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The New York Times worries about children playing video games too much during the pandemic | Instant News

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yesterday, New York Times It tells a story about how children spent too much time playing video games and using mobile phones during the covid-19 pandemic. Today, this story is on the front page of the newspaper.It seems strange considering how the world is disintegrating and democracy is disappearing before our eyes, but, yes, let us consider that the children may be playing too much Rob Rox.

article, Runs on January 16Some experts were quoted and many “scary” figures about the show time were put forward. But this also obscures the fact that video games and the Internet have helped many people (children and adults) stay in touch and stay sane during this terrible time.

The entire post was strangely booked by a small random family currently struggling in the pandemic. Their son plays a lot of video games to connect with friends. His father and mother were worried about how much time he spent in front of the screen, but he also knew that this was one of several ways he had to socialize safely while covid-19 was running wild around the world. I think this is a difficult situation, and I think many parents around the world are experiencing this situation. But only highlighting children and how much screen time they use, it ignores that all of us, not just children and teenagers, are dealing with the increase in screen time and the lack of real human interaction. Instead, this article continues to explore how unhealthy and dangerous all this screen time is for children. How do children need to disconnect more.Kids play too much Rob Rox.

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“When you are married and under pressure, what are you going to do? Tell your wife, do you need to play Xbox?” This is a sentence from the mother’s story, because the son explained that after their dog died on New Year’s Eve, he Use games to get rid of sadness. Presented as negative. But when I and others use video games to relieve stress or get out of a bad day, I can list countless times. This is not my attempt to throw this mother under the bus. I can understand the frustration she and many others are experiencing.

The real question is why this frustration needs to be placed on the first page of the ad New York TimesAppeared in an article that views video games and the Internet as dangerous, addictive things that are destroying our children and restraining them. Literally, the beginning of this article quoted his father saying that he felt he had “failed” his son because he played video games and used a mobile phone. As I saw in some local news broadcasts in the 90s, the background is a clip of NES children.

This is not the first time we see Larger and older stores are only for kids who play games And try to use scary information and scary numbers to construct a narrative that completely ignores reality.

Is there any reason to worry about how much time we all spend online? probably. Spending 12 hours on Twitter, destined to be involved in the latest tragedy, probably hurt me in a way that I don’t fully understand. However, things are different now. The world is fighting a global pandemic that kills thousands every day. Many of us are trapped inside, dealing with all the stress and boredom. Through all this, we continue to work, go to school, raise children and deal with hundreds of other issues. I don’t have to tell you how difficult life has been for many of us in the past year (check calendar)? (damn it…)

So if you or your child need to escape and want to play some my world Maybe you will end up playing a few more hours than usual, don’t worry. We all rely on digital apps and services to stay connected and happy. Binge some Netflix. Have a Zoom hangout meeting with family and friends.Or play some Call of Duty Theater And your long-distance brothers and sisters.

Life is already very difficult now. Don’t beat yourself for taking care of yourself or letting children play with friends.


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Vote: Box Art Brawl #75-Resident Evil: Deadly Silence | Instant News

Welcome back Boxed art fight, This is our regular poll to understand which region has the best vintage album cover art.

Last time, We looked at Capcom’s DS gem Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective To commemorate its tenth anniversary (in the West). The cover of North America swept it with more than 60% of the vote, leaving a quarter of Japan and the rest of Europe.

This week we will continue to use Capcom and Nintendo DS another Anniversary round. Yes, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence The game was launched 15 years ago on January 19, 2006, bringing authentic Sanshang original PlayStation games to Nintendo’s handheld computers to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the series.Using the system’s touch screen and adding some mechanics to the original frame, Deadly Silence is an underrated port, and still a must for revisiting the crumbling B movie horror and mid-90s visual effects in the game with its original appearance. The best method (such as reimagining the Remake).

Resident Evil Series Of course he is a frequent visitor of’Brawl’, so far no less than four times.Variants of Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 2with Resident Evil 4 Have been seeking your approval in the past.

So, pack your (Jill) sandwiches and let’s go back to Spencer Mansion…



The European cover puts the fierce tyrant on an appropriate blood-red background, with its mutated claws visible, albeit largely covered by the logo. However, we can see the explosive abdominal muscles below him and the impressive set of pliers above him.

There are not large numbers here. We like the overall impression of crimson and the villain, even though it resembles your face, and it does not convey the great tension you will feel when exploring the monotonous corridors of a mansion. However, you will love the yellow splash of the Capcom logo.

North America

Not applicable

The cover of North America adds more action, Jill Valentine (Jill Valentine) has two guns in his hand, one shot. When the tyrant enveloped the entire collage, she was flanked by a group of zombies (and a nasty reptile boy and yellow eyes). Although we are not sure what he is doing, his big claws envelope the picture. Throw shape, maybe?

The logo is the same, but reduced to show more artwork.In general fine, But it is more versatile and less focused than the European version.



Think carefully about the Japanese cover. Evoke the evil things of residents without showing the game’s final boss or gung ho hero gung ho. An ominous crow puts the focus on the stage, against the burning orange-red light, in the darkness of its outline, you can distinguish the zombie’s glazed face from the blurred outline of the Spencer building.

Remember, this is a game released on the tenth anniversary of the iconic original, so it is reasonable to assume that everyone already has the new name “Biohazard”, so this more enlightening cover will be very interesting. Works well. Although it is not so noticeable, we admire how it avoids this situation.

So you have seen these choices, but which one exists in your mind? Choose the one you like and click “Vote” to notify us below:

fifteen years! Please feel free to share your memories of the smaller REmake below. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy -hI wish you a happy week, and we will see you again for another Box Art Brawl.


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Capcom Cup cancelled due to rising COVID-19 cases | Instant News

of Capcom Cup and Street fighter The World League Championship originally scheduled for February was cancelled due to the following circumstances: Coronavirus disease The publisher announced on a global scale.

Capcom said that although it initially believed it could run the incident with limited risk, the surge in cases in certain areas caused it to reassess its decision. There will be an online-only Season Final instead, which will highlight the best players of the season.

The full text of Capcom is as follows:

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, we unfortunately decided to cancel the Capcom Cup and Street Fighter League World Championships scheduled to be held from February 19th to February 21st. Although we firmly believe that a large-scale event can be held without affecting the players, employees and crew, as the situation develops and the global epidemic situation intensifies, we have reassessed.

Instead, we will make an online-only finals so that we can still focus on the best players of the season. All players who win the online premier will be invited to participate in the finals. We are in contact with all eligible players to ensure their participation. Detailed information on the revised format will be available on in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank the fans, players and FGC for supporting Capcom Pro Tour during the difficult season. The community deserves a platform to celebrate their perseverance during a challenging year, so our goal is to achieve this through the Capcom Fighters network from February 20th to 21st.


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Apple expands 13-inch MacBook Pro backlight repair program | Instant News

Apple expanded its global reach this week 13-inch MacBook Pro display backlight service program, Authorize eligible laptops to provide warranty for up to five years after the original purchase date or up to three years after the start date of the program. The last deadline was four years after the original purchase date.

Apple launched the program On May 21, 2019 It is determined that a “small part” of the 13-inch MacBook Pro machines sold between October 2016 and February 2018 may have vertical bright areas at the bottom of the display or the backlight may not work fully. Eligible models include MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, two Thunderbolt 3 ports) and MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, four Thunderbolt 3 ports).

To determine which Mac model you have, click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, and select “About This Mac” from the menu. Apple has not yet extended the program to any other MacBook models.

Apple or an Apple authorized service provider will replace the display on the affected 13-inch MacBook Pro unit free of charge.To start the repair process, please visit Get the support page on the Apple website. If you think your MacBook Pro is affected by this issue and have paid to repair the monitor, you can contact Apple for a possible refund.

In 2019, the repair website iFixit reported that the backlight problem was caused by a delicate flexible cable that would wear out and break after repeatedly turning the display on and off on the affected 13-inch MacBook Pro Extend the length of the flexible cable by 2mm In the 2018 model, this seems to solve the problem.


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Can the Covid-19 vaccine passport be used? | Instant News

Many startups and major technology companies such as Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Apple and Google are interested in vaccines or immunization passports to help reopen the economy. But public health officials were tired and warned that these applications would be meaningless without more knowledge about the efficacy of vaccines. Watch the video above to learn more about digital vaccine verification and how to prove your immunity to the coronavirus before participating in events or entering buildings. »Subscribe to CNBC: https: // »Subscribe to CNBC TV: https: //» Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https: // About CNBC: from’Wall CNBC for you Covered award-winning original documentaries and Reality TV series. Experience special peeping of your favorite shows, exclusive videos and more. Contact CNBC News online for the latest news: Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: Follow CNBC News on Facebook: Follow CNBC news on Twitter: Follow CNBC news on Instagram: Subscribe to CNBC PRO: #CNBC将Covid Does -19 vaccine passport work?

Publication time: Sunday, January 17, 2021, Greenwich Mean Time

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