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Mexico has become an eclipse in Britain with the third highest coronavirus mortality | Instant News

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico is ready to overtake Britain as the country with the third highest coronavirus mortality rate as a pandemic reaches new milestones in Latin America and threatens to disrupt efforts to reopen the economy.

PHOTO PHOTO: Family members stand as musicians playing songs during the funeral of someone who died of coronavirus (COVID-19), at the funeral of San Lorenzo Tezonco in Mexico City, Mexico July 29, 2020. REUTERS / Carlos Jasso

The unwanted note will place Mexico behind Brazil, the largest and most populous country in Latin America, and the United States. More than 91,000 people have died in Brazil and the number of deaths in the United States has exceeded 152,000.

Mexico on Thursday recorded 639 additional deaths to increase the number of coronavirus victims to 46,000, with 416,179 confirmed cases. Britain has recorded 46,084 deaths and 303,913 cases, according to calculations by Johns Hopkins University.

Mexican officials said the spread of the pandemic was likely far more extensive than reflected by official figures.

The increasing number of victims has strengthened Latin America’s status as one of the centers of the spread of the virus because cases in the region have doubled last month to more than 4.7 million infections.

While Britain appears to have stepped on the virus, the pandemic shows some signs of a slowdown in Mexico, which has been trying to restart the economy since late May.

“We open when we are not ready to open,” said Rosa Maria del Angel, head of Infection and Molecular Pathogenesis at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who angered some health advocates by refusing to wear masks in public, said Friday that Mexico plans to continue with celebrations at Zocalo Square in the capital to mark Independence Day.

The September 16 ceremony celebrating the historic call for rebellion known as “El Grito” will “socially alienate”, Lopez Obrador said at his daily press conference in the morning.

“Facing difficulties, with epidemics, with floods, earthquakes, bad government, we always go out (to celebrate),” he said. “Now we will continue dating.”

Lopez Obrador has convicted news organizations for reporting Mexico’s rise in the global death toll count, saying the number of victims per capita is a more just representative.

Reporting by Adriana Barrera; Additional reporting by Daina Beth Solomon; Writing by Drazen Jorgic; Editing by Aurora Ellis


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The US Is A Paradise For Money Laundering. Laws Included in the Parliament’s Defense Spending Bill could change that. | Instant News

The phrase “shell company” conjures up images of offshore paradise such as Panama or the British Virgin Islands, but one of the world’s foremost enabler financial secrecy is actually the United States. In each state, more personal details and proof of identity are needed to obtain a library card than forming a company; The United States is one of the last developed economies that does not require company ownership information that can help crush terrorists, drug lords and those who avoid US sanctions.

That might change soon. Last week, the House of Representatives approved its version of an extensive $ 740 million defense authorization bill, which includes amendments to require companies to disclose their original owners. If those provisions persist in the final congressional bill – the Senate has its own defense authorization law – advocates say it will be the most significant anti-corruption measure taken by the United States in decades.

“This is a fundamental reform for the United States [anti-money laundering] system. “This will be a powerful tool for domestic law enforcement, whether they are investigating drug cartels, international kleptocrats, or terrorists,” said Nate Sibley, a researcher at the Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative.

Congress has debated the law to make disclosure of what is known as “beneficial ownership” mandatory for more than a decade. Now, with independent legislation gaining bipartisan support in both chambers this year, advocates for this step are increasingly convinced that it will pass, whether in defense omnibus or alone. Hundreds organizations from the FBI to religious groups have given their support to increase financial transparency in the ownership of benefits. After years of strong opposition, the US Chamber of Commerce this year for the first time signaled its support for the creation of a beneficial ownership register.

“This is one of the few bills that has Dow Chemicals and Friends of the Earth on the same side,” said Gary Kalman, director of the US Transparency International office. “I think we have turned the corner where we are now at the point where it’s about when, not if, this will pass.”

The lack of US financial transparency was brought home this week thanks to a Senate report that revealed that Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, two Russian oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, avoided sanctions by using shell companies to invest in the largely unregulated United States. art industry.

“The Senate investigation described how American enemies ridiculed US sanctions by exploiting shell companies and the secrecy of the art market. Given the time, and the fact that the NDAA amendments would address both of these vulnerabilities, it would be very disappointing if Congress missed another opportunity to act,” said Sibley.

And the United States is really slow globally in terms of financial transparency – and not just in the US offshore jurisdiction which is already included in the European Union. money laundering blacklist. Great Britain has a favorable register of ownership, while EU anti-money laundering directives require all member states to make their own centralized lists.

“The US should be a leader in fighting corruption,” said Debra LaPrevotte, a former special surveillance agent for the FBI International Corruption Unit. “We talk abroad, and I say, ‘You don’t have transparency in ownership of your company,’ and they say,” Yes, you don’t either. “

Not only the European Union and the United Kingdom who are ahead of the United States.

“Egypt and the Seychelles have just passed the law, Indonesia issued a favorable ownership register, Ghana and Nigeria have committed to beneficial ownership registers, and we still don’t have a law on bookkeeping,” said Lakshmi Kumar, a policy director with Global Financial Integrity, a think tank.

The fact that the move has been included as part of the defense budget is an indication of a fundamental change in the way in which threats posed by illicit finance have been seen for years.

Before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, money laundering was largely seen as a development problem because kleptocrats and criminals tried to park their wrong profits in the financial paradise of the world. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimate that between $ 800 billion and $ 2 trillion is washed every year – the equivalent of 2 to 5 percent of the global economy.

After 9/11, the US government made terrorist financing an integral part of its counterterrorism strategy. But over the past decade, a series of investigations have revealed that the threat of anonymous shell companies to US national security is more formless and goes far beyond terrorist financing.

Military investigation 2011 was found that $ 3.3 million in Defense Department contract funding has been channeled through anonymous companies and then used to buy weapons and explosives for the Taliban. In New York, the 2017 court case revealed how the Iranian government owns and collects rent from the Fifth Avenue skyscraper, despite US sanctions. A 2017 investigation by the Office of Accountability The government cannot determine who ultimately owns one third of the high-security buildings that are leased to federal agents because of unclear ownership structures, raising significant questions for operational security.

Even pending US law is imperfect, because the beneficial ownership list will not be published, as in Europe. But at least it will be accessible to US law enforcement and can dramatically speed up investigations that depend on time-consuming subpoenas to separate Russian puppets from opaque leather companies.

“That will make it much easier if there is a directory, because it will make it much faster in the investigation process because you don’t talk for months to get that data,” said LaPrevotte, now senior researcher at The Sentry, a nonprofit investigation and policy initiative which tracks the finances of war crimes suspects.

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Costa Rica Reopens Its Borders for Tourists from the EU and Britain | Instant News

Costa Rica will allow entry for residents coming from the Schengen Zone, European Union countries, as well as those coming from Britain and Canada, starting on August 1, Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura has announced.

According to Segura, Costa Rica expects to receive less than five commercial flights per week initially, less than 1 percent of the country’s pre-coronavirus flight volume, report.

“This is the hope for more than 600,000 people who depend directly or indirectly on dynamic tourism,” Segura pointed.

However, tourists must complete the following steps, after entering Costa Rica:

  • They must complete the current epidemiological survey.
  • Serve negative results for the Coronavirus test
  • Travelers must get travel insurance that includes medical treatment or an unexpected extension of the hotel stay.
  • Tourists will be asked to wear masks or face shields in almost all places.

Segura emphasized that “These are steps that balance Costa Rica’s protection – their health and lives.”

According to Casa Presidencial, the first flights will arrive from Frankfurt and Madrid with offers from Britain and Canada “in the coming months.”

Costa Rica is developing a tourism protocol “With caution, with precautions, but also with a commitment to provide support to the sector,” according to President Carlos Alvarado.

A total of 3.1 million tourists visited Costa Rica in 2019, 4.1 percent more compared to 2018.

Of 3.1 million international tourists, around 235,000 are from Canada, while more than 500,000 come from Europe.

In mid-March, Costa Rica decided to close its borders in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, Costa Rica has not yet permitted commercial flights from the United States, due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in North American countries.

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Twin Bridges 2017-1 Announcement of UK Regulations: Doc re. Country of origin | Instant News



For Immediate Release

July 31, 2020

Twin Bridges 2017-1 PLC

(the “Publisher“)

RE: Election of Member Countries Home

The publisher hereby chooses England as its Home Member Country for the purpose of Transparency Instruction.


The Directors

1 Bartholomew Lane, London EC2A 2AX

Phone: +44 (0) 207 398 6300

Short Name: Twin Bridges 2017-1

Category Code: DOC

Order Number: 705425

Reception Time (offset from UTC): 20200731T161425 + 0100

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Northern Ireland launches the first COVID-19 tracking application in the UK | Instant News

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Northern Ireland on Friday launched the first COVID-19 tracking application in the UK, and the first that can also track users in another country, Ireland, who has been in contact with someone who has the disease.

The COVID Tracker Ireland application, which is used to track the contact of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), is displayed on mobile phones, because it is accommodated for illustrated photos in Galway, Ireland, 30 July 2020. REUTERS / Clodagh Kilcoyne / Illustration

NearForm developers, who hope the application will become a blueprint eventually synchronize across Europe, launch a similar application in Ireland on July 8, and cases can now be traced across the island’s open border with two separate health services.

NearForm’s technical director Colm Harte said the technical approach he used in developing StopCovid NI would work with applications throughout the UK and that could be applied throughout Europe if countries agreed on how to share and store data.

The Scottish devolution government announced on Friday that tracking applications are under development using the same software as Ireland and are also being built by NearForm.

It will be available in the fall.

“This can definitely be done, technically it can be done because more and more countries are turning to Apple and the Google API (application programming interface),” Harte told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“I think that will happen. I do not know when but countries throughout Europe are aware that there are more people starting to travel now, this is a problem that must be resolved. ”


The UK moved to the same Apple and Google model last month when it disposed of locally made models originally scheduled for May.

NearForm, based in the coastal city of Tramore in southern Ireland, is building a Pennsylvania contact tracking application and is in discussions with other states and governments after the successful Irish launch, Harte said.

Nearly 1.5 million people, or 37% of the population of the Republic of Ireland over the age of 15, have downloaded the Irish application since July 8 and 137 users have been warned through the application that they have made close contact with confirmed cases.

Ireland has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe in recent weeks with an average of around 20 per day to surge on Thursday. Northern Ireland has the same low level with no related deaths reported since July 12.

NearForm’s Harte said that if one application can destroy multiple transmission chains, it will be successful.

“You can enter into a conversation about how much needs to be disconnected before it is considered truly successful, but the aim is to break the transmission chain. Once it does that, it has an impact, “he said.

Reporting by Padraic Halpin; Editing by Gareth Jones and Andrew Cawthorne


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Brexit talks will continue until October, Britain said – world news | Instant News

Britain and the European Union have agreed to continue discussing free trade agreements until October 2, UK chief negotiator David Frost said on Friday.

“The round of negotiations will take place in August and September, unless agreed otherwise between the parties,” according to a document posted by Frost on Twitter.

Round 7 on August 17-21 in Brussels, round 8 on September 7-11 in London and round 9 on September 28-October 2.


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Second Century Ventures Open Application for REACH UK 2020 Proptech Scale Upgrading Program | Instant News

LONDON, July 31, 2020 / PRNewswire / – REACH is opening the application today for the first class of its newest region, REACH UK. The award-winning technology improvement program was created by Second Century Ventures, the National Association of Realtors® strategic investment branch.

REACH UK has garnered support from NAEA Propertymark, a leading professional body for housing agent personnel in Australia great Britain and bilateral NAR partners. Through a strategic partnership with NAEA Propertymark, REACH UK will help improve the initial real estate technology that develops innovations to support and advance the UK property industry.

Applications for REACH UK will be accepted through September 31, 2020on The 9-month program will include virtual and face-to-face events that begin on February 2021 and ran through October 2021.

This program offers education, guidance, and exclusive access to important industry events for technology companies that aim to launch into the property sector, accelerate their business and expand into adjacent markets such as insurance, mortgages, and financial services. As funding for the European proptech sector continues to increase at a rapid rate, REACH UK will give its company a unique and substantial exposure to the industry.

“As a European leader in proptech funding and home to the region’s largest proptech sector, the UK is a significant opportunity to help increase innovation in the real estate field,” said Bob Goldberg, NAR CEO and president of Second Century Ventures. “We are very pleased to officially open the application for REACH UK, the third REACH program is opened outside United States of America, and have great confidence in the ability of the British team to find top proptech entrepreneurs to join our global REACH community. “

As part of a growing REACH global community, REACH UK will also offer access to a network of partners, mentors and investors worldwide in relation to similar programs in the US, Australia and Canada.

“We are very pleased to launch the inaugural REACH UK class, which will join the global community of entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the property sector worldwide,” said Valentina Shegoyan, managing partner of REACH UK. “We are also very pleased to be working with NAEA Propertymark, with whom we share a vision to equip the UK property market with the best technology now and for years to come.”

For more information about REACH UK, or to submit an application, visit

The National Association of Realtors® is America’s largest trade association, representing more than 1.4 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industry.

REACH is a unique real estate technology growth program created by Second Century Ventures, a strategic technology investment fund supported by the National Association of Realtors®, which utilizes more than 1.4 million members of associations and executive networks that are unmatched in real estate and industries that close together. The REACH program helps technology companies launch into vertical real estate and adjacent markets. This program provides education, guidance, and market exposure to one of the largest industries in the world. For more about REACH, visit

SOURCE National Association of Realtors

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International Flights: India-UK Completes Air Bubbles, British Airways Opens Booking for Flights from Delhi to London | Instant News

International Flights: To save displaced citizens in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, India and the United Kingdom (UK) have completed their air bubbles. As per the agreement, British Airways has begun booking for international flights from Delhi to London on August 19, a report by News18 the word. Also read – Singapore: British Airways flight attendant fired after drunk girlfriend enters fight with pilot

Furthermore, the national airline Air India also said it would operate additional flights to Britain under the fifth phase of the Vande Bharat Mission. The flight will operate from 4 August to 27 August, and bookings for the same thing begin on 28 July. Also read – British Airways Cancels Nearly All Flights Due To 48-hour Pilot World Wide Strike

In particular, aside from the Vande Bharat Mission, international flights have resumed operations from July under certain air bubbles, which are time-bound agreements between countries that allow two-way repatriation flights. India has signed air bubbles with the US, Germany, Paris. More such agreements will be signed in August. Also read – British Airways passengers were disgusted after finding dry vomit in his seat, Twitterati urged to ask for a refund

Meanwhile, in the new guidelines, the British government said yesterday that they would offer a one-month grace period for all expired or expired foreign citizens’ visas, including Indians, who were unable to return to their countries of origin due to the coronavirus pandemic, until 31 August. This will apply to anyone who is on leave to remain in the United Kingdom ending after January 24 and they are still unable to leave the country due to travel restrictions or their own isolation.


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Boris Johnson Pauses Britain Reopened Amid New Rise In Covid-19 Case | Instant News


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson halted plans to reopen Britain on Friday and announced a new expansion of the rules on wearing masks, because Britain – like more and more countries in the world – competed with the new surge in the Covid-19 case after the initial pause.


Britain will not move forward plan to reopen recreational areas such as the bowling alley and casino on Saturdays, along with easing restrictions on indoor shows and close contact beauty services and wedding receptions with up to 30 guests.

The country is also expanding its mask requirements outside stores and public transportation to other indoor settings such as museums and cinemas.

Johnson said the steps were needed because Covid-19 infections began to increase for the first time since May, increasing from around 2,000 actual infections per day in June to 4,900 infections today.

The announcement came a day after the country imposed a sudden lockdown on certain areas in North England which had experienced certain surges in cases, which prohibited residents from visiting other households or socializing with people from other households in places within rooms like pubs and shops.

Britain – which has experienced the highest percentage excess death because Covid-19 in Europe – has been in the process of reopening its economy stably amid a decline in cases, with the pub reopening and government offers special discount to encourage people to eat.

Important quote

“We cannot ignore this evidence,” Johnson said at a press conference on Friday. “With those numbers creeping up, our assessment is that we now have to press the brake pedal to keep the virus under control.”

Big figure

302.301: The total number of Covid-19 cases confirmed in the UK on 30 July, as reported by the British government.

Key Background

England is one of a number of countries in the world that is experiencing a new one resurrection from Covid-19 cases. Europe has competed with “second wave“Covid-19, with a surge in cases in countries such as Spain and Belgium, while even countries that previously managed to control their outbreaks such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan experienced a significant increase in new cases. French health authorities reported Friday that cases in the country had increased 54% in the past week, and Hong Kong announced Friday that it will happen postpone his election for one year as a reaction to an increasing case. Cases in the US have consistently jumped over the past few weeks without ever decreasing significantly as in Europe, but even some countries that have reduced the initial wave of cases like New Jersey have reported noticeable increase in cases in the last few days, because the lockdown measures have abated and some residents breaking the rules of social distance while cases in the nearest state jumped.

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Britain goes to the Supreme Court to fight the return of IS brides World | Instant News

LONDON (AP) – The British government is going to the British Supreme Court to challenge the return of a woman who ran away from home as a teenager in London to join the Islamic State group.

The lower appellate court ruled earlier this month that Shamima Begum had the right to return to his home country to pursue legal challenges aimed at restoring his British citizenship, which was revoked on national security grounds.

A panel of three judges of the Court of Appeals ruled that “the only way in which he can have a fair and effective appeal is to be allowed to come to England.” The British Headquarters opposed the decision, arguing that Begum did not have the right to be repatriated.

A lawyer for the Central Office, James Eadie, said there were “significant national security issues” around his return.

“Public exposure to an increased risk of terrorism cannot be justified or inappropriate in individual cases on the basis of justice, perhaps in the rarest cases … this is not a rare case,” he said.

Begum, now 20, was one of three east London students who traveled to Syria in 2015. He reappeared in a refugee camp in Syria and said he wanted to go home, but the lack of remorse triggered sparked criticism and opposition to such moves that.


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