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When Donald Trump grumbled and was angry at the White House, in the midst of a pandemic, economic disaster and widespread civil unrest, he and his political team did not take their eyes off the big picture: raising money for his re-election campaign. With Americans across the country protesting against social injustice and cruel policing – which Trump sometimes has pushed—And with public health experts who continue to warn of major meetings, Trump’s campaign sent an invitation to a megadollar fundraiser in Dallas on June 11.

Registration fee: $ 580,600. For this, you get dinner and photo with Trump. Expensive? Well, this donation does not cover couples.

That’s right, for more than half a million dollars – with the money used for the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and various state GOP suits – you can get a few seconds face to face with Trump and photos to commemorate the moment.

The host for the event … well, predictable. There are no showbiz celebrities. There are no sports heroes. There are no popular influencers. There is the head of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel, the joint chairman of the RNC Tommy Hicks Jr., and the head of fundraising for the GOP, Todd Ricketts. (Hicks, a friend of Donald Trump Jr., had use the connection to arrange a meeting for business partners with the Trump White House. Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, last year the accused skip the fair share of property taxes.) Also on the host list: Kimberly Guilfoyle, chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee and permanent friend Trump Jr., and campaign manager Brad Parscale, Who has get rich from donations for the Trump campaign.

Even though $ 500,000-plus for the opportunity to stand close to Trump seems high, this number doesn’t set a record. In 2016, the Trump and RNC campaigns held a fundraising, again in Dallas, with a donation of $ 893,000 per couple. But you can still enter the event for a donation of $ 5,400 for two people. (Invitations for Trump’s upcoming fundraising offer no such poor options.) In February, Trump held a fundraiser on Palm Beach billionaire Nelson Peltz’s estate, also for $ 580,600 per couple.

Joe Biden is also trying to enter this big money game. The Democratic nominee campaign has been successful Settings with the Democratic National Committee and the state parties to collect $ 620,600 each from wealthy donors to support running the White House and other Democratic candidates. But Biden has not yet hosted the event with this amount as the ticket price. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Scheduled for increased a big online dollar event for the former vice president later this month, but registration fees have not been reported publicly.

Back to the Trump program: The invitation raises a number of questions. Will there be social distance in this uproar? How close to Trump will half a mile donors be allowed to get their photos with him? Will there be a handshake? Will guests be checked for coronavirus before they are allowed into the event? Will they be tested before posing with Trump? Do they have to wear a mask? Or do they have to take off their masks to be photographed with Trump?

mother Jones send an email to one of the event organizers at GOP about all this. There is no answer, so far.

Although Trump has recently humbled himself in the besieged White House – he didn’t even go out to play golf last weekend – he does have a great “special night” to look forward to. Until now, he did not want to talk to Americans about the protests and violence that occurred, while the country was still threatened by a deadly virus that has killed more than 100,000 lives. But he will be happy to associate with rich people who are willing to endure his presidency. And he will show off his famous (or famous) smile on the photo line – as long as you pay him a lot of money to do it.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the Trump campaign said the Secret Service and the White House medical unit would examine participants for the event. Donor Trump had to do a negative test of the corona virus that day and undergo a temperature check.

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