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Google opens first cloud region in Indonesia | Instant News

Google has opened its first cloud region in Indonesia, offering three cloud zones and their usual range of services, including cloud SQL, cloud, wrench, engine Google Kubernetes, BigQuery and service. The launch follows in the footsteps of cloud Chinese competitor Alibaba, which opened its second data center in the Asian market last year.

Located in Jakarta, the ninth cloud Google region in the Asia-Pacific region, which also includes Singapore and South Koreacurrently servicing local clients, such as e-Commerce platform Tokopedia, the operator PT XL Axiata Bank Rakyat Indonesia. The new site pushes the global cloud footprint Google in 24 regions and 73 areas in 17 markets.

Google has added to blog Wednesday that it plans to launch 150,000 hands-on learning lab in Indonesia this year, which will include free training Google cloud platform, a cloud-based learning, and digital scholarship to help professionals to receive a certificate for a cloud platform.

Indra Utoyo, Director of Bank Rakyat Indonesia digital, it, and operation, said that the Bank currently taps Apigee, the platform for Google APIs (application programming interfaces) and cloud vision to facilitate its work of development. Utoyo added that it takes a hybrid cloud model, a series of operations in the enterprise.

Size XL Axiata chief information and digital officer Yessie D. Yosetya said the operator is aiming to move 70% of their workloads to the cloud within the next three years and was deployed Antos to automate and scale the load between its “hybrid and multiple cloud environments.”

Said Yosetya anthos was “natural”, as it enabled the organization to accept containers, allowing Google created Kubernetes to manage container infrastructure for the operator.

The Indonesian launch of Google comes amid increased competition in the cloud market in Asia with Alibaba in April will introduce 200 billion yuan ($28 billion) investment for your cloud the business over the next three years. The Chinese tech giant said the funds will be channeled to development of infrastructure, including servers, chips, network and operating system.

Alibaba last year opened a second data center in Indonesiathe doubling of its internal capacity, and then said this is the only global provider of public cloud to the local data centers in the country. Two sites offered a wide range of services, including databases, networks, storage systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications.

Google has also spent the last couple of years expanding its cloud presence in the regionthat grew out of the five cloud regions in 2018 in its current nine. USA global sales of cloud provider clocked in the first quarter to 2.77 billion dollars, which is 52% compared to the previous year. It does not break your income cloud or the number of customers by region.


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Handball 21 arrives on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November this year with major animations, AI | Instant News

Nacon showed the first trailer for Handball 21upcoming annual ascent from the IVF program for home consoles and PC. The game series is supported by Nacon (formerly known as Bigben interactive) who the last couple of years trying to eke out a market in neglected or abandoned alternative sports genre; the IVF program was more than ready to take the opportunity to gradually improve and develop under the guidance of Nacon for.

ECO is also responsible for Rugby game what Nacon manufactures, the latest of which was launched in January this year For Xbox One PS4 and PC.

Like Handball 21you can check out the brief snippet of gameplay with the announcement teaser below to get a General idea of what to expect from the upcoming game.

Although the trailer is not very hunched when he came to outlining the content, in a press release delved a little in the direction of the development of things shows that it’s been four years since the last Handball exiting the IVF, and then Bigben interactive. While the developers are working on improving gameplay and performance optimization.

While the main visual elements are not the most epochal moment in the market, they completely redo all of the player animations and an overhaul of the AI to be more aggressive and behaviorally realistic.

New defensive tactics, custom playsets and passing options have also been included, allowing for more tactical alternatives of the game offer gamers.

There are also more than 1,600 licensed players, which will appear in the game, along with the ability to play solo with an all-new mode, League, or hold a competition for players in online or offline modes.

On paper it seems decent, medium budget despite the fact that handball for gamers. We’ll see if he actually plays, as well as the press release makes it out to be.

You can learn more by visiting official website Nacon. Handball 21 due out November this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Chrome For Android Can Now Determine Words With Simple Taps | Instant News

Google Chrome on Android seems to get a new text selection feature that allows the browser to define words with one tap. That was based recently report highlights the incoming features, which seem to start running slowly now.

As implied, this feature is centered around other capabilities that already exist in Chrome for Android. Namely, because the browser is currently functioning, users can highlight text and then pull up on the card that appears at the bottom of the UI. The card contained a lot of information taken from a Google search for selected words.

Now, Chrome also seems to show a new card at the bottom. It contains definitions for each word selected on the page. A pronunciation guide is also included. Long press a term or word to select it, with a change in place, back to the search results described earlier. Pulling on the definition gives a complete knowledge graph for the term being searched.

That means that users can now get a lot of information for words with very little action, helping them to fully understand text context better.

This is also in beta but it is much more functional there

This feature also looks alive and well in Chrome Beta for Android – currently in version 84. But additional features can be found on that platform as well. And that will undeniably make tap-to-search more functional and useful.

In testing, the features in Chrome Beta not only look for definitions of words. Trying to do a search to define the word “physicist” in one article, for example, it pulls the terms around it too. In this case, it is one mathematician in particular – as shown in the example image below.

From there, the card shifted from defining the term to putting public information about the scientist in question.

At first glance, it might seem like an arbitrary change. But this will help end users more easily find out about people who are referred or involved in the news. Or other writings. That, in turn, can help users better understand where information comes from and maybe even help users determine the truth of the information.

For example, an article about science can refer to one or two scientists, specifically. Giving users the ability to click on their names and determine their work and other information can help users find out if they are experts in the relevant field. As a result, it will allow users to determine whether they have the expertise needed to make the claims associated with them.

If and when Google releases a feature, it will stack well above the others related to checking facts that feature has been launched.

When does Google Chrome determine the words for you?

As shown above, this is basically a feature that is being tested for now. So not all users will see Chrome for Android deciding what to tap on now. Instead, the feature appears to be directly linked to the experimental settings found in the “chrome: // flags” hidden settings menu. That can be found there through a simple search for the term “definition of contextual search.”

Given the state of feature discovery, it’s not immediately clear when it will be launched more broadly as well. Maybe Google plans to launch both beta features here simultaneously. Or maybe choose to launch one before the other. However, this will make Google browser stand out just a little more than other apps on the platform when it finally arrives.

Chrome may immediately not only define words but help users find information about people referenced in online text

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Rogue Legacy 2 Release Date Revealed for July 2020 | Instant News

Naughty inheritance is a fun Metroidvania with its own unique challenges and the sequel has been around for a while. Now, we finally study Rogue Legacy 2 release date – and it’s not too far!

check that Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Trailer to see some new heroes that you can play in action!

If you have not played Naughty inheritance, You missed the Metroidvania roguelite game with a fun twist: You have never played the same character twice. After vowing to defeat the ancient evil, your family sends a brave warrior to battle in the mysterious mechanical castle. Unfortunately, they are very unlikely to survive.

But it’s okay! Your children (and your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren) will raise your sword and continue the fight. Each successive attempt will give you more money and new strength, giving you a better chance to venture deep into the castle and defeat the evil enemies in it.

Now, Cellar Door Games is proud to announce that they have locked it Rogue Legacy 2 release date – and it’s almost a month away!

When Rogue Legacy 2 Release Date?

Alright, let’s get to the brass footing: when Rogue Legacy 2 release date? If you are worried that you have to sit on your butt all summer without doing anything, don’t worry anymore! You will be able to play this game when it launches on Steam Early Access on July 23, 2020. No prices have been announced.

If you like Metroidvanias, roguelite, or both, you should continue and Add Rogue Legacy 2 to your wishlist on Steam. In the meantime, you can stay busy by buying the original Naughty inheritance in Steam, Humble Shop, or DRM free on GOG for $ 14.99 or your regional equivalent.

Disclosure: GOG and Humble Bundle work with TechRaptor for affiliate partnerships, and TechRaptor gets a small commission from purchases made from several links in this article.

Do you like to play Rogue Legacy 2? What was your favorite element in the first game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Reminder: The “Big” Pokémon Project that Will Be Revealed in Pokemon Presents Livestream Tomorrow | Instant News

As ridiculed at Pokémon Presents live streaming last week, the second showcase will air tomorrow, June 24th. Just like last time, it will be around 11 minutes.

At the end of last week’s performance, The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara teased a ‘big project’ to be launched in the second presentation. The stream is now and ready to be seen on YouTube (you can look at it above, if you want to wait), and we are only less than 24 hours to see what Pokémon has for us.

You might have noticed that Pokemon fans have begun to speculate about what the announcement was, with many believers it can be a new one Let’s go style game set in the Johto region.

Be sure to check back tomorrow with us at 2 PM BST / 3 PM CEST / 6:00 PDT / 9:00 EDT to watch the show live, and tell us what you expect with the comments below.


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