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Rise of Monster Hunter is expected to be sold with Monster Hunter World – Capcom | Instant News

A bold prediction of the upcoming Switch exclusive product.

monster hunter Has always been the main seller of Capcom, but Monster hunter world The series reached a new height unprecedented for Capcom games. Soon, new games in the series will be brought exclusively to Switch Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom seems to have high expectations for its sales.

Said in an interview Nikkei (Translated by someone Nintendo everything), said Tsuumoto Haruhiro, President of Capcom Monster Hunter Rise Expected sales and world Have been sold, and follow up with Capcom expected reservations.According to Tsu Ben Monster Hunter Rise The release in late March means that most of the game’s profits will begin to flow in the next fiscal year (starting on April 1), but overall, the game is expected to be sold as well as “previous works.”

Tsujimoto said: “We have started accepting pre-orders for the games, and so far, they have become the pre-orders we expect.” “Due to the pandemic, development was suspended for nearly a month, and the release was postponed to March 2021, so we expect Most of the game revenue will appear in the next fiscal year. With the release of the new game, the “announcement effect” will help spread information about the game. We hope that the sales of the game will be the same as the previous works, for example Monster hunter world. “

Currently, Monster hunter world Sales volume Standing at 16.4 million units Capcom games have become the best-selling stand-alone game ever in the world. This number will be hard to beat (or even match) Monster Hunter Rise Especially because world, It will be limited to one platform. Of course, the Switch has a ridiculous software sales record ( monster hunter), so this is not entirely impossible.

Monster Hunter Rise It will land on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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Nintendo Switch Black Friday: Is it better than PS5 and Xbox Series X? | Instant News

Since people have been waiting for these next-generation game consoles, both Xbox Series X and PlayStation5 are crawling on order, and it seems that there is another game console competing! The Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal seems so good, incredible, According to British Express!

What makes Nintendo Switch a great game console?

One thing that Nintendo Switch really gains on the map is that it is designed to work like a GameBoy or PSP to familiarize players with the entire game console, and it also provides real next-level features that most people can’t imagine. These new features include certain features, such as a detachable controller, which can accommodate up to four players in some games.

The Nintendo Switch itself is not only a portable mini console, but also a complete console in itself, which can be easily plugged into the TV so that players can play with other players or by themselves. The convenience and portability provided by the console have become their two main selling points.

Popular games on Ninentdo Switch

There are many popular games on Nintendo Switch, such as “Zelda”, “Mario” and more! Another popular game that many people have been playing on Nintendo Switch is Animal Crossing.According to a Article in the Independent.

The 2020 coronavirus has also made a huge contribution to the increase of Nintendo Switch users. When COVID-19 first came out, lockdowns and social distancing proliferated all gamers who wanted to eliminate boredom. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch was readily available at the time, and many people chose it.

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Players can get Nintendo Switch Black Friday specials

Regarding Nintendo Switch, one good thing about Nintendo is that players can get its game consoles immediately, while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are not as good as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. A Nintendo Switch Black Friday includes not only some of the most popular Switch games, but also the Switch itself. CNet articles. Although not directly competing with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, it seems that Nintendo Switch is more concerned with maintaining the tradition of Black Friday.

Usually, when a new game console comes out, the older game opportunity stays in place, waiting for the hype to subside, and then announcing a promotion or other possible actions to compete with the new game console. This move by Nintendo made Nintendo Switch once again attracted the attention of gamers, and it is also difficult to get the next generation of game consoles.

For Nintendo Switch, for those who don’t have it yet, the benefit is that it is more affordable compared to the upcoming new game consoles.

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How do you back up photos on your phone? | Instant News

Google Photos may be the best product the company has ever released.But just last week, Google let people know End its free unlimited photo backup (And some Pixel-specific exclusion), push us all to the paid Google One storage plan, because we may run out of space after the new policy is implemented next year. In view of this, we would love to know how you back up photos on your phone.

Although Google Photos may be ubiquitous among our readers-since it comes with most mobile phones, it is free and easy to use-there are many competitive services out there, including some that you may not know about.You’ve heard that cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive can back up your photos as easily as other files, but there are Amazon photos, It provides unlimited full-resolution photo storage for anyone with a Prime account.

Samsung used to have its own photo backup in Samsung Cloud, but it announced that it would be phased out As early as September.You can also use Synology’s products to launch your own solutions DS photo With NAS, I must assume that people who use other solutions have open options.The deeper hardware rabbit hole is like this SanDisk’s iXpand wireless charger/photo backup system. Of course, many of our readers use iPhones, and may take advantage of Apple’s iCloud, and it is almost certain that most of us have not even heard of other solutions.

After the new regulations come into effect, many of us are looking for alternatives to Google Photos Next June, Then, if you want to fully back up your photos, how do you protect your photos?

How do you back up photos on your phone?

  • Google Photos (77%, 570 votes)
  • I manually copied them to my computer (8%, 63 votes)
  • I will also mention other things in the comments (3%, 26 votes)
  • A drive (3%, 22 votes)
  • Apple iCloud (2%, 16 votes)
  • I do not back up photos from my phone (2%, 12 votes)
  • Synology DS photos (1%, 11 votes)
  • Amazon photos (1%, 9 votes)
  • Drop box (1%, 9 votes)
  • Local backup hardware like a charger (is one thing) (1%, 6 votes)

Total voters: 744


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“Playstation 5 is related to the blockbuster” | Instant News

North America and Japan release at 8 a.m. for PlayStation 5. Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony Interactive Entertainment) CEO Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) – therefore, the person responsible for overseeing one of the employees Largest consumer technology release Ten years-is working with telegraph From his home in North London, to the fireplace behind him is decorated with various greeting cards.

“If I can travel, I might try to find a way to launch both Japan and the U.S. on the same day by using the time zone. If you handle the time zone correctly, it might be explained by Ryan sadly, and then added this It should be a day of global travel, and the pleasant exchange will end with the business update of the tripartite global company starting at 10:30 pm.

You cannot ask us to explain more vividly the abnormal period in which we live.

On the day of PlayStation, it seemed to ironically increase the damage Resuming the retail war with rival Xbox, Its president is conducting media interviews through Microsoft Teams.

Despite travel restrictions, the launch of the PlayStation 5 is a critical moment in his career for Ryan. Ryan is a friendly accountant headed by Geordie. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which has retired since 1994, has served as an international financial officer.

Ryan’s advantage coincides with the brand’s advantage. He launched the first PlayStation game console in the first year after joining, thus opening the gaming hardware dynasty, which will affect the development of the media in the coming decades.

Indeed, for generations of gamers, the brand has become synonymous with pastime itself. The breakthrough marketing strategy aimed at people in their twenties rather than the traditional teenage game audience positions PlayStation as an entertainment form of choice for post-conference entertainment and has changed the demographic structure of the video game industry. PSOne continues to sell more than 100 million sun blinds. Its successor was released in 2000, sold 50 million copies again, and remains the most successful game console ever.

“This is a journey we have been on for 25 years,” Ryan reflects. “Even now, many of us have written to me desperately, trying to get PS5. People who were in the 50s and late 50s have been working with us since 1995 and have been members of the PlayStation community ever since. Now, I am very happy. Read that their son or daughter is a PlayStation game player.”


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Samsung Galaxy S21 leaked specifications indicate that Ultra models will support S Pen | Instant News

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is expected to debut in January, and Android police There are many leaked specifications for upcoming phones. The usual warnings about leaked information apply, but most of them meet your expectations.

Android police The leaker who said it confirmed Early rendering of S21-Display the same camera bump as the Galaxy S20-accurate.

Rendered Galaxy S21
Steve Hemerstorf

Three S21 models are expected-Standard, Plus and Ultra.according to Android police, The screen of S21 will be 6.2 inches, the screen of Plus will be 6.7 inches, and the screen of Ultra will be 6.8 inches. Android police The leaked information confirms that S21 Ultra will support S Pen, but S Pen will not be included in the phone.

According to leaked information, these three phones will all be equipped with Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 2100 processors, and all will have Android 11-based One UI 3.1.

Cameras are expected to vary from phone to phone; S21 and S21 Plus are expected to be equipped with 12MP main lens, 12MP super wide-angle lens and 64MP telephoto lens; Ultra will be equipped with 108MP main lens, 10MP 3x optical telephoto lens and 10MP 10x optical telephoto lens and 12MP ultra-wide lens.

These phones are expected to have 5G capabilities, of which S21 and Plus both have Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, and Wi-Fi 6E in Ultra.

Depending on the leak, the battery will also vary depending on the Galaxy S21 model you choose: the S21 battery will have 4,000 mAh, the Plus will have 4,800 mAh, and the Ultra will have 5,000 mAh.

It is expected that the colors available for the S21 include Phantom Purple, Phantom Pink, Phantom Gray and Phantom White. The upgraded version will provide Phantom Silver, Phantom Black and Phantom Purple. And Ultra is only available for Phantom Silver and Phantom Black, Android police Say.

There is currently no price for any S21 model.

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