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Silicon Valley has no plans now to weaken coronavirus to stay at home | Instant News

Silicon Valley health officials have no immediate plans to weaken strict home stay rules in accordance with the relaxation of government mandates across the state of Gavin Newsom, saying he cannot take that step without increasing the risk of public safety.

The most populous region in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, is the center of California’s original coronavirus pandemic. And while disease rates have not soared to disaster levels, they remain stable, and even a small increase in disease transmission will increase risks to vulnerable populations, said Dr. Sara Cody, a major architect of the country’s first regional shelter. order on the spot.

“We haven’t arrived yet,” Cody told Santa Clara County Board of Trustees on Tuesday.

Cody said many people asked why Santa Clara County could not begin to weaken home-stay orders, taking action that Newsom allowed, such as allowing some retail businesses to only open for roadside pickup, which was implemented in Los Angeles County on Friday.

But Cody described Santa Clara County as very balanced. This outbreak is stable – does not appear to grow dramatically or decrease significantly. For every one infected person, the average person infects one other person. If that number, known as the basic reproduction rate, rose slightly to 1.1 or 1.2, it would cause a significant increase in deaths, Cody said.

Cody said he wanted to get the reproduction number below 1 before reducing the order to stay at home.

“The conditions are completely unchanged in our area. … We suddenly have no vaccine. We have exactly the same conditions as we experienced in March,” Cody said. “If we are really calm, we will seeing the return of cases, hospitalization, and the rapid return of death, is very obtuse. “

Cody said he wanted to reopen the community for various reasons, “but we need to do it in a safe way. So our goal, once again, is to go slow, to ensure that it’s safe. “

Health workers reject the idea that government officials must choose between public health and the economy.

“Trying to choose between health and economy is the wrong choice. Because unless we make our community safer, and convince everyone that it’s really safe, and they and their family members and their customers are not at risk, I don’t think we will see [economic] the results we like, “Cody said.

He also warned that the pandemic disgusted disproportionately and caused death among colored communities, especially among Latinos in Santa Clara County. “The only tool we have at the moment, to protect vulnerable people, is to reduce community transmission,” he said.

Cody’s comments came when California seemed to take a different path in reopening.

Newsom said on Tuesday it would allow restaurants to reopen for dinner services, as well as other types of limited businesses, such as pet care and shopping centers for roadside pickup, in countries certified as meeting country benchmarks for tackling the pandemic. Butte and El Dorado districts in Northern California are two of the first 58 states of California that have met the state’s requirements to reopen additional businesses.

Newsom expressed support for more stringent measures taken in large countries with larger coronavirus problems. For example, an overnight stay in Los Angeles County will “with all certainty“Extended for the next three months, the director of county public health, Barbara Ferrer, said Tuesday.

“The worst mistake we can do is to get rid of the facepiece and make ourselves uncomfortable that this virus has left or is taking summer vacation or is on extended leave or a deep vacation,” Newsom said. “It’s not. It’s still ferocious. It’s still very, very deadly.”

Newsom said efforts to reopen the community would be meaningless if the disease spread rapidly and people felt they would eat and shop life-threatening. “All this is meaningless if the customer does not feel safe. And nothing matters … if employees don’t feel safe and don’t want to go back to work, “Newsom said.

The San Francisco Bay Area has maintained the most stringent home stay order in the state, refusing to relax orders as many as allowed by the governor. San Francisco is considering Monday to allow some retail businesses, selling items such as books, flowers, music, art supplies, toys and sewing equipment to be opened for roadside pickup.

Times staff writers Patrick McGreevy and Colleen Shalby contributed to this report.

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Lean how to do your eyebrows at home from this NYC salon | Instant News

With the salon and spa closed now, the eyebrows of New Yorkers pick up the Frida Kahlo vibe, dense and unkempt, or uneven and require filling.

For many people, eyebrows are one of the last things we think about when caring for ourselves, especially when there is social distance. And now is a good time to let them grow as much as possible, sometimes you just need a pick-me-up (or to see a little more put together on your Zoom call.)

By the way, if you haven’t cut your hair and are seriously considering it, we recommend that you check it out tips from these five top NYC salons first.

RECOMMENDED: When will the hair salon reopen in NYC? This is what we know

No matter how your eyebrows are, patchy or not, New York’s best salon and eyebrow specialists from Blink Brow Bar, Sania’s Brow Bar, Robin Evans Brows and Butterfly Salon, offer tips on their social media now on how to give them some serious TLC.

This is where it starts based on what the experts suggest:

Tools needed

Remove the angled tweezers, small nail clippers, and a spoolie brush that will catch all the little hair. Having each of these tools will make the process easier. For those who want to shape their eyebrows, concealer pencils and eyebrow pencils are also needed to help mark your eyebrows.

General tips

It might be useful to fill in and / or outline your brows with an eyebrow pencil before you begin so that you have a guide. Here, use one of your pencils to mark where your eyebrows should begin, end and bend.

Use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrow hair so that you can see what you are working on and only pull out the wild hairs that are far below and above your eyebrows and do it in the direction of its growth.

Be conservative in what you attract because doing too much can drastically change the appearance of your eyebrows.

Cut only the top of your eyebrow hair (after brush) with scissors if your hair is thicker and longer.

Now, let the experts guide you:

Video to watch

Blink Brow Bar

Sania Alis Bar

Robin Evans Brows

Butterfly Studio

Picking the good ones!

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Slack down – not just you | Instant News

  • Slack is currently experiencing a blackout, according to the company status page.
  • Slack said this “is investigating and will provide updates soon.”
  • Workplace messaging services are used by thousands of workplaces around the world – especially in the midst of a long distance work boom.
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Slack is currently experiencing a blackout, according to the company status page. The chat application at work first reported a problem at 4:53 p.m. PT, saying: “Users have reported common performance problems such as delivery failures and sending messages.”

At 5:02 p.m. PT, Slack updated the status and said, “Users cannot connect to Slack. We are investigating and will provide updates soon.”

At 5:43 p.m. PT, Slack said: “Some customers might see an increase, but we are still investigating connectivity issues.” It is expected to provide another update in 30 minutes.Advertisement

More than 5,000 users report experiencing connection problems to Slack at the time of publication, as reported on Downdetector.

Employees around the world in organizations including Business Insider rely on Slack to communicate, manage tasks and share information. Downdetector’s direct outage map shows the concentration of reports of Slack outages on the west coast of the United States, in Japan, and in Australia.

This outage occurs when many people around the world work remotely because it reduces the spread of the corona virus.


Have a tip? Contact this reporter via email at [email protected] or Signals at 925-364-4258. (Please, PR only needs to send an email.) You can too contact Business Insider safely through SecureDrop.

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Netflix Trollhunter Series Gets Video Game Adaptation | Instant News

Netflix has enough choices video game based performances like The Witcher, Castlevania and Skylanders. Some giant content streaming also has it turned into a game like The Dark Crystal. Now others are getting adapted with Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia.

This event features a young man who stumbles in the realm of trolls and now has to defend his home from evil attacking troops. This new game tells a completely new story for fans to experience that really brings together parts of this series. Defenders of Arcadia will present the voice works of the actual actors. Gameplay includes armor and the ability to level up and multiplayer action.

It seems that fans of the series will enjoy what the video game version has to offer. Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia is scheduled for release on September 25 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. See the trailer announcement below to get a closer look!

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Wink extended the subscription deadline, but customers said it wasn’t enough | Instant News

Last week, smart home company Wink made a shocking announcement that it was switching to a subscription-based business model, which would effectively damage customer devices if they didn’t start paying monthly fees. That alone is enough to upset customers, but the one-week deadline makes them send users into a frenzy, prompting a response from the company.

Wink is a smart home company that sells hardware and works with existing and more established Internet of Things hardware from companies like Philips. Customers pay a one-time fee when they buy hardware, but that doesn’t seem enough. Wink raised speculation that the company was experiencing financial difficulties when it stated that customers had only one week to start paying a $ 4.99 / month subscription fee.

Users don’t have to pay to subscribe to this, but it’s the only way to keep using the hardware they have; without it, they will not be able to access their products on the Wink application, effectively closing them until the customer pays. About one week after the initial announcement, Wink returned with an update.

In a tweet, the company said that they extended the subscription deadline and that customers now have to pay until May 20, giving them an extra week with their device. This, as expected, does not really satisfy customers, many of them continue to speculate that Wink is spinning financially; others insist they refuse to pay based on principle.

In the original announcement, Wink said that the combination of ‘economic events’ and their long-term costs made subscription fees a must. The company explained that they chose the ‘simplest’ subscription price they could and that it was the products of customers who paid for the costs. However, there are no additional details about the reason for the change.

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