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Do children spread COVID-19? Risks because schools are considering reopening | Instant News

As countries begin to emerge from closures imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, the problem of how the virus affects children and whether schools should be reopened becomes increasingly important.


There are fewer cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by coronavirus, among children compared to cases among adults, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency said about 2% of confirmed US COVID-19 cases were among people under the age of 18. That figure is 2.2% in China, 1.2% in Italy, and 0.8% in Spain, according to the CDC.

But, like the general population, epidemiologists say the figure may not include asymptomatic children, because asymptomatic people are rarely tested for infections.

Officials have also warned doctors to be wary of cases of rarely life-threatening inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 in children, which are reported to be similar to Kawasaki disease.


A recent study looked at the international family group COVID-19 and found that children are the initial source of infection in less than 10% of cases. The study report, produced by the University of Queensland and posted on the SSRN precast platform in April, was submitted to the medical journal The Lancet but has not been reviewed by colleagues.

Some small studies in countries such as Iran and France have come to the same conclusion, such as the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.


At least one study that examined the number of coronaviruses in the bodies of COVID-19 patients, a measurement known as “viral load,” found that the volume was not age-related.

Researchers at the Institute of Virology at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin said that an analysis earlier this year of nearly 4,000 positive test samples found that very young people did not differ significantly from adults in viral load, leading them to be careful about the reopening of schools without limits .

But a separate analysis from research conducted by the University of Zurich, reminds that the findings are difficult to interpret because of the statistical methods used and the small number of cases identified in children and adolescents.

“Re-analysis of summary data with tests for trends shows that there is moderate, but not excessive, evidence to increase viral load with increasing age,” lead author Dr. Leonhard Held, professor of biostatistics at the University of Zurich.

(Reporting By Deena Beasley, Editing by Aurora Ellis)

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Mafia Trilogy Purchasing Guide: Release Date, Prices, Bonuses, And Much More | Instant News

2K Games has launched more details about Mafia recently revealed: Trilogy, which includes a an amazing remake from the original 2002 title in the series. Mafia: Trilogy, even though it was just announced last week, is available for purchase now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Catch? You have to wait until August 28th to re-visit the first game in the series in all the glory that was remade. We have all the details of purchasing a Mafia Trilogy that you need to know to eliminate confusion.

Mafia: Trilogy comes with Definitive Editions of all three games. Mafia is a full remake, Mafia II 2010 is remade in 4K, and Mafia III 2016 comes with all DLCs after launch. If you buy a trilogy, you will get access to the last two immediately and the Mafia: Definitive Edition on August 28. You don’t have to play the series sequentially, so you can work through Mafia II and Mafia III ahead of the release of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

For those who already have Mafia II about Steam, You can upgrade to Definitive Edition now for free. If you have Mafia III on PS4, Xbox One, or Steam, you will immediately be upgraded to the Definitive Edition. Those who have Mafia II and / or Mafia III will be able to get a trilogy at a cheaper price (provide access to Mafia: Definitive Edition).

Or, if you only care about remaking the first luxury Mafia game, you can Pre-order now with $ 40. Mafia II: Definitive Edition is also available separately for $ 30, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition can be found for $ 30 or less.

Each Mafia game follows a different protagonist who rises in the crime organization. The original Mafia occurred during the 1930s at the height of the ban and the star of Tommy Angelo. Mafia II leapt forward to the 1940s and 1950s but maintained the Italian mass theme. Mafia III moved to the 1960s in an environment inspired by South America, specifically New Orleans.

Mafia: Trilogy and Mafia: Definitive Edition pre-order bonuses

Chicago Clothing Package

Those who buy Mafia: Trilogy or pre-order Mafia: Definitive Edition will receive the Chicago Outfit bonus package, which is equipped with the following in-game items for Mafia: Definitive Edition:

  • Smith V12 Limousine
  • Semi automatic pistol skins
  • Don’s clothes

You will also get bonus protagonist clothing and vehicles for each Definitive Edition you have – and you can use the bonus in one of three games:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition: Tommy Angelo’s suit and taxi
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition: Vito Scaletta leather jacket and sports car
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition: Army jacket and Lincoln Clay muscle car

If that’s not enough, connect you 2K account free to the platform of your choice to open more items:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition: Black Cat Motorcycle Package
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition: Made Man Pack
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition: Three-piece Classico & IL Duca revolver suit

Buy Mafia: Trilogy | $ 60

Mafia: Trilogy
Mafia: Trilogy

If you are new to the Mafia series, the Mafia Trilogy makes the most sense. You will get all three games and pre-order bonuses. PC version of Mafia: Trilogy isn’t live yet, but you can buy a copy of PS4 and Xbox One now. Aside from Steam, Mafia: Trilogy will finally arrive at the Epic Games Store.

Pre-order Mafia: Definitive Edition | $ 40

Mafia: Definitive Edition
Mafia: Definitive Edition

You can pre-order the Mafia: Definitive Edition separately for $ 40, and you will still get a pre-order bonus. Mafia: Definitive Edition looks like the group’s most visually impressive game, and the fact that it has been completely remade must help modernize mechanics that are easily understood. Direct pre-orders are made on all three platforms at this time.

Buy Mafia II: Definitive Edition | $ 30

Mafia II: Definitive Edition
Mafia II: Definitive Edition

The Definitive Edition of Mafia II, remastered in HD and supports 4K, is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $ 30. PC users get an upgrade for free if they already have Mafia II on Steam. But this is the first time Mafia II is available as a PS4 or Xbox One title (Mafia II for Xbox 360 is backward compatible).

Buy Mafia III: Definitive Edition | $ 10- $ 30

Mafia III
Mafia III

The digital list for Mafia III has also been converted to “Definitive Edition,” so you will get all the story expansion and DLC released for Mafia III with your purchase. If you have a physical copy of Mafia III, you can download all DLC packages for free now.

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Apex Legends Experienced Server Problems After First Hunt Launched | Instant News

The highlight of the legend starts the second week of Season 5 on Tuesday with the start of the game’s first weekly PvE hunt, but players who jump during the day to experience it and other parts of the game encounter server problems. Long loading time into the game, fixating on the post-match screen when you try to return to the lobby, and not being able to go through the start menu to enter the matchmaking menu are some of the problems experienced by players. Respawn Entertainment said they knew the problems, and were investigating them with promises of more information about the problem.

The problem began not long after the players received notice in their game that the first Hunt had begun, a new breakthrough The highlight of the legend added in Season 5 which is intended to perfect the world with some deeper knowledge and interaction between Legends. Whether they are trying to play a new Hunt or just jump into some trio match or a normal duo, players immediately start having problems.

Official The highlight of the legend The Twitter account has only provided one update about the problem so far to say that the developer is aware of the problem and is investigating.

The highlight of the legend the server is at least not completely down, so players can still enter the game to play some matches. This might move a little slower than usual and you might have to close the application once or twice while being patient when your game loads, but once you enter the game, actual in-game connectivity does not appear to appear. crashing.

If you are trying to get into the first hunt that is part of the Ghost Damage storyline, you must have it collect enough Treasure Packages now. It’s quite easy to get and usually requires that you only play a few games before you find it in a booty container around King’s Canyon. You need five Treasure Packages if you want to participate in the Hunt and get prizes to complete it, but you can always jump to someone else’s Hunt to help them if you are not worried about getting booty.

Expect more updates to the server situation as soon as Respawn and Electronic Arts investigate.

Disclosure: ComicBook is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.


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Brazilian Electronics Company Revives iPhone Trademark Disputes Long-Lasted | Instant News

Apple has been involved in the long run iPhone trademark dispute in Brazil, which was revived today by IGB Electronica, a Brazilian consumer electronics company that originally registered the name “PiPhone‌” in 2000.

IGB Electronica fought for several years with Apple in an attempt to obtain exclusive rights to the trademark “PiPhone‌”, but finally lost, and now the case has been brought to the Supreme Federal Court in Brazil, according to the Brazilian website Tecnoblog (through Reddit).

IGB Electronica under the name Gradiente produced a line of IPHONE branded Android smartphones in Brazil in 2012, and there was a time period in which the Brazilian company was located. given exclusive rights to the ‌iPhone‌ trademark. The decision did not last long, and Apple and IGB finally had the right to use the name in the country.

Apple has tried to prevent IGB from using trademarks, while IGB has tried to regain exclusive access to branding. The decision in 2018 reinforced the 2013 ruling that gave permission for both brands to use trademarks.

With the latest lawsuit, the IGB aims to reverse the 2018 decision, but this case could take years to get a ruling from the country’s Supreme Federal Court. IGB has been in judicial recovery since 2018 and has lost nearly 1 billion Brazilian Real, so the company may expect payment from Apple to end the dispute.


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‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ to become an exclusive Spotify, leaving Apple Podcasts | Instant News

Joe Rogan today announced his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience will become an exclusive Spotify starting later this year. This event is currently available on various platforms, with the full video version posted to YouTube. To this day, he is ranked second on the Apple Podcast charts.

As it stands now, The Joe Rogan Experience not even available on Spotify, but that changed later this year. Starting September 1, shows will be available on Spotify and all other platforms. Then, at “the end of the year,” it will move exclusively to Spotify (via Verge).

This includes the video version The Joe Rogan Experience also, even though the “clip” of the interview will still be posted to YouTube. Rogan detailed the changes in a post on Instagram this afternoon, stressing that the program will remain the same and free:

Starting September 1, the podcast will be available on Spotify and all platforms, and then later that year will move exclusively to Spotify, including the video version.

It will still be FREE, and it will be the exact same show. This is just a license agreement, so Spotify will not have creative control over the show. They want me to continue to do it the way I do now.

We still have clips on YouTube, but the full version of this event will only be on Spotify after the end of the year. I’m glad to have the support of the biggest audio platform in the world and I hope you are there when we switch!

This marks a major acquisition for Spotify, as The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular mainstream podcast In the world. This event regularly sits on top Apple Podcast graph and currently in second place.

What do you think about this announcement? What is your current podcast player? Let us know in the comments!

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