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Saints won 49 games in four years without reaching the Super Bowl | Instant News

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The Saints have made great progress over the past four years. At least in the regular season.

But the difference between the Saints’ regular season success and their lack of post-season success is noteworthy: The Saints have won 49 regular season games in the last four years, the most wins in a span of four years by a team that failed to reach the Super Bowl, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. .

In 2017, Saints scored 11-5 but lost in the playoffs. In 2018, Saints went 13-3 but lost the NFC Championship Match. In 2019, Saints scored 13-3 but lost in the wild card round. And in 2020, Saints went 12-4 but lost yesterday in the division round.

If Drew Brees currently retiring, he is retiring as the first Hall of Famer vote and the greatest player in the history of the Saints franchise. But he also retired after playing only one Super Bowl, and won only five playoffs in the 11 seasons following that Super Bowl. The Saints had a lot of success with Brees, but not as much postseason success as they had hoped.

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IHSAA is pushing back on the boys state title game to accommodate the NCAA tournament | Instant News

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – The Indiana high school men’s basketball tournament will end a week behind schedule, as IHSAA announced that state championship matches will now be played on Saturday, April 3 at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

According to IHSAA, the move helps accommodate Indianapolis, which hosts the NCAA Tournament, in terms of facilities, scheduling and overall flexibility.

The previous round of the IHSAA men’s state tournament remains on schedule – with parts scheduled for March 2-6; regional games on March 13, and semi-state games on March 20. This means there will be a two week gap between the semi-states and the state finals this season.

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Wright State Announces Virtual Shirt Game | Instant News

Wright State Athletics knows that the t-shirt giveaway game has always been a fan favorite. While we may not be able to pack Nutt House this season due to COVID-19 precautions, there are still opportunities to support Raiders and participate in the Virtual T-Shirt Game campaign, sponsored by the Wright-Patt Credit Union.

Here’s how it works … Fans have the opportunity to purchase virtual tickets for one or more of the games below. Each virtual ticket includes one t-shirt.

  • January 29 vs. Robert Morris
  • February 12 vs. Milwaukee
  • February 19 vs. NKU

Buy one or more virtual tickets, or buy all three at a discounted price. The t-shirt will be shipped to the buyer within 48 hours of purchase. While this is not a physical ticket for fans to come out and support in person, this virtual ticket will allow you to show your support to the Raiders during this unprecedented time. All designs will remain on sale until the date of the game, and are available in sizes S-XXL. Get yours today, while supplies last.

Securing your Virtual T-Shirt Game pack is simple, fast, and easy – CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE BOOKING PAGE.

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Having just entered 3 matches, Bruins’ depth on the right flank was suddenly in rough shape | Instant News

Less than a week ago, Bruce Cassidy shares a lot of optimism when it comes to the state of the B’s front corps – even without its top snipers David Pastrnak – entering the 2021 campaign with a depth not seen at this club in years.

After failing to find a suitable winger to place David KrejciTrue for years, Boston seemed committed to seeing what the first winger to shoot looked like Ondrej Kase could offer, while drawing his top offseason pickup Craig Smith in the third row next door Charlie Coyle and Nick Ritchie in the hopes of sparking a much-needed 5v5 scoring shot beyond B’s strong top line.

Given the accelerated training camp and the desire to get that center-six line rolling out of the gate, Cassidy and Bruins haven’t tinkered too much with Krejci and Coyle’s lines over the last few weeks – with bench B bosses hoping that some of the reps extended beyond the gate. can help provide immediate results.

“We’ll try to get rid of what happened last year, and focus on the positives when they played well together,” Cassidy said of last week’s second row. “They will have a consistent right wing too. We hope Ondrej Kase fits in there permanently now. I am known to change my lines frequently. I am sure that will happen from time to time. … We hope Kase is that person. We see some good fights from them now. Some chemistry, new beginnings, so to speak, we love what we’ve seen so far. … So we saw a more solid top six and Jake was part of that, but he just had to do his part, get out, give us solid time, 15-18 minutes every night, consistent. And I think he’s capable of that – should be able to give us that and that, again, his expectations. “

Now that’s logic that made sense at the time.

But, whether it was due to injury or ineffectiveness up front, it seemed Boston’s hopes of holding on with the trio advancing out of the gate had pretty much fallen to the wayside.

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The Wizards-Hornets game is the newest NBA delay | Instant News

The previous outbreak was limited to players, starting last week when forward Rui Hachimura and center Moe Wagner entered the league’s coronavirus protocol on Tuesday, prompting the Wizards to do so. cancel workout. As of Friday night, the number swelled to six positive cases and nine total players in the league’s health and safety protocol, which explains various scenarios including contact tracing. The latest positive test means eight members of the organization, including seven players, have tested positive. The NBA has not released names of players who have tested positive, citing privacy laws.

The Magicians had brought several qualified players to their training facilities for individual training, but the team had not had any live training, meetings or group activities since. the latest game January 11th.

Wednesday’s match postponement means the Wizards now account for a third of the 15 NBA games postponed during the first four weeks of the season. No other team has had more than three games because no other team has had an outbreak as big as Washington.

The Wizards (3-8) are next scheduled to play Friday night in Milwaukee against first-place Bucks.

If the game stays on schedule, the Wizards will need more than a few days of individual training to get back into their form, especially as they will lean on less-used players such as third line point guard Cassius Winston, one of the two players on the team splitting time between NBA and G League. Players who test positive must be isolated for 10 to 14 days, according to league protocol.

Coronavirus is not the only problem that is thinning the list; starting point guard Russell Westbrook remains sidelined with a left quadriceps injury, and the Wizards miss their starting center Thomas Bryant to tear part of the ACL in his left knee this month.

Reinforcements may – in the end – be dispatched. In the short term, the Wizards roster drops to 14 players on guaranteed contracts (excluding Winston and Garrison Mathews, another two-way player) after them. released from the Anzejs Pasecniks backup center on Sundays, open the pay limit space and place on the list. The NBA is considering allowing teams to take on a two-way third player to help ease the burden when players are detained due to coronavirus protocol.

In the long term, Washington has filed a $ 4.2 million disability waiver following Bryant’s injury, which the team could use to take on more established players for the remainder of the season.

“I think it’s an acknowledgment of how hard it is to really put together a team if you have a few positives,” General Manager Tommy Sheppard said of the potential roster expansion during Friday’s virtual press conference. “Grabbing guys – they have to have a negative test six days before they can enter your facility, things like that; which makes it really hard to find someone if you have an emergency like us. “

When asked Friday if he knew the origin of the team’s outbreak, Sheppard said there was no violation of NBA protocol and felt it was inevitable that the team would have a positive case.

The week before a player begins testing positive, the Wizards are up against four direct opponents whose players have either tested positive or followed league protocol the day after the match. Washington continued with its regular schedule throughout the week, which was not how the league handled the Wizards’ newest opponents. The Phoenix Suns have three games postponed due to contact tracing after playing at the Capital One Arena last week.

When asked to explain the differences between the Wizards and the Suns’ treatment, an NBA spokesperson said each team’s cases were different. The spokesperson did not elaborate on the differences allowing the Wizards to continue playing.

“The contact tracing process under our health and safety protocol is based on guidance from [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and reviews of infectious diseases and other health and medical experts advising the NBA and the Players Association, “the spokesperson said in a statement to The Washington Post. “Under the protocol, each case is reviewed individually with the contact tracing group and clinician.”

Sheppard was asked Friday if the league should step in after the Wizards’ opponents began testing positive. The general manager said he did not “blame” anyone for the outbreak.

“This incubation period is seven to 10 days, so it might rush you. I hate to say it, but now it’s our turn, “said Sheppard. “It attacked us at once. Another team, it hit them a few times. We shouldn’t feel special – other teams have been through this; the other team is going through this. “

It’s true that nearly every other team in the league has been touched by the coronavirus in some way, either by postponing matches or having players enter into league health and safety protocols. But no other team’s season has slipped so far.

Here’s the full list of matches postponed this season from Monday afternoon:

  • 23 December: Oklahoma City Thunder at the Houston Rockets
  • January 10: Miami Heat at the Boston Celtics
  • January 11: New Orleans Pelicans at the Dallas Mavericks
  • January 12: Boston Celtics at the Chicago Bulls
  • January 13: Utah Jazz at the Washington Wizards
  • January 13: Orlando Magic at the Boston Celtics
  • January 13: Atlanta Hawks at the Phoenix Suns
  • January 15: Washington Wizards at the Detroit Pistons
  • January 15: Golden State Warriors at the Phoenix Suns
  • January 15: The Memphis Grizzlies at the Minnesota Timberwolves
  • January 16: Indiana Pacers at the Phoenix Suns
  • January 17: Cleveland Cavaliers in the Washington Wizards
  • January 17: Philadelphia 76ers in the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • January 18: Cleveland Cavaliers in the Washington Wizards
  • January 20: Washington Wizards in the Charlotte Hornets

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