or other identification, it may restore them to their original state, but due to Facebook’s sheer size, the process may be slow, unattended or fail.

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395 horsepower Cupra Formentor with 5-cylinder turbocharged power | Instant News

Observers on the Nürburgring have seen what appears to be a five-cylinder Cupra Formentor smashing ring, the exhaust ports are diagonally staggered, and the Audi RS Q3 engine

395 horsepower Cupra Formentor with 5-cylinder turbo power-news

400 metric horsepower Cooper The SUV is being tested at the world-famous Nurburgring. This slightly camouflage Cupra Formentor test model will bring a new flagship model to this young Spanish brand.

Represents from Standard 306bhp Formentor, The new car uses a completely different engine.Borrow Audi’s five-cylinder charm factory RS Q3 Will distinguish the unnamed hero model (Formentor R, anyone?) from other models.

395 horsepower Cupra Formentor with 5-cylinder turbo power-news

The source said that we should expect a more aggressive front-end and wheel packaging than we see here, but it’s interesting Lexus IS-FExhaust nozzles stacked diagonally should be retained as a key style feature.

Formentor with cooking specifications should increase the speed by 0-62mph in about 5 seconds. Audi’s RS Q3 is slightly lower due to luxurious materials and sound insulation, but it can still complete the same launch in 4.5 seconds. If the top Formentor can cut a weight of 100 kg from the boss of the RS Q3, we will see a very interesting set of specifications.

395 horsepower Cupra Formentor with 5-cylinder turbo power-news

Since we know the 2480cc engine very well, we also know that the new Cupra will be automatic, with no manual options at all. The RS Q3 has a peak power of 5850rpm, has a flat torque curve, and has enough muscle (up to 354lb ft) at almost any speed. This will be the third completely different engine option in Formentor, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder EA888 shared with most Volkswagen Group high-performance cars, and the hybrid option based on the 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine.

The parent company VAG may even slightly increase its power on the Audi borrowed from the engine. How can Cupra explain its status as a true brand? If not before the end of this year, we can expect more information about Formentor in early 2021.

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