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150,000+ Virginians can have COVID-19, according to UF health research | Instant News

Charlottesville, VA. (WVIR) – the actual number of Virginians infected with coronavirus may be at least twice that number with a positive test result, according to a new study conducted by the University of Virginia health and Department of health Virginia (VDH).

UVA Health is conducting a study of blood taken from Virginia in the state, looking for COVID-19 antibodies. Antibodies will only be present in the blood of people who have been infected with a virus. Researchers say that would give the state a more complete picture of how widespread the infection is in the Commonwealth. More than 4,000 people were screened.

“Only about two to two and a half percent of people are positive,” UVA health epidemiologist Elizabeth Rogawsky McQuaid said. “So this means that the vast majority of Virginia is still susceptible to the virus.”

The figures also show that some vulnerable groups had been significantly affected. According to preliminary results, the Hispanic community has suffered the most.

“About 14 percent of Hispanic individuals were positive compared with only two, two and a half percent overall,” Rogawsky McQuaid said. “So there are, of course, subgroups of our population that is extremely vulnerable at a higher risk.”

Preliminary findings indicate that at least 150,000 Virginians have been infected with COVID-19 at some point. What will be almost two times more positive results than VDH realize. This is partly because many of the infected people may show mild symptoms, and in some cases no symptoms at all.

“Many of the people who were with the positive result is actually not to report the disease, which would be consistent with COVID, so it seems that there are many asymptomatic infections,” Rogawsky McQuaid explained.

The results of the study will help to determine VDH subgroups that require additional testing, including an increase in testing asymptomatic persons. It also means that a significant portion of the population not been exposed, and still in danger.

“You may have heard the term “herd immunity”, so when you know that a significant portion of the population vulnerable, and you can expect that things will go down,” Rogawsky McQuaid explained. “One main conclusion-of course, that we are very far from that.”

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Partly cloudy Friday | Instant News

Four cities in Iowa (video) – today will be partly cloudy weather, and we feel the drop in humidity. Highs will hold in the low 80-ies in the weekend and in the morning will be cooler too, with lows in the low 60s. The next best chance for rain will occur on Sunday afternoon and will continue until Monday, and no severe weather is not expected. August is going to start the chiller from the work week with highs in the upper 70s years! The humidity will keep at Bay during this time as well.




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Trump ridiculed Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah for what he proposed to postpone the elections | Instant News

But trump, like Noah says he’s now “brilliant election strategy.”

“No,” said the host.

On Thursday morning, trump put forward the idea of delaying the November election, making unsubstantiated statements, which are widely spread in the vote will result in fraudulent results tweeting“It will be a big shame for US. To postpone the election until people can properly, securely, and safely vote???”

The President’s proposal, which, according to the Constitution do not give him to do it — attracted unprecedented opposition from top Republicans and Prominent conservatives as well as Democrats, historians and legal experts, The Washington Post reports. Accusations continued into the night TV comics often trump critics rushed to ridicule the President, comparing his behavior to the totalitarian leader.

“It’s basically the movement of a dictator, but trump just casually throwing it out there on Twitter with a bunch of question marks, as if he was on a group text trying bail in “happy hour”,” Noah joked, before slipping into his impersonation of the President. “Hey ya’ll, November 3, is not suitable for me. Maybe we should just take for 2021? Thoughts? What do you guys think, huh?”

As Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon took on the way trump announced his eyebrow-raising suggestions.

“Oh Great, so not only he accidentally suggesting destroying American democracy, he does this as he offers snacks in the party,” Meyers said.

Fallon called Trump card “to end with question marks”.

“The last thing our country needs now is a cliffhanger,” he joked.

The specialists stressed that a trump cannot change the date of the General election, the government that holds Congress on the night of the hosts said that it is not allowed to do something hasn’t stopped the President in the past.

“We will continue to have elections on 3 November, but he probably just add a hundred days in August,” said Noah. “And of course, the court may cancel it but it won’t happen until the 73-August”.

Myers was just as skeptical.

“It’s not enough just to consult your pocket Constitution, dismiss the tweet of the President and move on satisfied that we beat him to check,” he said. “Otherwise, we’re just as Av nerds club explaining the school bully, why is it illegal to steal our lunch money while he repeatedly dunks his head in the toilet.”

The chances are slim to trump to review the Constitution, said Myers.

“If you locked him in a room and told him to read the Constitution, you didn’t come five minutes later to find it tucked in your shirt like a bib, and he swallows a bunch raw foods Goya” – commented a leading.

Trump did not indicate Thursday whether he’s serious to insist on the delay, and it does not mean that he thinks he can make decisions without the approval of Congress. Later that same day, the President told reporters at a press conference that he does not want to delay the elections, but said the alternative is, again, “curves elections” seems to be hinting that he is ready to challenge the results if he loses.

Although trump the escalation of his rhetoric about the election in recent weeks, on Thursday, a tweet caught Fallon off-guard and left him with lots of questions.

“The Americans are like, ‘how long a delay are we talking about here?’” he asked. “’Months, as your response to covid? Years as your response to Putin? Or decades how to embrace younger? Just give us a clue’”.

On the other hand, Noah said he had predicted several years ago, the time trajectory of trump in office, when he compared the President with an “African dictator”.

“People reacted like I was crazy, but this is how it begins,” Noah said. “First, they just assume that you postpone the elections, they suggest that some votes are not valid and very soon they say, ‘You know what’s really unfair? That there are two political parties. Why are there two political parties? Let it be only one. Then, you will not have to worry about making all those decisions.’”

Still, Noah reminded his audience that delaying the elections in the United States is “absurd suggestion.”

“For starters, both candidates, as 200 years ago,” he said. “I mean, we got to keep things moving.”

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Be on guard against the coronavirus associated with ID fraud | business | Instant News

Scammers using COVID-19, to steal your personal information. These scams take many forms, including phishing emails that come from the world Health Organization. They are trying to extract your data, requiring you to log in to this fake alert.

Who said that it does not require to log in to access information.

There have been several scams associated with the search agreement. One Scam reported the proposed TV station to run the test. The station contacted acquaintances of my colleagues and told them that they had been exposed to the virus. They asked people to provide date of birth to confirm your identity. If they provided what they were asked to provide their social security number.

A lot of people all this information. They then said it was an experiment, and without a contract tracer would ask these questions. People were surprised at how easy they gave this information.

Scammers are very good at sounding legitimate. People let down their guard when they think something serious, like exposure to the coronavirus. You have to be careful all the time.

Many people have received calls from individuals claiming to be from the IRS. They say you must pay taxes and must send a prepaid debit card or you will be arrested.

The IRS does not contact people by phone, but sends a series of letters about his concerns. The police will not arrest anyone in the tax, which will never ask to be paid in prepaid debit cards, and you will not go to prison for late payment.

While these scams work because the criminals keep using them.

There is another in which the caller claims to be from the social security Administration, and that he noticed some fraudulent activity with your account SS. If you don’t call, the administration is going to stop SS checks.

This is a Scam. Fraudsters can use the official logos and phone numbers to try to steal your money.

I received a number of letters from different banks, arguing that there is a problem with my account. The real problem is not have accounts in these banks. If the crooks you are lucky, they can guess my real Bank or some people were just hoping that they have a Bank account, they do not know about. Be careful.

I also received fake emails from the company saying that “Windows Defender”.It says my subscription is coming to an end and he will charge me only $299. I have to click on a letter, if I want to stop. I have never had this service and it’s an easy possibility that someone owns a device running Windows. Be careful.

I also know someone whose PayPal account was hacked. Thousands of dollars were stolen from his current account using a debit card linked to PayPal.

While it will probably be to recover the money, I always suggest to use a credit card instead of debit card when shopping online. Both types of payment options often have similar consumer protection, but if the incident needs to be resolved is the Bank’s money, which bind, not yours.

You need to be alert all the time. Protect your information and this will save a lot of frustration later.

Gary boatman is the Monessen-based certified financial planner and author of “your Financial compass: safe passage through stormy waters, tax, planning, income and market volatility”.


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Judge releases a treasure trove of sealed records related to the case against Ghislaine Maxwell : NPR | Instant News

A 1991 photo British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a former friend Jeffrey Epstein, who is now facing numerous charges of sexual exploitation.

Jim James/AP

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Jim James/AP

A 1991 photo British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a former friend Jeffrey Epstein, who is now facing numerous charges of sexual exploitation.

Jim James/AP

A Federal judge has issued hundreds of pages of reports and other documents, and has now settled a libel suit brought against Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of helping the late Jeffrey Epstein to perform operations on the sex trade that catered to rich and powerful men.

Documents include in his testimony given at the Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts and giuffre, the draft of a memoir she wrote about her experience inside a half-turn of the ring, and the e-mail exchange between Maxwell and Epstein.

Maxwell, the former girlfriend of Epstein, was charged earlier this month on several counts related to trafficking of minors and sex perjury. She pleaded not guilty in this case. In 2015, the libel suit was filed and giuffre after the British socialite accused her of lying when she claimed Epstein and Maxwell sexual abuse and exploitation it.

Among other things, the documents, in particular, the exchange of views by email in which Epstein protested his innocence and was to provide Maxwell with a statement for the media or set of theses, which it can use in protecting yourself from prosecution.

Maxwell was “the object of outright lies, innuendo, libel, slander and salacious gossip and harassment,” the letter says in a language that moved away from the “false accusations of impropriety and abusive behavior that I can’t stand and never was a member.”

A few days later, answering a letter from Maxwell, Epstein wrote: “You did nothing wrong and I (would) urge you to start acting like it.” He urged her: “go out, head high, not like the (escape) of the convicted person. to go to the party. deal with it.”

US district judge Loretta Preska ordered the documents unsealed last week after attorney Laura Menninger Maxwell made a last-minute appeal to keep them from the public, claiming that they may damage her defense.

Preska ordered “a lot” of documents on the case released last week, but she gave the Menninger one week to file an emergency appeal with the Second circuit court of appeals. It as a given that the latency Preska also ordered both sides in the case to prepare for records that must be opened including making all necessary revisions.

Even so, Preska criticized the defense team of Maxwell, that the court was “difficult, but not surprised that Ms. Maxwell is another attempt to muddy the waters, as the clock ticks closer to midnight.”

The libel case, which generated more than 1,200 court records of cases, but many important documents were never exposed. Report on the proceedings described more than 50 records as a “sealed document placed in vault.”

And giuffre said Epstein arranged for her to have sex with powerful men, including British Prince Andrew. Ill-treatment took place in many hotels Epstein, she said, including in Florida, new York and on a private island in the U.S. virgin Islands.

The Prince has denied the allegation. In recent months, Federal prosecutors in new York have repeatedly said that would like to speak with the Prince, who was seen in widely circulated photograph with his arm around your waist and giuffre with Maxwell smiling in the background.

Social life Epstein also included relations with President trump and former President bill Clinton, who distanced himself from Epstein.

Giuffre and the case against Maxwell was settled in 2017but giuffre insisted a report should be made public. In Miami Herald and the Investigative reporter Julie K. brown — whose work helped to substantiate the accusations against Epstein — also tried to secure the release of the records.

Both sides fought for the main argument and giuffre said he will serve the public interest to access the records. Maxwell argued that this will unfairly harm people whose names appear in the documents. And Maxwell is now facing criminal charges, her lawyer, said releasing the records would infringe on the rights of her client to a fair trial.

As of today, many of those records are finally coming to light.

Maxwell, 58, is currently in Federal prison in Brooklyn, new York

“Maxwell was among the closest associates of Epstein and helping him to exploit girls who were aged 14 years old,” Audrey Strauss, acting us attorney for the southern district of new York, said that after Maxwell was arrested earlier this month.

Maxwell denied the allegations linking her to Epstein exploitation of girls and young women, including under oath testimony. But Federal authorities now accuse her of committing perjury during the deposition.

In the judicial archives of Epstein, and giuffre was once known only as “Jane DOE No. 102.” But she decided to speak publicly about it “in hopes of helping others who also suffered from sexual exploitation and abuse,” according to her lawsuit against Maxwell.

And giuffre said she came under the influence of Maxwell and Epstein in 1999 when she was 15 years old, and worked at Mar-a-Lago in palm beach, Florida.the resort owns trump. She says Maxwell recruited her to give Epstein the massage, and years of sexual abuse, including instructions for giuffre to have sex with friends of Epstein.

Epstein never dealt with the Federal court for the crimes he was accused of. About a month after being arrested on sex trafficking charges last summer, he died after found unconscious in his jail cell in Manhattan. His death at the age of 66 was suicide.

The charges against Epstein has long since closed legal doctrines — such as the controversial non-prosecution, the agreement he reached in 2007, Federal prosecutors in Florida. What a bargain plea with the U.S. attorney Alex Acosta exposed to Epstein the state charges, but prevented him and any accomplices were prosecuted for Federal sex offenses in South Florida.

Under the deal, Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 on two episodes of forced prostitution, one with a minor under the age of 18 and was sentenced to 18 months in County jail. He was also required to register as a sex offender. But rich managing a hedge Fund, was allowed to leave prison to work five days a week and was released five months earlier.

As part of the deal, 2007, Acosta agreed to the “privacy” position in which his Department has agreed not to tell victims about the Epstein-prosecution agreement only after it has received permission from a judge. Last year a Federal judge ruled that the organization violated the law on the rights of victims of crime.

Several women who have accused Epstein and Maxwell serial sexual violence nearly got the chance to tell their stories in court for the first time in late 2018, as part of a separate defamation case. But Epstein agreed that the dispute at the last minute, blocking the woman’s request to testify against him.

Weeks after the death of Epstein, about 20 of his accusers had the chance to speak out against him in court, telling their stories before the judge ruled on the state’s request to dismiss the case. One of the women exalted Davis, called it “a day of power and strength.”

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